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The Kavanaugh Confirmation Endgame

The Kavanaugh Confirmation Endgame

Thomas Neuburger

It looks like the last cat is out of the bag.


The democrats only care about their own power. They think that as long as they “control” congress they win. It doesn’t matter what they stand for, vote for, or do while in office, as long as they are on top. Even when I think there might be a few exceptions to this rule I am consistently disappointed to find that self-preservation always overrides doing the right thing. We need to burn this system to the ground.


The Democratic Party is plain and simply…a business. Like any business, it seeks to maximize revenue. Unless laws are in place to stop corporate money flowing into political parties, corporations will always be the Party’s biggest revenue source.

Any of you reader who think that Kavanaugh will NOT be confirmed, please raise your hand.

No hands…time to turn off the lights and go to bed.


“The strongest cards” held by those who—ostensibly!—oppose K’s confirmation are the contradictions between what he swore to publicly and what he said in the very few emails and other documents that aren’t still being withheld—but for reasons I can’t fathom, they won’t play them.


What we KNOW is that:

  • Kavanaugh perjured himself before congress at earlier confirmation hearings.
  • The Republican party has openly stated that they will never allow any hearing to be held on any nominee unless that nominee is pre-cleared by the Federalist Society and the rest of the ultra-right.
  • The openly stated position of the party in power is as extreme a theocracy as that proclaimed and practiced by ISIS and more extreme than that of Iran.

That our country and our supposed “democracy” have been hijacked by this band of right-wing fundamentalist extremists should be front page news. All Day Every Day.


The world is watching amazed that a man like Trump can do what he does without legal response or a democracy in place. Begin with McConnell who has packed the courts and mugged the Congress to do it. When we sit and moan on the internet, the US is being by-passed by those with intelligence and decency putting the US in the same league as Trump’s friends the Saudi’s and other similar “nations”. Watch the film of Trump at the UN yesterday where white-coats would have been called had he not been the US President.


Boohoohoos aside, but somebody is lying. Its his word against four women’s.

“Republicans don’t respond to reason or even to conscience.”

…only to fear, power, money and religion. They are convinced that God is on their side and that his “laws” supersede man’s which can be broken to fit the occasion.

They learned from the Republicans, who are the experts.

Feinstein kept quiet as requested by Dr. Ford and reflected in Ford’s testimony. I watched thread after thread fill with comments here at CD scream at Feinstein for not doing what was politically convenient, release Dr. Ford’s information in July before it was “too late.” Too late being a complete buy-in of Republican deadline talking points since the only deadline is the November elections. Politically convenient being releasing her name to attempt to undermine a political process, likely wrecking Dr. Ford’s life in the process.

Forgive me, I feel it a bit rich that now we are back to both sides want power, are to blame, nonsense. One side set up the hearings to be proximate to the November elections, pushing a completely political deadline, while one side behaved with dignity and did not do what was politically convenient—wreck Dr. Ford’s life when she wasn’t ready for it for political gain. Are progressives here ever going to acknowledge when they are wrong?

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I have to disagree Dan, the author is not pushing the narrative, just reporting it. And lets face it, he’s not wrong, so why shoot the messenger ? Remember Neuburger did have some ideas to keep Kavanaugh off the court before Ford and the other women came forward (like the rest of us at the time, didn’t know about Fords letter).

Watching this hearing convinces me that the system is not salvageable.

Direct Democracy 20/20

"McConnenll bragged. “So, my friends, keep the faith. Don’t get rattled by all this. We’re going to plow right through it and do our job.””

— YEAH??!

And just WHAT is your job, Mitch? Shove your buddy down America’s Throat, no matter who he really is?


“Without Democratic leadership pressure, nothing internal to the process will keep Manchin and Donnelly from voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh. Without a united Democratic vote against him, Collins and Murkowski will have no crisis of “conscience” at all and confirmation is assured.”

And that pretty much sums it up. There is no Democratic leadership. Were there leaders, it would not matter what the Republicans do or don’t do. All democrats should be united on this as a matter of principle and if they are not maybe they should be the ones taking the “loyalty oath” rather than demanding it of those who have yet to be elected. Unfortunately the Dems are losers over and over. This show today was really a trial of the ineffectiveness of the elected officials of both parties. One brave citizen was the winner. Her name is Christine Blasey Ford

The leadership didn’t vote for Kavanaigh previously. After the absolute wreck of strategic thinking displayed here—yelling at Feinstein for not tossing Dr. Ford’s name out there before she was ready and calling for a walkout of hearings that revealed Kavanaugh to be a liar, I think some non-generalizations are owed the “leadership.” If they listened to the crowd here, Feinstein would have wrecked Ford’s life all to ditch hearings that Kavanaugh would have skated through.

I do want to note, I hope Doug Jones has a one-in-one with Manchin.

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But it would take an unsalvaged system to transition the country to a Direct Democracy system. Voting laws and rules would have to be revised and implemented anew. This would take an election that would have to take place before a Direct Democracy system could become the law of the land with the new election results.

I don’t see how the USA could get there from here but I’d be thrilled to be proven wrong.

Here is a way

Unfortunately, Lady Liberty has just been molested!