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The Katrina Oil Spill Disaster: A Harbinger for the Atlantic Coast?


The Katrina Oil Spill Disaster: A Harbinger for the Atlantic Coast?

Sue Sturgis

When Hurricane Katrina hit the U.S. Gulf Coast 10 years ago, it set off a disaster of many parts — and one of those parts was an oil spill catastrophe.


Wonderfully informative article, Ms. Sturgis. I plan to keep it in my own archives and refer back to it as needed.

On this:

"Louisiana is losing land so rapidly in large part because of oil and gas industry activity: the tens of thousands of wells drilled and thousands of miles of pipelines laid and canals carved into coastal wetlands (see U.S. Geological Survey photo of the Louisiana coast above). Every cut made in the wetlands allows the Gulf's saltwater to intrude, which in turn kills soil-anchoring plants and trees, allowing more land to slip away."

Since it's Katrina's 10th anniversary, the past and present fate of New Orleans are much in the News and National Public Radio yesterday featured a discussion about this land loss. The guest explained that by law--the oil and gas industries are compelled to restore the lands to their pre-drilling condition. Further explained was that no governor or state rep. was actually holding Big Oil to this law or any serious form of accountability.

With climate change events growing fiercer by the day, it takes a special kind of sociopath--in govt. office or the Oil/Gas industries to STILL push for offshore oil drilling.

If laws held meaning within a functioning (for true justice ideals) Justice system, after Exxon-Valdez none of this crap would be allowed to continue. And after the Maconda spill... ecological suicide on a massive scale just because Big Oil (along with Big Mic and Big Monsanto and Big Banks) run "the place."


The recent actions by the Obama Adm. regarding Cuba was the direct result of Russian interest in oil exploration and well drilling off the latter's coast. Leases were being negotiated with Putzy's Plutocrats and Oily Gas Guys. This posed a direct threat to Florida's coast, with or without hurricanes, and would of affected real estate and the tourist industry. Vital to REITs and banks' holdings, too. The Pope was even dialed up to prevent this economic disaster for the 1%; who over-invested in this land scam and scheme. Bush knows this and Hillary, too. " Always be following da' money. "


Oil and water do mix

A dressing of death and destruction


I was just about to post what you said...it sums up the whole fossil fuel/environmental/global warming nightmare. The closing words of the article are very profound.


The Obama admn sold-out to big oil when he first chose the odious Ken Salazar for Interior Sec. and salazar allowed the climate that led to the Gulf spill. Other obama betrayals followed. The latest were RD Shell given license to drill the Arctic and permitting sonic blasting along the Atlantic coast. Sonic blasting for exploration and many Navy "exercises" and other marine noise directly threaten marine mammals and other life....and Obama is such an environmental moron (or just doesn't give a shite) he allows all this and much more re: pipelines to get oil & gas to export - one small step forward and ten giant steps back from Obama&Co. Given the lackey status of Obama and almost every other corporate-whore politician we can expect lots of environmental degradation and marine mammal deaths......



I am shocked that the Taylor energy site continues to spew oil into the gulf. I think most Americans assume that when accidents and spills or leaks happen that they are eventually fixed by law. I don't think most Americans (aside from those around the Gulf) understand that this kind of thing goes on and a leaking well is simply left to spew oil continuously for over a decade.

Thanatos - a psychological term - the drive towards death. The opposite of Eros - the instinct for life.

Oil is our species' thanatos.