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The Kind of Coronavirus Response Package We Need

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/20/kind-coronavirus-response-package-we-need

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Let’s face facts here, all we are going to get is whatever satisfies IQ45’s latest synaptic tic regarding his perceived reelection chances–nothing else matters to the self-absorbed man-baby. His focus is most certainly on the stock market, given his past boastings. He is a one-trick pony and although he inherited the trick he claimed it for his own until the “Chinese” virus took it from him. The forecast calls for more chaos. We need an aware adult at the helm.
BERNIE 2020!


Sanders’ campaign is promoting a very logical way of means testing recipients, that will cause no delay in payments. Give payments to everyone. Then amend the income tax rates so that wealthy people will have to return their payment.


Same old warmed over neoliberal Democratic crap.

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I imagine that in this stock market crash a number of that 1 percent including the worlds wealthiest have “lost” hundreds of billions in Net Worth. Where did that money go to? Did it ever really exist? Imagine had that hundreds of billions in “losses” (which will be written off on future tax returns) been distributed to all the people instead in the way of cheques which they could use to pay rent, buy groceries and the like or had it been invested in a proper health care system.

What the US Government is trying to do is prop up the value of Stocks. As illustrated above this is “illusory” wealth and is really not doing anything for the people. Tax cuts and added liquidity as policy to ensure Corporations stock prices are protected does little to nothing for the 99 percent that a cheque given directly to them would not do.


OK, what is missing from this article - well he covered testing, check, but it will take some time to put together a ton of testing equipment just to get samples - which will sit around until we get enough facilities to actually DO the tests - we need to ramp that up, no doubt, but in the meantime we need - more MASKS! This is not rocket science, and making them isn’t either. We could set up in just about every community some mask making facilities - would they be “top of the line”? maybe not, but they don’t need to be, all they need to do is inhibit a virus that is spread through respiratory exposure, of the type that hospital personnel wear - we can have instructions on how to put them on properly. We could churn them out lickety-split in many communities by folks who certainly could use a job right now, and EVERYONE should wear one - so by the time we get around to getting our testing act in gear, a lot fewer folks would test positive …

In a war it has been said “for want of a nail a shoe was lost, for want of a shoe a horse was lost, for want of a horse, etc. etc …a war was lost and all for the loss of a nail” I would posit in this war, the “nail” is - a mask

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Trump’s popularity is on a major upswing…

Amazon is hiring -----why aren’t these fulfillment centers shut down???Are there more than 10people in a building??? Fox business was cheering that all this extra retail space will finally go away—they are using the virus to create a tighter police state----they are going after the internet right now. How has this spread so quickly around the world??? Why wasn’t China shut down the minute we knew about the virus??? This isn’t just a failure on Trumps part-----it’s a failure of world to care about real issues.

“The coronavirus doesn’t distinguish between rich and poor.”

Seriously? That phrase means nothing with climate catastrophe, and it means nothing with coronavirus. Rich people have all the treatment they need and virtually none will die unless they’re both stupid and arrogant. The majority of people in the US are barely making it. Poor people continue to go to work where they’re allowed, because they have to, and can’t afford treatment anyway. If they’re forced to stay home, most will survive for less than a month without help with food, rent, and utilities. Enough aid has to be provided to anyone who needs it to make it all way through or we could suffer the worst depression since the 1930s, at least. Will Hoover II do that?

Progress toward sustainability has to not only continue but drastically speed up or any recovery–if it happens–will be short.

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The ONLY consistent and honest candidate in this whole rigged primary circus.
The ONLY politician to publicly give Cuba any credit for any of the good things
it has done. The ONLY candidate who cares about PEOPLE more than
Corpoations and their shareholders. America is on the verge of rejecting
precisely what it needs the most.


Here is the nickle’s worth of an MS-suttering baby boomer:
h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCpkZ7NSgAY