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The Jewish Nurse: Love In the Face of Evil Gives Others Hope


The Jewish Nurse: Love In the Face of Evil Gives Others Hope

After killing 11 Jews, Robert Bowers was wheeled, yelling "Death to all Jews," into a Pittsburgh hospital, where he was treated by an E.R. doctor and a trauma nurse. Both were Jewish. Now the nurse, Ari Mahler, has written a moving account of the day. He told Bowers nothing: "I wanted him to feel compassion. I chose to show him empathy." Ultimately, he writes, "Love is the only message I wish to instill...If my actions mean anything, love means everything."


Ari, you embody Shalom–perfection. Love and light to you.

Thank you Abby for posting this story.


Love requires no weapons, just wise and strong people like Ari Mahler.

Hate, because it is weak and ignorant, needs weapons and cowardly words of incitement.


Yes, how true. Ari words are the encouragement for all of us to look deeper, that is, beyond the surface.


It is most fitting that the shooter saw a nurse and a doctor, he has a disease. Hate is a disease that can be caught much like the flu or a cold. Please we read this page…


These are all people involved. Not Jews and non-Jews. Quit trying to divide us.


Unfortunately, the Anti-Defamation League has a sordid history of teaming up with law enforcement to spy on peace activists and others speaking out against power and against Israel. I approve the message, but not the organization.


That is exactly right! Love, as simple as it sounds, is the answer to the worlds problems. Imagine if all of us lived by “The Golden Rule?”

If the consciousness of hate were suddenly elevated to the higher consciousness of love, the world would change in the blink of an eye.


To all zionists out there… are you paying attention? There WILL be a quiz.


I suppose the snipers in Gaza have that same look of confusion in their eyes,


Hi Pist:
I don’t think there were any snipers in Gaza… the snipers from Israel are shooting into Gaza though.


If you can’t understand the context of that reportage and the obvious intent behind it, I have no idea what to tell you.


Yes the message is true and simple. Simple like basic algebra but by the time one is involved in higher math one realizes how complicated the message becomes.


I agree but I also know that it is not always easy.


I fully understand the context. That was why I made my comment. It was easy.


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