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The Iraq War Fueled the Destruction of the Middle East

The Iraq War Fueled the Destruction of the Middle East

César Chelala

Fifteen years after it started, the Iraq war has nearly destroyed the country, one of the most prosperous in the Middle East, and destabilized the whole region by intensifying internecine and religious conflicts and giving rise to new and violent groups. And the human and material costs of the war keep mounting.

“The Iraq war has proved to be a disaster for the Middle East. The destruction of Iraq, Syria, the ravaging of Yemen and a region swamped in weapons are connected, either directly or indirectly, to the Iraq war. It may be tempting to think that the war had some redeeming value. However, considering its consequences, one can only conclude that nothing will assuage the savage wounds of this senseless war.”

This was the plan from the start as documented by Brzezinski’s (1997) The Grand Chessboard and The Project for a New American Century’s (1998) mission statement, with John Bolton being a signatory on the latter. (Add Oded Yinon’s writings (1970s & 80s) on Greater Israel for good measure.) History doesn’t just happen; it is planned. While plans might not always unfold as intended, there is alway intention. Let’s use this awareness to remove the fatalistic narrative of history and replace it with a peoples’ vision of peace. Screw the war profiteers.


His Wise Owl.

Its true that Republican neo-cons played a key role in pushing for pre-emptive war in Iraq and in spinning the attacks on the World Trade Center into the US’s never-ending worldwide wars on whoever they choose.

However, Democrats have been involve with promoting imperialist wars and interventions from early on. For many Democrats, John F. Kennedy is the paragon of Presidential idealism, virtue, and Camelot. However, Kennedy’s was vehemently anti-communist in his dogma and in the practice of his imperialist foreign policy. It was Kennedy who directed the CIA to try to assassinate Fidel Castro. It was Kennedy who supported the failed invasion of Playa Giron in Cuba, and it was Kennedy who promoted support for wars against communist governments in Southeast Asia.

With respect to Iraq, after Qasim legalized the Iraqi Communist Party and nationalized 99% of property owned by British oil companies, it was Democrat President John F. Kennedy, who directed the CIA to support his overthrow. Qasim was overthrown in 1963, and the Ba’ath Party took over.

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Absolutely, after all who was Brzezinski but Carter’s Kissinger. The apparatchiks speak the same language behind closed doors and wave different banners in public in the display of “democracy”.


This article barely scratches the surface of the soon-to-be region-wide quagmire of blood that will involve a minimum of 8 Mideast countries, along with the US and Russia.


Brzezinski was also the one who planned the support of fundamentalists in Afghanistan so as to draw the USSR into a war during the Carter administration. Carter also developed the Carter Doctrine which was to the Middle East what the Monroe Doctrine was to Latin America , this being an Imperialist Charter that gave the “right” to the USA to intervene in the Middle East a any time to protect US interests. This in turn lead to ever closer ties with the Saudai’s and the USA fully embraced the Saudi’s expanding Wahhabism across the Muslim world , just as the British had supportr Fundamentalists in Egypt and Iran and Israel later in Palestine.

The support of Fundamentalists was to act as a counter to Nationalism which the US, Britain and the UK feared as it could lead to Countries that were INDEPENDENT . The British had long been masters of this game as they had used this methodology to build their Empire. They would set one group against another to keep all of them weak and then change sides on a whim anytime a given group or nation threatened to come out a victor and then rival their Empire.

The USA simply picked up where the British left off. The only real difference is where the British would outright just annex another peoples lands and claim them as their own , the USA infiltrates the same with its Corporations wherein those Corporations control those lands. The US then stations its troops in the same to “defend US interests”

I would point out that while the USSR pulled its troops out of all territories it once occupied in East Europe, the USA remains in Countries they occupied and has expanded its Military presence to dozens of other Countries all under the auspices of “self defense”. EVERY US Administration has followed this policy and not just Bush or Trump.

The USA is the most venally Militaristic country on this globe and quite frankly one of the most destructive in all of Human history.

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As long as there is no daylight between the US and the Shining City on a HIl, all is well.


Thank you !

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Ya know it’s really funny that these whiney reactionaries always bitch & moan about Obama, but we NEVER hear about the first ass hole President of the 21st century, GWB. Not a fucking word.


