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The Kidapawan Standoff - The Real Face of the Global Climate Crisis


The Kidapawan Standoff - The Real Face of the Global Climate Crisis

Zephanie Repollo

More than a thousand people on Friday converged at the Mendiola Peace Arch in Manila following on from the tragic events at Kidapawan in the island of Mindanao on 1st of April, when two people were killed during a peaceful protest by farmers requesting government support following severe drought in the region.


Informative article and unfortunately the first I have heard about this. I will be looking for more info and what has happened subsequently to the police shooting the protestors.


This is sadly one of the many responses we all are going to start seeing as the 6th extinction kicks into gear full-time real-time. In south america they are having to cut electric output due to low water levels at some dams due to drought and the population doesn't understand because they are not being taught about global warming/climate change/6th extinction effects. This will only get worse as we have seen from the reaction to immigration in europe and elsewhere. Not only are people fleeing wars but GW/CC as well because the underlying cause of these wars are 2 fold; religion and GW/CC. Education about the effects of GW/CC and the 6th extinction will be key to keeping violence at bay in the future and the future is now,


Hell, it ain't over until the fat lady sings, Pacha Mama that is.




The "living world perceived AS machine model" by patriarchal capitalism (and its architects) is above all, linear. To the contrary, Mother Nature makes use of all sorts of diverse forms of adaptation... when allowed to!

The world cannot afford more in the way of Monsanto, Big Coal, or the dam builders brought to infamy by John Perkins in his book, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man."

"The Mindanao farmers and indigenous peoples communities would have been in a stronger position to weather the effects of El Niño if their watersheds and water systems had not been damaged. The provinces badly hit by El Niño to date have one thing in common – most of their watersheds are severely compromised due to unregulated expansion of agribusiness plantations, mining operations and coal fired power plants."

Check out what's happening... and this is just the beginning. It will certainly impact farming as we know it:


Since Congress starts its sessions with a prayer, and Wall Street closes with a bell... I recommend a NEW protocol: Before Wall Street closes out for the day, let it have a moment to HONOR the Philanthropists of yesterday, and to invite millionaires and billionaires to pledge their TITHE to the various plagues and painful plights of our times.

For instance, the current plight of these farmers might be the item du jour... and millionaires and billionaires might bid--auction style--for the OPPORTUNITY to ward off some of their own egregious karma by at last doing the right and altruistic thing.

They also get recognition from their peers... a recognition that deflates the "Greed is Good" mantra that Gordon Gecko helped make into a norm.

Since, as the Piketty Study made clear, such vast wealth found its way (sarcastic here) to the top of the financial pyramid, and as the Panama Papers prove, so little of it ends up taxed... there are lots of people with lots of money. And it's THEIR TURN to give back.

I would put the water system in Flint up for another Wall St. "closing bell altruism auction."

There's no shortage of Necessary Causes.

A fund for the Syrian refugees is also high on the list.

A fund for the Palestinians who need to rebuild their damaged infrastructure is another.

And so on.

Soon Title Owners will be forced to become Title Givers. I think my idea could begin the process... voluntarily!


It has happened before much closer to home in 1932: