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The Issues That Won't Go Away



Right on!! Couldn’t agree more with your Big Picture conclusion highlighting three perilous ways our nation is being torn apart.

Trump plainly personifies and perpetuates the symptoms of the 3C Climate, Constitutional, Corporate breakdowns you note. He’s propagandizing and building up a vast group of supportors who are prepared to rationalize and ignore his wild cunning ways to divide and autocratically deepen his presidential powers - constitutional principles, truth and civility be damned. He seems to thrive on assuming an “Emperor” status.

The media and general public fail to recall and take seriously the opinion of 27 reputable psychiatrists and psychologists in a letter - that Trump is a Narcisistic Psychopath, making him in effect mentally unstable to be president of the United States. They said this knowing it violated an ethical principle that a professional should not make a medical judgement about someone who is not his or her patient. But Trump, from the beginning and prior to his presidency, has been nakedly demonstrating the psychic mental malfunctions of a narcisistic psychopath for all to obviously see and hear - e.g., chronic lying; egomanical sense of self-worth; manipulation, callousness, little empathy; inability to accept responsibility for own acts; impulsiveness, glibness; no controls over an erratic behavior; covering up and/or seldom admitting a mistake.

Now for the first time in our history, ±45% of America’s voting public are accepting these disruptive, poisoning behavorial patterns in our presidency in order to … "Shake up the political system; God Bless the “Emperor.”


the white house resident can only do as his handlers, the for-profit insurance industry demands.
election do not change that.


ATTENTION: Lin Cleveland:

I’ve been writing on macro-micro climate, economic, healthcare, and other social-economic subjects for over twelve years now. I have been able to compare in depth my views on critical issues based on experiences from having lived and worked half of my life in Europe with European firms and half of my life in the U.S. In past years, my writings have been published by the San Diego Free Press and in recent years by the California Free Press. During this time, knowledge related to my extended articles and research and also reflecting extended periods living in two different cultures has been freely shared with CD in the form of occassional short or more lengthy comments on CD’s blog - comments that hopefully are constructive and informative with some new perspectives. I respect CD and appreciate its past publishing of my comments. I was born in Presque Isle, Maine. I attended Cheverus High School in Portland and Bowdoin College in Brunswick. So I’m at heart a deep admirer of Maine! Our family’s permanent residence now is the Netherlands!

Frank Thomas


Non one said anything to you personally. This is the trouble with sites like these - people would rather pick someone to argue with which is a waste of time instead of calling their rep or acting locally . I posted something in general- if you took it personally perhaps YOU need to look in the mirror. I too have been in a union, and live in a union family. Not all unions are what some call “working class” which for some one per centers translates as “poor.” For instance a teacher’s or nurses union of professionals might be construed differently to people in the ivory tower rather than those for instance in labor or in factory work. My late grandfather was in unions starting in the early part of the 20th century. We are on the same page- an example of being in the ivory tower and looking down on the working class is the neoliberal. No one said boo to you personally- so take a deep breath and rethink about what you posted.


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