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The Joke of U.S. Justice and “Accountability” When They Bomb a Hospital


The Joke of U.S. Justice and “Accountability” When They Bomb a Hospital

Glenn Greenwald

Ever since the U.S. last October bombed a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Kunduz, Afghanistan, the U.S. vehemently denied guilt while acting exactly like a guilty party would. First, it changed its story repeatedly.


The Pentagon did indeed exonerate itself on the MSF hospital attack in the just released whitewash! A shallow and manipulated "investigation" on the C-130 gunship attack for over an hour on the well-known MSF hospital. Doctors called for nearly an hour to get the attack to be stopped but nothing was done.

"Officials said last fall that the AC-130 gunship crew believed they were targeting a building about 300 yards away where several Taliban fighters were supposedly hiding. Less clear is why they continued to strafe the hospital for nearly an hour while aid officials in Kabul and Washington made frantic attempts to call them off.
At least 15 calls and text messages were exchanged with U.S., Afghan, United Nations and Red Cross officials, records show.
The attack destroyed the hospital’s main building, including an emergency room, intensive care unit and operating theater. The dead consisted of 24 patients, 14 staff members and four caretakers."




It is clear that oppressive governments of all types have nothing but hatred for groups - like Doctors Without Borders - who insist on remaining neutral and independent of their control. These attacks were very deliberate, and there is not a doubt in my mind that high government officials in those countries are guilty of crimes against humanity for approving them. Nothing new about that with Assad (will someone please do the World a favor and assassinate him!), but a light needs to be brightly shined on the Obama administration about this. It is not beyond the realm of belief that he, or someone directly below him, was responsible for ordering the bombing of the hospital in Afghanistan. I don't know why true progressives continue to cling to the mistaken belief that Obama is any kind of progressive, or that Hillary would be any better or different.


After hearing of the Aleppo hospital bombing atrocity and the absolute impunity with such war crimes are carried out on such a regular basis for years, I had the same reaction on Assad. There must be some real accountability! The entire world is numb to atrocity after atrocity and world "leaders" continue to play house with millions of lives........


The "entire world" is not numb to atrocity. Hunger, fear, anger and desperation occupy the hearts and minds of countless millions.


I may have rhetorically over-stated my cynicism somewhat......I wish many more millions would demand real drastic change and accountability that included politicians & world leaders.


" The only law that the US government is subject to is its own interests."

Washington does not accept law, neither domestic or international as a constraint on its actions. Washington is the " exceptional indispensable". No one else counts. No law, no constitution, and no humane consideration has authority to constrain Washington's will. In its claims Washington surpasses that of the Third Reich." Paul Craig Roberts.

The fact remains that Amerika is the Fourth Reich; especially in its foreign policies and vested interests of the Amerikan Empire. But alas, most people in the US have been so brainwashed that they have absolutely no idea that what is going on in their names, is fascism....and probably never will!


If someone would put me next to Charles and David Koch with a bomb vest I'd gladly detonate it to get rid of them! Sometimes a radical act of sacrifice can change the World for the better.


Speaking of brainwashing, here is an entertaining piece from Crosstalk.




What we need to remember is that neither Hospital would have been bombed if the US/Israel didn't decide to destroy the Mid East one country at a time.


After the Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert made headlines during the latest Israeli child-slaughtering rampage through Gaza, it's become open season on these kinds of hospitals and doctors. Dr. Gilbert was subsequently banned from Gaza by Israel for the intolerable crime of showing Palestinian victims of Israeli neo-fascism as human beings:

This, along with the demonization of the BDS movement, points to a concerted effort to marginalize and criminalize whatever remains of human compassion. The sociopathic elite are closing in on the endgame of remaking the world in their own brutal, sadistic, might-makes-right image.

"Death to compassion! Death to empathy! Death to mercy" is the global battle-cry of fascist scum everywhere.


Too much power and too much money in the hands of small arrogant men and they are fully nonsensical following no humanity. It should be controlled. Only common people of this nation can bring them under justice.


The cultural myth of the strategically-placed bomb solving all problems (see Star Wars) is very deeply ingrained now.

There are two arguments surrounding this sort of action: the first is that violence is futile and counterproductive. As another poster said, such an act might only make martyrs of the old bastards. It'd create a clampdown/backlash that would only serve to bring even greater misery to the world.

The other is that violence is reserved for the elite precisely because it works so well. When people like MLK and others advancing a vision of a just and peaceful world are murdered, that materially furthers the interests of injustice and war that a figure like Dr. King threatened. What was that Stalin quote, "no man, no problem"?

This debate has gone on forever, with no consensus in sight. My own feeling is that this world cannot be purified through violence and vengeance. The only true creator of peace and justice is time. Perhaps that isn't true though, and instead we live in a meaningless universe where might makes right, and if you simply but slaughter your enemies you can by force make this world any paradise of your choosing.

I think if this is true, however, then there really is no reason to fight for anything, as without meaning there can be no justice, and if there is no justice or meaning any "paradise" you were to build would be a hollow farce.


so obvious and true...


Obama is a fraud and a coward; Hillary Clinton is a psychopath. Her list of atrocities, poor judgement, and outright selling herself to corporate interests for personal gain at our country's expense is beyond question. The two of them complete a decades long list of what is wrong with our world. The sooner they are gone, the better!


Knowingly ignorant. Just like the many good Germans during the rise to power of Hitler and WWII.


Yeah, whats new? Thanks for the link.


Would love to see Bernie Sanders replace both of them!


Good clip.


Look; what are you all complaining about? The USA has bent over backwards by being generous to the victims' families and offering them $6000USD in compensation for their loss...........................