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The Koch Brothers' Dirty War on Solar Power


The Koch Brothers' Dirty War on Solar Power

Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone

fter decades of false starts, solar power in America is finally poised for its breakthrough moment. The price of solar panels has dropped by more than 80 percent since President Obama took office, and the industry is beginning to compete with coal and natural gas on economics alone.


That is absolutely shocking!! Any links would be appreciated. What justifications did the lawmakers give?

You have definitely come to the main issue here, which is energy storage and not generation. Solar power is generated mostly in only some of the daytime hours, and in cloudy weather hardly at all. Backup from the grid is highly desirable, unless we are willing to put up without power sometimes.


Solar City (also owned by Elan Musk) gave me the chance to put solar on my roof in NM. Yes, we may be the "turd on the punch bowl", but last month I paid PNM $5.70. It's a process, man.


The Walton family owns large scale solar generation company First Solar and is lobbying in many states (along with the Kochs) to extort money from small scale rooftop solar owners for net metering. Just as the Waltons created a monopoly with their Walmart brand, they will monopolize solar. I don't know if the ploy is to for them to eventually abandon solar to give fossil fuel plants an advantage.


Are power companies being forced to buy or power or are they purchasing the right to say "we produced this clean electricity and now we've met our goal of producing x% clean energy by the year 2xxx?" I thought it was the latter but I'm probably wrong. The two might be separate.


If you're not going out of your way to boycott the Koch brothers and by extension all corporate members of ALEC and telling you're friends and family to do the same then you don't care enough.

If you have a smart phone a great app to help with this is "buycott." Simply scan a product and it tells you much more than you can read on a label.


Two things the people that sell us fossil fuels do not want to happen: A direct tax on carbon and decentralization of energy production, i.e. wind and solar.


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I have used solar for about 10 years, and I love it! No electricity bills! So it does not surprise me that the Koch Roach Brothers are doing there usual greed to stop it in Florida.


Bring out the pitchforks!


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What is to be done? We are in a climate emergency. We have to find the fastest way to shift to solar & wind power. We are in luck.
The California PUC just ruled that Utilities must now pay homeowners $0.15 kwh for solar.
Maine requires Utilities to pay $0.33 kwh.
This opens the door for people to build 100-panel solar homes, to be paid $2,000. a month for solar. Several of us in Solar Justice are each now building 100-panel solar homes.

This will create millions of jobs that cannot be off-shored and build new state-wide solar-grids connecting these new homes. This will create enough solar energy to ban fracking & shut down all nukes. Exactly as is being done in Germany & Japan.
Japan requires Utilizes to pay $0.53 kwh for solar. Germany is using solar to ban fracking & shut down all nukes. This strategy makes oil unnecessary.

We can now power every home with solar. Every town. Even the whole states of California, Maine, Japan & Germany.
This is the dawning of the Age of Solar. We no longer need to use fossil fuels or nukes.
Join the debate, Thur 2-18, #1 Embarcadero, Landmark Theater, 7pm. SF


Thanks for the explanation. I imagine if that was the case the negotiated price for RECs would probably rise significantly.


Agree that your proposals are important and need to happen but the single biggest difference an individual can make to their climate change contributing pollution is going vegan. How much does one care about the prospects of future generations.


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Sorry, armybrat, none of that is true. alligatorhardt has it right but is being polite and downplaying how wrong you are.

Nukes kill twice as many birds per kWh, and fossil fuels kill 17 times more per kWh; both kill many other kinds of plants and animals and have literally millions of times worse effects on humans, being the main cause of toxic mercury in the world, as well as cadmium, lead, particulates, smog and other pollution, accidents and diseases from mining and other exposure. In all, civilization kills hundreds of thousands of times more birds, and wind has gotten and is getting better and better through better design and siting. Cats, buildings. cars, pesticides and other ag, habitat loss here and at the other end of their migrations...

The number of wild animals is less than half what it was 50 years ago and thousands of species are in imminent danger of extinction, not even counting the millions of species threatened by climate catastrophe. As far as accidents in the wind industry, despite many lies about it from the Koch-Exxon-ALEC et al anti-renewables campaigns, in the last few decades 12 people worldwide have been killed in relation to construction and all other phases of the industry, 8 of them in China. Meanwhile, tens of millions have been killed by coal, oil and gas and probably hundreds by nuclear, especially by the lingering effects of TMI, Chernobyl, Fukushima, tritium and other leaks, etc. Meanwhile, multiple studies have shown that wind has entirely beneficial effects.

There's no reason not to require public utilities to buy available power from personal and small business generators and very good reasons to do it. Other utilities should be public; we've seen what catastrophe we're led into when we allow corporations to profit from supplying necessities. We have to dramatically revise many things about our lives now; our idea of what a utility is, how it works and how and where we get our power are among them.


I happen to think it does matter what I think. You, not so much, because you weren't telling us what other people believe, you were telling us falsehoods about wind. Now you're telling us you weren't telling us what you were telling us. It's impossible to tell what you're thinking let alone decide whether it matters.

In fact, in many places conservatives are taking pro-renewable energy positions, fighting the Koch-Exxon-ALEC et al. anti-renewables campaigns regardless of what Fox says.