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The Kids Are Alright In Denver


The Kids Are Alright In Denver

Proclaiming their district "can't put students first when they put teachers last" and "I'd rather be teaching but this is important," Denver teachers remain on strike against low pay, random bonuses and profit-driven “reform” that drives out many teachers. Many students rallied to the cause with walk-outs, sit-ins, pro-strike dance parties and joining picket lines; argued one, "We know the money is there - it’s just not going to those who need it."


As a public school teacher in an impoverished district in California–about 20% of our students are effectively homeless–we have a district administration that has made itself beholden to private sources which, as far as anyone can tell, is enriching the superintendent and board members only. Teachers haven’t had a raise in two years, (and what we did get prior was paltry to say the least, in one of the most expensive areas in the country), but there has been money to hire a PR firm for the “district”. So I, like the teachers and students in Denver, find it remarkable that there’s never any money for the people that need it the most.
Hang in Denver! I support you and maybe your courage will help our teachers and students find some inspiration in you and take charge ourselves.


Does anyone know when was the last time that there was a Secretary of Education who actually worked on improving education for both teachers and students? When was the last time that these government people spent money on the kid, the schools and the teachers? Without real education, we see the awful future just the way George Orwell wrote it : ( Memory holes seem to be cancerous,) : (