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'The Issue of Our Time': Sanders, Warren, and Moore Will Explore Oligarchy's Destruction of Middle Class in Town Hall


'The Issue of Our Time': Sanders, Warren, and Moore Will Explore Oligarchy's Destruction of Middle Class in Town Hall

Julia Conley, staff writer

High-profile progressives Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and filmmaker Michael Moore will be joined by several other advocates for working Americans later this month at a live-streamed town hall focusing on inequality in the U.S.


The Financial industry and international corporation received a deficit jubaliee throught 10s of trillions in “Q” easing. It did not work, and now it is time for a Main Street American deficit jubilee.


The next one they hold they should call “White Supremacy In America. The Rise of the Alt-right and the Collapse of Democracy.”


For the final such town hall meeting I would suggest the title “Climate Change in America. The Rise of Global Average Temperature and the Collapse of Civilization.”


This is rich. Three lib/prog millionaires telling the rest of us about inequality and wealth in the U.S. There’s nothing wrong with them doing good works, etc.; but please don’t lecture the rest of us while you continue to (quite comfortably) feed at the trough of capitalism while you suggest how it can be “reformed.”


I can think of one thing that Sanders, Warren, and Moore have in common. They were all strong supporters of Hillary Clinton in the general election.


The disappearance of the Middle Class has its roots in the war on the poor and the disdain for which many have for the same. The Oligarchy have squeezed about all they can from the impoverished and are now working their way up the food chain.


Economic Inequality is implemented by the political disenfranchisement of the electorate. The citizenry either doesn’t realize or doesn’t care that democracy no longer exists in this country. The work of self-governance does not appeal to a population too lazy or too preoccupied with survival to resist their own enslavement. Whether this form of government is any longer desirable now becomes an open question.


Until they show their seriousness by breaking away and starting a third party, it is all bullshit. That is the litmus test.


Touche’…Lrx you where showing your claws with that one. Nice.


Exactly right.


I like your thinking.


Since you mention ‘in America’ and ‘collapse of civilization’ together I would argue that ‘civilization’ never occurred in the US only an empire based on the most selfish ideology which cannot be remotely considered ‘civilized’.


Agree. 2020 expect it to be Biden, he’s ramping up his campaign as we speak.


While nobody has declared yet of course, if Biden does declare I would expect him to be the frontrunner. IHowever, he will have some stiff opposition for a political base. Unlike 2016 I think there will be a lot of big names running. He isn’t the only one getting a campaign going. And Biden has never done well in a presidential primary and his age will probably be a negative factor so I think it is an open contest.


Bernie had his moment to do so in 2016 and did not. Now he, Ellison, and others are part of the establishment. This town hall and other faux events are simply to get people to donate to the Democratic Party.


The US has a terrible history between robbing the tribal people and enslaving African Americans then white washing in the name of “freedom.”


Bernie has our revolution and has not stopped even at his age. He has been who he is for over fifty years.


There has not been a real “middle class” since the 1960s - possibly the early 1970s and even then it usually applied to people only in certain areas of the country.


The more I thought about this article the more angry I found myself. These three individuals, Bernie, Warren and Moore, thought to be the pride of Progressives everywhere, carrying water for the Neo-liberal establishment. They hold town halls and rail against the injustices of the elites while at the same time sheep dogging the proles right back into the Democratic Party so their hopes and dreams can be dashed again, and again…and again. You lay with dogs, you catch fleas. The litmus test is if they were willing to leave the party and start a new one. They could overnight revive the American people…but they won’t Ever. Fuck them, we are totally on our own.