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The Kindness of Strangers: Today's Refugees in Hungary and My Family During WWII

The Kindness of Strangers: Today's Refugees in Hungary and My Family During WWII

Zoltán Grossman

Hungary is becoming the Arizona of Europe. It is the main country where war refugees and other immigrants first set foot in the North—in this case the contiguous states of the European Union. Just like in the American Southwest, immigrants are dying in sweltering trucks, officials are erecting border walls and detention camps, and far-right hate groups are targeting the immigrants as a threat to national identity.

That your father escaped the Nazi’s and their goons the Arrow Cross is truly remarkable. Even in times of evil there are always a few good people.

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So the Hungarian government has made it illegal for Hungarian citizens to personally help those in need?

Kindness can never be illegal.

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Sorry Mr.Grossman, Hungarians have already been assigned the role of bad guy, so you’ll get no posts here. That, and having a father that escaped the Holocaust…which you drew unfortunate parallels to being worse than the Isrealis,treatment of the Palestinians… will earn you no respect around this place. Yeah, it’s stupid and it sucks…

Thank you for the moving and beautiful accounting and where the lines between past and present converge. And thank you for pointing out that what A People say, feel, and do is not the same thing as govt. policy.

This paragraph shows how media works to set up uniform/uniformity frames. These discount The Voice of The People:

This pro-refugee solidarity has gone largely unreported in the western media, which focuses entirely on the intransigence of the Hungarian government. Now the government has implemented a state of emergency along the Serbian border, enforced with razor wire and tear gas, along with a new law criminalizing both border-crossers and Hungarian citizens who offer them aid. Veronika Kozma, a co-founder of the MigSzol Csoport (Migrant Solidarity Group of Hungary), reiterated that “many, many Hungarians do not agree with the government’s actions and policies, which violate the rights of both refugees and citizens.”

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As someone graced by the friendship of your mother and father, I am not surprised at your insightful commentary on this sadly recurring human tragedy. Thanks for sharing this with us. And keep on trucking. Richard Young

In a world filled with so much darkness and cruelty , this article is a ray of light and hope .