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The Israel-UAE Agreement: Good for a Few, Bad for Most

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/26/israel-uae-agreement-good-few-bad-most

it seems the UAE agreed to this as the price to get advanced US weapons, and more weapons in the area is hardly a path to peace.
As for Israel-Palestine there is no peace, because there is no spirit of peace on either side, each hoping unrealistically that they need not compromise and the other side can be made to go away.
Israelis can reason they have much more military power, a relatively vibrant economy, the backing of the US, they can keep expanding settlements, and God on their side - sooner or later Palestinians will face it and give up or leave. Palestinians can reason they have the backing of the world’s billions of Muslims with all that oil, support from the world’s anti-Semites, and Israelis cannot stop their rockets, firebombs, terror tunnels, and God on their side - if they wait it out they can have it all and remove the Jews.
Both are wrong, so there is no solution. Sad because if they could only get together, the geography, climate, historic resources, and talents of all its peoples could have made a thriving country

Biden and “courage and ingenuity to move US policy in the Middle East in a new direction that reflects human-interest priorities” don’t belong in the same sentence. This a long-winded oxymoron.

But maybe I’m wrong. Let’s have Joe pledge immediately that he will move the US Embassy back to Tel Aviv. When that happens, watching Biden on this issue might be of some value.