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The Israel-UAE Deal Isn’t About Peace at All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/28/israel-uae-deal-isnt-about-peace-all


Unfortunately, after Jimmy Carter the Palestinians had no powerful ally for peace. Our cynical presidents since him have only served Big Oil either overtly or covertly–usually both. And now the Planet is on fire.

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As long as the Zionist Lobby is allowed to exert pre$$ure and influence on most US politicians and media, the US, which props up the Israeli apartheid/occupying state, will never even begin to work for true justice in Palestine for the people there.

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Thanks Phyllis,
Biden and Harris are for the same old, same old,
but another truth, one from Pope John XXIII: " If you want peace,
work for justice."
Religious socialists, against the national socialists
(Germany’s Nazis), will always seek justice as the way to peace.

Nothing too surprising about brutal Nazi states collaborating, temporarily: Saudis, UAE, Israel, US, etc. . Until their interests begin to conflict. Then, hopefully, they will turn on each other…and the arms traded will be put to productive use in eliminating each other…

And which part of ‘justice’ or ‘peace’ is this solution? Sounds like a cheer for mass murder. I thought Extinction Rebellion was for something better than that. Or maybe the name has nothing much to do with their ideals.