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The Kids Aren't All Right: The Child Soldiers of an American-Made Army in Africa


The Kids Aren't All Right: The Child Soldiers of an American-Made Army in Africa

Nick Turse

MALAKAL, South Sudan -- I didn’t really think he was going to shoot me. There was no anger in his eyes. His finger may not have been anywhere near the trigger. He didn’t draw a bead on me. Still, he was a boy and he was holding an AK-47 and it was pointed in my direction.

It was unnerving.

I don’t know how old he was. I’d say 16, though maybe he was 18 or 19. But there were a few soldiers nearby who looked even younger -- no more than 15.


Once again the ‘legacy’ of centuries of European colonization models for which the IMF and World Bank were developed, as in South and Central America, “externalized” in the terms of finance, are the historical roots in tandem with desertification. This is briefly sketched even in wikipedia for Sudan. The underlying narrative is apparently that what preceded colonization activity is to be dismissed and along with it the possibility of any other model that would actually hold ethnographic, ecological and social equilibrium as priority. No, the weapons manufacturers are seeing too rich a hey-day.

Since the 60s, major dam construction ostensibly for “irrigation”, implicitly alluded to in the article, now see mining vultures and ‘Displaced Persons Camps’ in continuing Africom agendas. International Rivers provides an overview of the poverty and imbalances with deadly consequences of what on the international level is a false perception of mega dams as benign “development”. They are power juggernauts with predictable militarization coat tails for globalization of ‘citizens united’ written into the process. Follow the money, follow the water.


Another case of “No good deed goes unpunished”. Cut the money off from these clowns. The entire continent is turning into an endless swamp of corruption.


AND WHO IS THE CORRUPTED? WHO IS IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL THIS CORRUPTION THROUGOUT THE CONTINENT? Who has ownership of the land and resources? Follow the money as mentioned previously.


I’m not backer of the CFR. But the following article makes it sound like Chinese supported, financed, weaponized and trained Khartoum, Sudan against the South Sudanese rebels. In words, the Sudan / South Sudan war almost sounds like it was a proxy war between China and the U.S? Could this be correct? http://www.cfr.org/china/china-africa/p9557

Also, it sounds like the people in many African countries hate the Chinese more than they hate the West?