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The Khashoggi Verdict Is Exactly What Impunity Looks Like. It Must Be Denounced.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/26/khashoggi-verdict-exactly-what-impunity-looks-it-must-be-denounced

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There are different ways to get rid of truth-tellers.
You can send in a team to bone-saw them to death.
Or, as in the case of Assange and Manning, you can imprison them in torture conditions.
No surprise that Putin, Trump, Mudhammud bent Salmon, and Bolsonaro are such good friends. They all hate journalists.


For all we know, the 5 sentenced to death are guys picked off the streets who were tortured into confessions and had nothing to do with Khashoggi. I wouldn’t believe a word coming out of the Saudi government.


Or rethink the friends we have, and who take advice from. Iran has only reacted to past US intervention (1953 CIA coup) which destroyed their possible freedoms and democracy.

And who hates Iran the most now? And controls our government? And steals land and freedom of others with impunity?

Our “friends” are enemies of the rest of the free world. What does that make us, who follow them, protect them, and hide their crimes?

We are the evil we tell others to resist… we are the ones who seek to destroy for profit with no regard to life.

We are the pivot point for the “axis of evil”. Let’s stop kidding ourselves.