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The Killers Inside Us: White Fury and the Thin Blue Line

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/04/killers-inside-us-white-fury-and-thin-blue-line


Jimmy Dore linked to a video of a woman calmly asking a Police officer, outfitted in full riot gear and carrying a club words to the effect of “what are you going to do to us”. The people were peacefully protesting.

The cop replied “we are going to beat the crap out of you.”

Later video showed the cops beating the crap out of people.




And half of the US thinks that’s AWESOME. Another 10% don’t really care. Another 25% do care, but not enough for it to interfere with their shopping . Another 10% are honestly confused and tune in to the MSM to find out what they should think.


Mr. Eskow hits it out of the park and clears the the bases, too. Compressing 75 years of our collective past, using everyman pulp fictions, in this very personal process, too. The " skull behind the face " is particularly good, since even the poorest among us can afford a high quality but still reasonably priced mirror. Hope yours didn’t fracture in the pandemic while protesting.
As someone growing up in a small community, who had 5 males who served in combat zones in WWII, this Eskow article gets to it. I’m personally still processing, why as a close knit bunch of family members/citizen soldiers, these dudes were so very stoic and disinterested in telling " war stories “, to all the young, and no so young, ones.
Those guys were also masters at changing the subject, or using an aside, to the other gathered around adults, " little ( water ) pitchers have big ears ( handles )”. End of discussion for now, in other words. The wives and sisters of these men always seemed relieved when this particular subject got dropped, as well. Surprising? Hardly.
" Can we talk about something else, please? "
I’m with Eskow on this question. We have been and can continue talks about something else. But, for how long? The " skull behind the face " is still in the American mirror; the Empire’s mirror pretty much, as well.
On the other hand there’s always, " forget about it Jake, it’s Chinatown. " How’s that bit of pulp fiction working out for us these days? Just asking for a friend, of course.


Another good read is by Lee Camp entitled, 18 ( 19 ) Facts About the Police …, Blow Your Mind something along those header lines, anyway. He’s funny in a good way, the facts about the policing of America is not, in any way. More facts and stats that make you cringe.
Made a correction.

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. . . and, meanwhile, just about everyone pays the bill for it–and on time, by God!

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I really take exception to your #s. Trump was elected (?) with about 23% of the eligible voters. His approval #s are down from his election #s of 3 1/2 yrs ago, by about 7-9%.
So, how do you arrive at your 1/2 and 10% …etc.? What else do you pull out of your_____ ( fill in the blank. )? Ah, sorry, don’t answer that.


Globally, policing is brutal and we are aware that the tactics of one country’s crack down on peaceful protesters are mimicked quickly by those of others and has been so since the inception of policing one’s own country’s citizens never mind the policing of other states through wars. It has only become more visible through modern technologies. One of the the biggest mistakes this century has been the illegal war against Iraq after decades of destabilizing it by the greed of the oily barons who wanted to steal its oil.

The war against another country unable to defend itself was the perpetually invaded country of Afghanistan caused an increase in recruitment for the military services. The desperation for more bodies to throw at these devastated countries in service of corporate interests had the military branches accepting known racists skin-heads, para-militarists and any other individuals so inclined. Once they left the military after their tours of “duty,” the police departments around America (and here in Canada too) were all too happy to recruit these brutal groups into their organizations. Nothing like inviting disaster in the future, making an already bad situation worse. As always, reaping what is sown.

As an addendum, the whole theory of humankind always being at war and killing is slowly being debunked through advancing technologies in the field of cultural anthropology. It would appear that hunter/gatherers were seasonally nomadic but highly egalitarian within the groups. Even the later groups of pastoralists who drove their small herds of domesticated animals were also more egalitarian with little time to make wars. Both groups concentrated more on obtaining foodstuffs and fairly safe environmental milieus for survival. Had they not, there wouldn’t be a human race because apart from predators hunting them, and changing environmental occurrences such as droughts and floods, killing each other on top of that would have decimated any future for this group of mammals.


Mr. Eskow gets my vote for best article today.


Bullet the blue sky

The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted-D H Lawrence from his review of James Fenimore Cooper’s Deerslayer.
US has a long, long history of killing, whether of fellow humans or animals. We started with Indigenous peoples, then hunted various species to extinction(passenger pigeon) and others to near extinction(bison)
Then there’s the problem with a failure to tell the truth. If someone has something another wants, well, you can count on being ripped off, one way or another.
US embodies the seven deadly sins in spades. And has never said Mea Culpa. Instead, it’s…oh, I didn’t realize this would happen(American innocence)
What’s next? Who knows? Stay tuned.


agreed, seemed rather sweeping but incomplete. WE sure have enough of that these days.

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Eskow or Camp? Both writers made their point, I thought. Anyway, so much is happening, and as cynical as I get, I just can’t seem to keep up.
BTW- I really like Lily Tomlin, too. Short Cuts and Nashville, Raymond and Robert, were both very interesting fellows. R U a fan?

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The same thing is going on with the police kneeling with protestors. The cops get the photo op, then less than an hour later, they beat the same protestors they knelt with. The only one who seems to be sincere is the sheriff in MI. Dore has vids on this also.

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I’ve had it with humans. Staying in lockdown forever. A failed species, this, – with not enough worthy exceptions. It’s a wiring problem. Perhaps genetic engineering IS the answer. Depends what kind, though.

If you’re focused on the numbers, you would have missed the point no matter what numbers I used.

The half comes from recent approval ratings for Trump. As for the others, my point, and you should have been able to read this from the rather bitter description of the other groups, is that even most of the “good guys” have an excuse for not caring enough to actually want the race war not to happen.

Furthermore, American culture is designed to lull us into accepting whatever dystopia a fascist autocrat will throw at us. So the extreme overload of shopping, MSM and the other nonsense we busy ourselves so that we barely even respond to a race war has helped to make the race war inevitable. Addressing these social and technological narcotics and the culture that has made them so important is a necessary part of addressing fascism.

Shopping? Really? You hang out with different folks than I do. Buying groceries is a big deal for a lot of them. Rent, utility bills isn’t shopping, imo.
Though, I’ll grant you that lots of Americans with extra cash are desperately seeking distractions; hence, the gambling, the drugs, sex and rock’n’roll lifestyle pursued by 87 yr. old men like H. Hefner is " glamorized " on TV by the MSM. And, we wonder why Trumpster the Humpster got to be POTUS? Why Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein get to be so lethal and predatory, yet grown men and women are drawn to them like moths to the flame.
Real heroes are still hard to find, as always. However, that doesn’t give you the right to fudge the #s. Got to go, it’s the D-Day Anniversary and my mind drifts to remembering a bunch of citizen/soldier/heroic good guys who weren’t " glamorized " by the MSM for winning the war. That prestige is reserved for a Gen. MacArthur type, a known lover of authoritarians, and neos of all stripes.

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Most important, all cops need to be required to take rigorous non-violence training s so they acknowledge the mindsets that trigger their split-second actions


Because of the prevalence of that kind of “hyperbole for effect,” I am reading fewer articles on this web site, and even fewer of the comments, and adding my own comments sparingly.