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The King’s Man: Blinken’s Appointment Reassures Israel that Little Will Change under Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/02/kings-man-blinkens-appointment-reassures-israel-little-will-change-under-biden

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Well, there goes my appetite… Apartheid sucks!

What’s “baffling” about charlatans focused on their own self interest acting on it, the suffering of those they “lead” be damned?

The Arab-Israeli conflict will only ever be solved when both sides realize that there’s equal blame to go around, and when the double standards are abandoned. Sadly, it seems that no one on either side ever seems to see it that way. Politicians on both sides make hay by perpetuating the conflict, and they should all be damned for that.

Maybe a little feet to the fire action might change this?

hahahahaha. Yeah, I’m totally kidding.

Just another day at the neoliberal office.

Biden does NOT intend to return to the previous JCPOA.

He has stated that he wants two changes.

He wants some restrictions increased and extended farther and

he intends to include the Saudis and the UAE in “negotiations.”

The needless inclusion of these two flagrant predators into the mix is a extension

of Trump-ian sabotaging and is another clear signal that Biden and Bibi prefer the

nastier agents of Middle East fundamentalist horrors.

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