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The Kids Have Had Enough


The Kids Have Had Enough

With evidence growing that prayer will not stop bullets from killing school children, the kids themselves are stepping up to be the grownups in the room and say the NRA and their fucking guns must go. Just down the road from the latest slaughter, they walked out of class and held livid, poignant signs declaring it's time to protect our kids, not their guns. The chorus swells. Vote all the blood-soaked lackeys out.


What a brilliant sad comment…rename schools as uterus so that the f’n Republithugs will care about children dying in them. And I love the check written for thoughts and prayers…as useless as the monsters in the republican Cabal…


The outrage and blunt rebuke by the children of this nation is growing and it might be the only thing that will get through the noise and excuses. Students should be marching and striking because we adults have allowed their lives to be in jeopardy. They count on us to keep them safe and we have failed them horribly. These school shootings are not isolated incidents, obviously. Eighteen school shooting in the first 6 weeks of 2018 shows this problem is both systemic in our nation and frighteningly out of control. Many of those students in the MSD High School and elsewhere will be voting at the end of this year and I am eager for their full exercise of citizen rights and responsibilities.


Make very sure the next candidate you vote for is anti NRA.


My Senator’s…McCain, over $17,000.00…Flake, over $11,000.00…bloody hands money from the NRA.

The kids in Washington state are taking the state to court over climate change. The same will soon apply to gun control, I hope, I dream. It is the kids that are effective against our government, not us “adults that vote”.


The kids are alright. Their energy and activism is the only thing that can defeat cowardly politicians and nullify the NRA’s poisonous message. In them must rest our hope for a better future which has solved this problem and others. These horrible incidents shape their outlook. I want to believe they will act.


The Gun Cult and the NRA likes to suggest the soultion to this problem is that the CHILDREN and or the TEACHERS should be packing guns.

These kids have more coomon sense then those idiots. Just because the children want to be safe from being killed while at school it does not follow that they want to KILL people in order to be safe.

The fucking gun cult crew , those same guys that play Mr Dressup in their Camo gear and shades as they pose with their weapons and strut around at “right to carry rallies” are the ones that need to grow up.


Good satire. Just asking: Why do the Republicans that back the NRA, condone the killing of children once they are born?


Yup. I wish I could take credit for that great quip about renaming schools as ‘uterus.’ It was one of the photos posted in tweets string.

Yea, in my pro-choice rants/letters, I’ve asked that question…why capital punishment, why war or invasion deployments, why no or little safety nets for poor children families, why cops with no training or common sense and even worse, bad aim, etc. Of course, no Republithug answers my letters on that.

I hope to hell that kids from across the nation…and world…will take up this gun crap and make it a big movement…then can join up with others like BLM. We’re not going to reach critical mass without “the yuge” coalition.


Disgusting language doesn’t help persuade me to your cause. It makes me feel assaulted by you. If you grew up cursing and swearing then please practice your bad manners in private, I don’t want to see or hear it!


“Rebels With a Cause”. Don’t let up, kids! Don’t stop! Let Righteous Civil Disobedience be your weapon!


Solidarity. Unity. Non-violence. Let the SUN in!


Archie, usually I try not to go ad hominem, but I think I’ll make an exception in your case. First of all, you shouldn’t need to be persuaded to this cause.

If your takeaway from this horror, this slaughter of our children, this ersatz war zone where they saw their helpless friends get shot, bleed …BLEED, as in red running, pooling BLOOD…out and die, where they feared for their own lives and were desperate to survive and to get ahold of their parents, where their trust in the adults to protect them was betrayed through just one maliciously armed person, where fear and pain convert to anger (a natural mammalian response, especially to the impotence of horrific trauma), and where any compassionate people are grieving deeply, where the grief is compounded by political intransigence…Archie1954, if your takeaway is self-righteous condemnation of one journalist who’s likely in shock for her using one cuss word which perfectly describes the depth of her frustration and shared pain, then you must have Pence’s ice running through your blood and you need a compassion and reality check.

If you’re not equally outraged at this horror, then you’re part of the problem.

On the possibility that you ARE outraged, then suspend the pious judgment and share your feelings here where they would be appreciated and supported in community.


Hey, J! I like that! Get bumper stickers made?


Oh I’m outraged alright for what seems like the hundredth time. I’m outraged because the corrupt cretins who inhabit Congress keep getting reelected. Now who is doing this electing? Why aren’t they interested enough to protect their own children by voting into Congress, those candidates who will actually do something positive to stop the carnage? Well what’s your answer to that question? I very much believe that in a democracy, you get the government you deserve. Are all of these constant massacres a symptom of the international disease that the US has spread throughout the World? You know the constant killing of humanity resident in any number of nations that simply won’t allow Washington to order them around! Is that the price you have to pay to be the monstrous nation that rules the World? Tell me, is it worth it?


There! That’s much better! We’re on the same page now! Aren’t we? I hope I’m not misunderstanding you.

This so-called democracy we’re in was imperfect, by design, from the get-go, and now with overwhelming media and Internet inundating users, I think it’s easy, but infuriating, to see how people can’t tell truth from fiction. Compound that with the decades-old failure of school systems to teach critical thinking skills instead of how to take standardized tests. Big money and powerful censors have infiltrated and severely compromised, if not corrupted, school boards, state education boards, and curriculum standards. Then compound all of that with the twisted sick spewing of Faux News and brethren and certifiably insane pundits…and it’s just no wonder that voters don’t vote or that they’re unable to think straight after being blindfolded and spun around.
I’m not excusing them; I’m just describing my take on them.

