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The IRS and the Self-Minimization of Congressman Jason Chaffetz


The IRS and the Self-Minimization of Congressman Jason Chaffetz

Ralph Nader

Politicians who limit the effectiveness of government agencies for short-term political advantages cheat taxpayers and short-change the government. I first met Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), a brash young Republican, at a gathering of EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center), which challenges invasions of privacy by big business and government. Privacy was not the only issue he championed, having taken stands against corporate welfare programs, bloated corporate contracts with the government and even corporate crimes.


[Ko]Chaffetz’s motive$ are all too clear.


Love you, Ralph. But man, it's late in the day ...


Libertarian funding giants like the Koch Brothers see freedom as THEIR right to do harm. And any government agency that has the legal power to regulate their actions is considered an enemy.

That's why billionaire sociopaths which include, but are not limited to the Koch Brothers, fund think tanks and clever, diabolical minds who come up with compelling sound bites and talking points aimed at demonizing ANYTHING that government does.

They cut public school funding, especially in the inner city areas that require it most, so they can fortify the argument that government does nothing well.

They cut the EPA so that it can't regulate all of the toxic industries and entities that are slowly undermining public health. Then they turn around and accuse the EPA of incompetence.

These same moral midgets make a big fuss about the Deficit... but of course, this argument is aimed at eviscerating ANY and every social program; yet they are quick to undermine the IRS's funding so that not enough tax monies can be collected.

And not auditing the MIC? That vast fiscal suction device that is a more toxic vampire squid than Matt Taibbi's depiction of Wall Street.

It would be great if, in lieu of costly elections that essentially grant policy rights to the highest bidders, this nation entered into an exploratory phase where ALL public offices were obtained through a Lottery.

SURELY, in a 300 million population pool, sheer "chance" would dictate that at least 33% of those then placed into key offices would be honest, still show integrity, and vote for the interests of everyday people.

Perhaps 33% would be compromised from the get-go with the remaining 34% capable of going in either direction.

A Lotto? Or the product of Citizens United where one chump after another sells out every government institution put in place to PROTECT the common good and the commonwealth...

A major course correction is long overdue.


Chaffetz knows on what side his bread is buttered...and it tastes much like petroleum and profits. Not unlike any other other number of his GOP reprobates in the House and Senate.