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The Iraq War’s Known Unknowns


The Iraq War’s Known Unknowns

Ray McGovern

There is a lot more than meets the eye in the newly revealed Joint Chiefs of Staff intelligence briefing of Sept. 5, 2002, which showed there was a lack of evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMD) – just as President George W. Bush’s administration was launching its sales job for the Iraq War.


usa has wmd…ergo…???..we should be slaughtered?
we are number one in mass murder and hypocrisy in the history of the world.
the election is a scam.
vote for bernie if you love slaughtering gazans!!! (progressives)
watch ken o’keefe on youtube.


You probably didn’t read or didn’t understand Mr. McGovern’s analysis… and instead of discussing how the military chain of command works, or responding to those rare instances where an honest soldier tells the President the truth and unnecessary war is averted… your goal is to write semi-intelligible rantings intent upon sliming Mr. Sanders.

THAT is spam.


Thanks to Ray once again, for bringing us back to responsibility: for the ending of lives–hundreds of thousands, including 7,000 of our own, who were sent to war for no good reason, and for now, keeping insisting that those who made the war happen be called out at every opportunity. I think that’s what we must do, as citizens. So, thanks to Ray for keeping on it. He has the knowledge and experience to keep on with this, to insist on accountability, so we can help change happen.


It still my opinion that both the UK and the USA pulled back from an immediate attack on Syria due to an incident reported by a newspaper in Lebanon.

In that article it was claimed a missile strike was launched on Syria by the USA to get the war started and this strike was intercepted by the Russians.The Russians then used back channels to let the USA and UK know in no uncertain terms that Russia would defend Syria against further such attacks and would not allow another Libya.

The US and Israel released a short statement later indicating the missiles fired as a test in some sort of drill and were diverted to crash into the sea.


Thank you sir, for this powerful, extremely well written piece.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


If this is not true, something similar must be. Clearly the US & Co. have been sparring with Russia over this one. Russia is not in much of a position to let the matter go, since it has become dangerously encircled to the West