Because so few people vote and even fewer inform themselves first, I don’t believe we get the government we deserve. I sure the h*** don’t deserve what’s happening now and neither do most people I know.

Then compound all of that above with the huge money bribing and corrupting candidates and office holders. Don’t ask me what to do about the plethora of politicians who have no scruples or integrity. Baloney…most of them don’t even have brains.

Not worth it. You’re right. American hegemony and imperialism are filthy to the core. And most of us on CD feel pretty strongly about that. What to do about it? We’re collectively Sisyphus trying to push that boulder up the mountain… in the meantime, the planet is melting and wars are raging everywhere and millions are dying…

I post forever that I don’t know what it takes for wethepeople to reach critical mass and revolt. Either way, we die…under Nazism American style or from bullets, flash grenades, sound cannon, etc. fired at our ranks in rebellion. I’m open to other suggestions…

Maybe a tiny bit of hope? I understand 30+ elected seats have flipped from red to blue.

P.s. you never cuss? I’ve heard cussing can be good for you… :thinking::roll_eyes::rage:


Hum, I don’t know if cussing is good for you but it does serve a purpose. I cuss too;



“Death by unseen Drone” is allowed…all others are acts of terrorism against our children. Guns have to be taken out of the hands of governments. These children are the real adults in the room; there are no adults in our government (or in many others’ for that matter). I would like to see a general strike across this pathetic country. Then let the militarized local forces come out and demonstrate their prowess with “eye poison” and monstrous vehicles that most can’t even navigate properly.
Will our children have to take the lead to get this country (and the world’s) children the protection that we are all too cowardly to get for them because we value trinkets and beads over their lives???


AARRRRGGGHHH…paywall. I couldn’t open the link and don’t know how to circumvent those things…


I don’t know either, I think there is a certain number of articles you can access without a subscription; I will try this:

The Washington Post
Democracy Dies in Darkness

Why it’s a good sign if you curse a lot
By Ana Swanson December 22, 2015

A bigger vocabulary is a bigger vocabulary — no matter whether you are quoting Shakespeare or cursing like a sailor.

This is the takeaway from a study recently published in the journal Language Sciences, which finds that fluency in “taboo words” is correlated with having a larger vocabulary in general.

The finding goes against some prior research and much popular thinking that sees cursing as a defect. Researchers and authors have argued that people who curse a lot are lazy, have a more limited vocabulary, and lack education and self-control.

But the study by psychologists Kristin Jay of Marist College and Timothy Jay of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts suggests that at least one of these assumptions is wrong.

The researchers carried out three different studies to test how “general verbal fluency” – demonstrated in the study by people’s ability to come up with a long list of words starting with the letters “a,” “f,” and “s” – correlated with their ability to list “taboo words,” or common curses and slurs. As a control, they also had the test-takers list as many words related to animals as possible.

In the first study, they had participants speak all these words. In the second, they had them write them down. And in the third study, they had them write out the words again, but also take a personality test.

Overall, they found that people generally had the easiest time thinking of animal words, followed by the “a, f, s” test. People tended to think of far fewer taboo words overall, and there wasn’t a significant difference between men and women, as the chart below shows.

“Taboo word fluency and knowledge of slurs and general pejoratives: deconstructing the poverty-of-vocabulary myth,” Kristin L. Jay, Timothy B. Jay

But their findings also revealed that those who were able to think of more animal words and more words beginning with “a,” “f,” or “s” were also able to think of more taboo words. And those who thought of fewer words in the first two categories also thought of fewer in the third.

These findings suggest the idea that “fluency is fluency,” as the researchers write. People who could recall a lot of bad words also tended to be more eloquent in general. In other words, swearing is not necessarily a sign that a person has a limited vocabulary or can’t think of anything better to say.

So what is it a sign of? The researchers don’t say definitively, but their personality test sheds some light on the question. In the third study, they gave their subjects the so-called “Big Five Inventory” test commonly used by psychologists, which measures five personality traits – openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

They found that those who cursed more showed more neuroticism (a tendency toward anger, anxiety and depression) and openness to new experience as personality traits. They were also less agreeable, meaning they valued getting along with other less, and less conscientious, meaning they had lower levels of self-discipline. Unlike some previous studies, they didn’t find a relationship with how religious people were.

According to the researchers, the findings suggest that swearing is mostly a vehicle for expressing strong emotion – anger, frustration, derogation, surprise and elation – among people who care less about who they might offend. Cursing is an intense, succinct and powerful way of expressing yourself, even if some people find it unpleasant.

And in order to use bad words appropriately, people still have to understand nuanced distinctions about language, the paper says. As such, cursing isn’t a sign of a limited vocabulary at all. Past research has shown that when people are really at a loss for words, they tend to say things like “er” or “um,” rather than cursing. Other studies have shown that college students are more likely to use curse words, and that this group tends to have a larger vocabulary than the population in general.

“A voluminous taboo lexicon may better be considered an indicator of healthy verbal abilities rather than a cover for their deficiencies,” the researchers write.

This idea may be growing in popularity among psychologists and linguists, but it’s still pretty limited in popular culture. As the study says, past literature has shown that people also tend to have more negative views about those that swear.

For example, research has shown that people believe those who swear to have lower social status and intelligence. Other studies have shown that police who use profanity are thought to be less fair, and counselors who swear are seen as less effective.

So before you start cursing up a storm, take note that not everyone will be impressed with your expansive vocabulary.

Ana Swanson covers the economy, trade and the Federal Reserve.
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