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The Issues That Won't Go Away


The Issues That Won't Go Away

Robert C. Koehler

How much real change manifested itself in the 2018 midterms? How deeply does the outcome reflect the American soul?

Apparently, about 113 million Americans, basically half the electorate, felt compelled to vote in the midterms, revved up either by intense opposition to or support for Donald Trump. This is a lot more than usual for a non-presidential election, but still fairly pathetic for “the world’s greatest democracy.”

How much closer did we move to becoming a nation able and willing to focus on the real issues that threaten the planet?



There are very workable “incremental” solutions to all those problems.


For a more sobering analysis of the election night results.

The result, hardly the much-vaunted “blue wave,” was what the Democratic Party wanted: An election that would allow Trump to consolidate his control while giving the Democrats more input. As the Democratic leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi, said in the run-up to the vote, control of the House would give the Democrats “leverage.” They intend to use that influence to pressure Trump to pursue a more aggressive confrontation with Russia and a wider war in Syria.

Wall Street signaled its delight at the outcome with a stock surge. All of the major indices shot up, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbing more than 500 points.

The Democrats used the election to deepen their orientation to privileged and wealthy layers of the middle class. The bulk of the House seats they picked up were in better-off suburbs. Perhaps a dozen of the newly elected Democratic congressmen came from the party’s contingent of former military, intelligence and State Department figures recruited as candidates by the party leadership. These “CIA Democrats” will set the tone for the Democratic caucus in the incoming Congress


Ya know what really scares me? ALL the elections this cycle, and probably more likely in future elections, that were so close that we are going to have at least 3 or 4 recounts and probably more. As the elections become more & more close and the electorate becomes more divided, my fear is that we will start to see some riots and disorder. Remember the 20’s and the depression years? Pretty much everyone knows we’re headed for another economic downturn, the only thing we don’t know is how bad it will be. I’m glad I’m 71 yo as this doesn’t bode well for the future unless we get BIG CHANGE.


excellent article, mr. koehler! i very mush like your A thru H organization.

A Militarism and endless war!

the u.s. is a war machine. war is uncle sam’s #1 export. remember that “lovely” meeting between #45 and the saudi prince? donald gloating about his huge sale of arms? disgusting, no? obviously, the lives of millions in yemen and syria matter little to these sociopaths!

This is why Obama talked all that talk about ending immoral wars and implementing policies that help the middle class yet reverted back to Bush’s military-financial complex friendly policies as soon as he took the oath of office.–Tedrose Fikre

B Climate change and environmental catastrophe!

our never-ending wars also negatively impact global warming. not only the environmental costs from the planes and weapons, but the need for fossil fuels, the fracking. animals are going extinct at an alarming rate and eventually we’ll see mass die offs of our own species. the ruling corporation in the oil and gas industry, the munitions manufactures and the financial industry promote war as a boon to the economy meaning any discussion toward stemming climate change remains verboten.

C Poverty and inequality!

we keep hearing about the booming u.s. economy, but most of us see that people work two and three jobs in a vain attempt to pay the rent and feed the family. our political class are but courtiers to the mega-monopolies who pay for the elections and send lobbyists to write the legislation.

D Guns, violence and mass murder!

we live in a nation that has some 800 to 1,000 military bases around the world. many citizens are angry and tense. most use words and insults, but some just go over tthe edge. it’s like the parent telling the child, “do as i say, not as i do!”

by the way last night in california we have another mass shooting in a bar frequented by college kids.

E Militarized police shooting and racism!

these days we often hear the word fascism thrown around. well militarized policing is one sign of fascism. black communities , especially, complain of over-policing in their neighborhoods. racism is not only systemic, but too many whites are class a bigots! they will not hire black citizens and work to keep their neighborhoods lily white. (i remember a powow in oklahma when the new princess’s name was lily white) anyway, we the people are as responsible for racism as the government.

F The prison industrial complex!

yeah! the land of the free, huh? the hypocrisy is overwhelming. our so-call justice system has been sold to the highest bidder.

G Immigrant scapegoating, hatred and fear!

i have met a few full-blood native americans, but the rest of us come from immigrant heritage. of course, many blacks came as forced slave labor. for some unfathomable reason white people seem overly fearful of other cultures. fear is a powerful emotion and i don’t know how to reason with it. i’ll do whatever i can as the “caravan” reaches the border. these people are hurting and so in need of a kind and loving welcome! i imagine they’ve heard about the richest nation on earth with jobs galore.

H Voter suppression, gerrymandering and hacking!

i’ve said enough and i know many disagree, but i choose not to vote because i know those d.c. politicians listen to their corporate sponsors. if we really want to make a difference, start with running for school boards and local offices.

Henry David Thoreau once said, “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”


Thank you, Mr. Kohler! This is a VERY important article in pointing out the TRULY important things that are being ignored due to a continuing onslaught of red herrings and false flags. If people can’t tell the difference between IMPORTANT and tangential, then the country will remain stuck and fucked.


Why fear something that may be NEEDED to gain the country back from OUR government?! Where would we be if there weren’t “riots and disorder” back in 1775?! Of course, back then, we stood together. Now there are people in uniform who will fight against any revolution for a paycheck.


Thanks, Wise Owl. A great scene from a great movie. Very appropriate for today!


White America - power and media are pre-adolescent and being neotenized by by their handlers to NEVER really grow up. Part of that is realizing that we must learn the truth of US history, live justly and equitably and resepect and love our neighbors.

We also need to realize that catastrophe is here already, not something in the future - other than the snowballing of consequences.

As those consequences hit home, “the point of diminishing returns” precipitates from some abstract notion into cold hard facts.


Agree with you 100%. Excellent summation of the IMPORTANT ISSUES. I could add I. a dysfunctional mostly self-interested and somewhat corrupt Congress uninterested in addressing the IMPORTANT ISSUES A-H J. a party system unrepresentative of the citizenry and unresponsive to their needs, but it’s a good list to focus on. I’m not sure where to start to wrench the power away from the elites in charge of government today. Bloody revolution has worked (Jefferson boldly encouraged it in the Declaration of Independence), but the framers thought they had a constitutional system that would reduce if not eliminate the need for such a drastic reaction to corruption, oppression, and tyranny. Current events are on the verge of proving they were wrong. Perhaps a take-over of police power by citizens could have an influence beyond taking over school boards and local offices. I really don’t know where to start because the outcome of this election is probably not going to change much of anything. We’ve been here before.


I am not hallucinating
My twitter feed just reported via NBC 12 killed at thousand oaks by a white former army vet at bar in thousand Oaks California
But I am not seeing it anywhere else, not even here or my you tube wall.
Someone else confirm?


First news item I read this morning:


thanks Tennegon
Just realized that is from Al Jazeera-
we are truly that desensitized?
12 kids killed.


A must see:


yes! i would love to see the return of the friendly neighborhood cop. we can share our ideas and thoughts and hopefully get a snowball effect as more neighbors begin to cooperate for a common goal.

i live in south texas and have gone out on a limb asking my neighbors if they agree with all the troops coming here. so far i’ve found three who think it a good idea and four who do not. (myself included)


Pelosi actually cited Ronnie Raygunz in closing her call fro “bipartisanship.”


By the political theater of the elections? Unfortunately it would appear to be the case. Desensitized . . . distracted. It amounts to the same thing. It’s certainly the same result.

It only serves to underscore item D from Koehler’s list.


Priceless and true… all around the world all the artists . thanks for posting it…


Iĺl add to that elegant start …
Get up stand up