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The Killer-in-Chief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/30/killer-chief


Trump’s 2016 campaign mantra that “I can shot somebody dead on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight and not lose one vote” is the understatement of the century.

Trump,Moscow Mitch and their organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP already have blood on their hands for the deaths of tens of thousands yet polls this week give Trump a 44% approval rating.

When I worked in Germany three decades after Hitler’s demise a significant minority of Germans’only beef with Hitler was that he lost the war, just one more confirmation, like Guyana and Waco, that few members ever leave a cult, staying with it until the bitter end.

If Yogi Berra were still alive he would be observing “its deja vu all over again”.


As one who has been through Covid-19 already, I am anxious to see robust models of how many others are in the same boat. I know that the antibody testing has been a train wreck as has so much of this whole process, so such models will not be supported by the data I would prefer as a scientist/engineer. Those of us who had symptoms that crossed a threshold at which a confidence of contagion could be assured are, if like me, itching to get back out there–however, those who are informed know that bringing a strong second wave doesn’t solve anything. One major problem is that the problem is not homogeneous. Peoria doesn’t act like New Orleans, etc. One size does not fit all, but our media pundits suggest otherwise. Trump suggests otherwise because it is all about him 24/7 and he knows if there aren’t fireworks on the 4th nor NFL in the fall he is absolutely done. You can watch the rusty gears in his orange head turn as he speaks these days. Hell, sometimes I think I can hear them, especially over Biden’s deafening silence.


Just to pick up on your last point–in his defense, SENILE “Uncle Joe” Bye-Done (R-VISA) is obviously smarter than Drumpf, who self-incriminated on Lester Holt when Trump confessed to firing James Comey out of self-interest. I say this because at least Bye-Done does what good, GUILTY defendants do–they listen to their lawyers’ advise NOT TO SAY ANYTHING (re: Tara Reade’s ACTIVE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT for SEXUAL ASSAULT by “Uncle Joe.” /s


Don is getting away with a (much-larger) variation on “I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue…”
Just what entities are going to be able to remove him? It is close to insane that he’s being allowed to seek a second (and then, possibly third) term.


Hi chapdrum:

At a certain point, and the world is getting closer to that point , the deaf and blind and deluded Trump supporters will realized that they have been played. This will possibly happen when someone close to them dies of Covid 19----which Trump said----way back when—was a hoax. And, as the news shows, age does not seem to be the main event for deaths now. Reading of the 5 year old with the imploding brain----or the people in their 30s who have blood clots and strokes. Delay and blame do not a president make, and when the Trumpeters finally wake up—there will be rage against the Trump machine.


If this doesn’t do it, likely nothing else will.
Then again, Don’s party has an impeccable record of evading responsibility, e.g., Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al.
Fingers crossed.

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“there are more important things than living.”
That statement by Governor, Patrick sums up the fascist, Republican, Party. To them profits are more important than people. Amerika now has a transparent Fascist Party called the Republican Party!

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Both parties are rabid Capitalist parties and fund trickle-down corporate bailouts instead of direct benefits or money to citizens. No MFA, GND or UBI for you and it doesn’t matter how many Americans or people in the rest of the world die.

However there was a lot of disagreement and cautiousness amongst Epidemiologists in early March. Fauci is well regarded by both Republicans and Democratic administrations going back to Reagan. In a sense, Fauci’s role was to be a conduit for the combined opinions of Epidemiologists.

Up until Feb 29, Fauci was saying no need to change lifestyle yet:

Until March 9, Fauci was focused on protecting the elderly and immunocompromised:

On March 11, Fauci recommended cancelling large gatherings:

Trump made Fauci the de-facto head of his Coronavirus Task force. Did Fauci rise to power by being a great politician and play into the hands of whichever administration was in power?

Trump has been trying to blame the W.H.O. for not telling the U.S. how and when to react. Very obtuse! The U.S. has more financial power to deal with pandemics than all other countries combined. (That’s primarily due to the U.S. dollar being the reserve and primary trading currency of the world.)