We will have a respite for a few months while Bolton plans the next false flag move somewhere. The man is a menace to humanity and should be mopping bathrooms in a penitentiary somewhere

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Well, OK. Surely the Iraq War has fueled a lot of the succeeding destruction–and one could say the same of “Desert Storm,” the prior Iraq war, or of the intervening sanctions. But let’s not be so quick to ignore the actions of other US regimes–the droning and bombing of Yemen and Somalia, the destruction of Libya, the financing and then bombing of ISIS and ISIL and others in Syria, the behind-the-scenes work against Arab Spring to put the US’ lead torturer in Egypt in charge of the government, the ongoing strikes in Pakistan–and surely I am leaving quite a lot out, no?

There has been an awful lot of fuel.

lies, lies, lies…the bay of pigs was cooked up by CIA /allen dulles ,Nixon and his anti-communists and the mob whose casinos were shut down by fidel – kennedy went along with it but drew the line when dulles asked for air power jfk took the blame but fired the sacred cow dulles leading to his death in dallas – Fernandez-lies

Hi Larry.

It is one thing to disagree with a person and ask for sources. However, to assert that a person, with whom one disagrees, it lying, without providing evidence to the contrary, or at least asking for sources, is offensive in the extreme. Rather than flag you as in violation of the rules of conduct for this forum, I will present sourced information, respectfully, and offer you the chance to apologize for your inappropriate conduct.

I stated: “It was Kennedy who supported the failed invasion of Playa Giron in Cuba,”

Here is a quote from the President John F. Kennedy library stating the same:

“Shortly after his inauguration, in February 1961, President Kennedy authorized the invasion plan. But he was determined to disguise U.S. support. The landing point at the Bay of Pigs was part of the deception. The site was a remote swampy area on the southern coast of Cuba, where a night landing might bring a force ashore against little resistance and help to hide any U.S. involvement.” - John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum ( https://www.jfklibrary.org/JFK/JFK-in-History/The-Bay-of-Pigs.aspx).

I stated: " It was Kennedy who directed the CIA to try to assassinate Fidel Castro. "

Here’s a document from the US government identifying these plans (See Operation Bounty and Operation Mongoose):

Also see: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/cuba/article181288881.html

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Steve - I should have been more clear - not saying you are lying but the info about Kennedy initiating the Bay of Pigs invasion is revisionist history provided by the same group who expects me to believe Osama Bin Laden initiated the 911 attacks – more lies. One of the main reason Kennedy got whacked is due to his failure to provided air power at the Bay of Pigs and the firing of the CIA sacred cow- Al Dulles. The same sourced material says Kennedy started the Vietnam War ignoring the fact that the USa bankrolled the French effort promoting democracy in Vietnam through the early 1950s. My apologies for not being more clear but I don’t buy the Kennedy/Bay of Pigs story- especially since there’s information out there that Kennedy was reaching out to Castro thru back channels in the fall of "63…not sure if that story is covered in your cited materials.

Hi Larry,

I appreciate your considered response.

Let me clarify that I did not state that John F. Kennedy initiated the invasion of Playa Giron, or assassination attempts on Fidel Castro, but as the documents from the President John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, and the declassified government documents make clear, President Kennedy supported these actions.

You are correct that CIA and Dulles brothers took leadership roles in many of these actions. It should be noted, however, that it was Democrat President Harry S. Truman that started the CIA in 1947. This was just a few years before Truman sacked General MacArthur and appointed John Dulles to negotiate a treaty with Japan. Before the end of Truman’s term, Allan Dulles rose to the position of Deputy Director of the CIA .

I agree that John F. Kennedy did not initiate US intervention in SouthEast Asia. However, it is important to note that, it was Democrat Harry Truman, in 1950, who sent the US Military Assistance Advisory Group to support the initial anti-communist military initiatives in SouthEast Asia.

Finally, I agree that the Dulles brothers are responsible for a barbaric escalation of US imperialism. Yes, following Truman it was Republican Dwight Eisenhower who went on to appoint John Dulles as Secretary of State and Alan Dulles as CIA director. They are responsible for the death of many throughout the developing world.

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Big Steve, you know your history and if it wasn’t for the cabal of democrats led by a senator from South Carolina (who’s name escapes me) Truman would not have been on FDR’s ticket in 1944 - it would have been Henry Wallace and the entire landscape of US Foreign policy including what happened in Southeast Asia may have been different.