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The Koch Brothers Are Bankrolling Local Efforts to Kill American Public Transit


The Koch Brothers Are Bankrolling Local Efforts to Kill American Public Transit

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The oil baron billionaires Charles and David Koch are bankrolling astroturf campaigns across the United States to kill investment in public transit, according to a "must-read" investigation published Tuesday by the New York Times.


The Koch Brothers and their “Americans for Insincerity” all need to be buried with their precious oil.

“Keep Them In The Ground.”


But meanwhile, as much as they talk about liking public transit and walkability, one will never see any of our city’s invading young tech-millennials riding the bus. Only lowlifes and losers and retards ride the bus! Instead you will see their cars parked with two wheels up on the sidewalk - often sometimes totally blocking it on the narrow streets. The are afraid of getting sideswiped, you see.


You should see my old office. Step sides that sit in parking lots, shiny and well cleaned, 5 days a week. Nobody wants to scuff their massive truck!


We need elected officials that will write and sign laws requiring the oil and gas industry to develop mass transit systems powered by renewable energy. I nominate the Kock Brothers to be the primary funder of mass transit across this country. I mean really if these boys can’t keep their gold plated oil dripping pee pees in their pants then we must have laws requiring a locked zipper.


Public transit research and development is essentially dead. The best advances of the last 200 years were the cowcatcher (not used anymore), the air brake and self-coupling railroad cars, all 19th century inventions.

The private automobile isn’t that efficient, not at rush hour in NYC, LA or DC it isn’t, and it kills 40,000 people a year and maims many more, but it has a century of innovative little gadgets attached to it. That’s a major cost of no R&D.


The best part of the article, “David Koch served as chair of Americans for Prosperity until hestepped down from his political and business roles earlier this month due his DECLINING HEALTH.”


Having lived in Amsterdam, Vancouver, and Berlin where you absolutely don’t need a car to get around town or in the case of Amsterdam and Berlin, to get around the continent, I feel sad that America is addicted to cars, roads, and the infernal combustion engine.
The amount of pollution, wasted time and money, road rage, gridlock and other insanity generated by car culture is astounding.
However, as with the war industries, the infernal combustion vehicle, gasoline, petroleum, and road building/maintenance industries call the shots.
Our country is backwards and feral. An armed madhouse.


Let us hope his health, and the health of all earth-destroyers, declines to the point where he ceases to breathe.


Expanding mass transit is a major goal in the fight against global warming. The Koch brothers have decided it is in their interest in achieving their libertarian goals to deny global warming and try to undermine efforts to address it. They have attempted to end the cap and trade program in the northeast through political means and the courts but largely failed although Cris Christie did withdraw New Jersey from the program. This effort to stop mass transit is reminiscent of what General Motors when it destroyed the LA mass transit system in order to sell more cars. The only difference is the Koch brothers are largely driven by ideology while GM was driven by corporate greed. Although increased demand for fossil fuel doesn’t hurt the Kock brother’s bottom line when it comes to profits.


The Kochs also are trying to kill electric cars. Electric cars are 4 times more energy efficient and can run on pure sunshine. Solar rays cannot be embargoed or taxed and a few solar panels will recharge your electric car with free solar energy for 30 years or more.


Wow, I think I had you all wrong. Touche!


Looks like at least one of them will be in the ground soon. He’s very sick.


Maybe that is why one of them is so sick- now we can only hope for the end to hasten quickly.


And take his family with him.


They should be taxed into oblivion.


People in cities in other parts of the world might not recognize what you are saying while they are riding in comfortable, extensive and fast mass transit.


Yes, but these are not stepsides - they are smaller cars but they are moving into parts of the city which were built for walking and public transit with maybe only 50 percent of the homes having a car at all. Their density and walkability being their whole appeal to the yuppies). Picture follows:

(Neat - you can even navigate the Google street view…)


Interesting. Didn’t realize that.


And the parked cars seem to be much better “behaved” (not parked on the sidewalks) than normal - presumably because it is in the middle of a weekday and the cars are currently downtown - even though a bus runs downtown (only 10 min away) every 10 minutes from near where this pic was taken.

Here the google mobile caught my wife on one of our electric motor scooters: