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The Knife in Iran’s Back: Trump Reinstates Sanctions, Opening the Door to Chaos in Asia and Europe


The Knife in Iran’s Back: Trump Reinstates Sanctions, Opening the Door to Chaos in Asia and Europe

Vijay Prashad

On Tuesday night, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani went on television to talk about the reinstatement of sanctions by the United States against his country. He prepared the country for more privations as a result of the sanctions. Responding to Trump’s offer for a meeting, Rouhani said pointedly, “If you stab someone with a knife and then say you want to talk, the first thing you have to do is to remove the knife.”


Sanctions have NOTHING to do with Iran and its type of Government. They are all about ensuring that Saudi and now American Oil and Gas are purchased instead of Iranian and Russian Oil and Gas in order to benefit Western based Oil Multinationals. The Government of the United States of America is being “run like a business” for the benefit of the largest Corporations and the 1 percent. That is its purpose. It has been like that since the Country founded.


Just to add. This is the reality of what goes on. An Indian Company is buying US Crude rather then Iranian Crude. This means several hundred Millions more to the Exxons of the World instead of an Iranian firm.

This is how the USA promotes “business as usual” Buy “made in the USA” or die. It called “The Free Market”

If Iran was a US Puppet like the Saudis are they could blow up school buses full of children and the US would not care.


Zip up Trump, your Bolton is showing.


Is there any nation that America has not put a knife into at some point in the relationship? Reading world and American history makes me think that “knifing” is the way America has always operated. Although, now that America is running out of nations to inflict its “democracy” on--------it seems like many in the ME are saying, Sorry , we signed an agreement, ( like the Iranian one) and your American whim has no clout anymore. I think that would be a good thing, for this nation to clean up its own government instead of spending time and money on the destruction of others and the planet. : (.


Suggested Theme Song for Lady “Liberty”:


I think it is way past time for the rest of this tortured world to call a halt to this insanity. The whole world should boycott this nation. No trade, no tourism, no nothing. Total BDS! This nation should be recognized as a global pariah, and shunned.
*It will be hard on We the People, but since we cannot seem to get it together, even to save children from vultures, we probably deserve what we get, but this criminal government has got to go, and crooked elections are not doing the trick.


“one of whose senior officials was found guilty of violation of the U.S. sanctions on Iran by a court in the United States earlier this year”

By what feat of logic is anyone outside the US, a citizen of and living in a foreign country bound by US law? Of course, they’re not. “being found guilty” is inappropriate language, “guilt”; has nothing to do with it: The “ioreign official”; is absolutely entitled to trade with Iran regardless of any law the US may make, and for that matter, regardless of any law any other country acting alone may make.

Of course, the same applies to us. U.S. citizens, here in the US, outside of Turkey, and not doing business in Turkey have no need to concern themselves with and comply with Turkish dress codes, or file tax returns there, or study up on laws they intended to have extra-territorial effect. . Or, maybe each year we should all get legal advice and consult 195 lawyers, one from each country on earth, just to make sure what we’re doing, or not doing, is legal. After all, if foreigners have to comply with our laws, it’s only fair that we should all comply with all of their laws


Hi WiseOwl and thank yo for the music and the lesson. - it seems we went from the Marshall Plan with a helping hand, and morphed into a cold blooded statue with knife -like stilettos…wow.
The seems about right, but it’s amazing to me that that bloodied stiletto knifer is still working .Although I also recently read that China told the US Navy to back off of its South China Seas island. Well China has thousands of years of Sun Tzu practice on their side , and we’ve gone from the Bully Pulpit to plain old bully actions. : (


Yes, Sun Tzu’s wisdom will be used against the United Stakes of Arrogance. Count on it.


Donald Trump withdrew from the Iran Deal but had talks with Kim. Iran & other Mideast nations should have WMD’s to keep their enemies out. It is a good thing NK has WMD’s to keep its enemies out. Foreign companies doing business with Iran should boycott the USA, Israel & other nations that object to them trading with Iran.


“This means several hundred Millions more to the Exxons of the World instead of the Iranian government”

FIFY-you’re welcome