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The Justice Is TAN


The Justice Is TAN

For those panicked about the state of the republic or Ruth Bader Ginsburg: We're totally freaked for the former so can't vouch for anything, but the good Justice, who broke three ribs in a fall Wednesday night, is home, working and recovering well. After half the country offered her their ribs and organs, her longtime trainer gifted these sweet words of solace: "Remember that the justice is TAN..She’s tough as nails. You think three ribs are going to stop Justice?"


RBG - may the ribs heal fast and painlessly!!

Thank you for the years of irreproachable insight, dedication and humor. Its up to us to build on the legacy of those broad shoulders and hope that countless young attorneys use them as springboard.

Name proposal: J-TAN OYEZ!


Alyssa Milano actually offered to donate BOTH of her kidneys to Justice Ginsburg. Just another airhead actress.


I love Ruth Bader Ginsberg----she is a role model for girls women, and even boys and men.
A wonderful sense of humor and a terrific mind, and she is probably tougher than all the men on the court.
I read that the Kavanaugh person did not walk down the steps as this was some kind of a walk that all Supremes Court Justices take. I wonder -----was he was drunk ?