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The Koch Brothers & Trump: The Men Who Sold the World


The Koch Brothers & Trump: The Men Who Sold the World

Richard Eskow

When he withdrew from the Paris climate agreement, Donald Trump gave a speech so filled with falsehoods that it triggered detailed rebuttals by publications ranging from Politifact to Scientific American.


Impeaching Trump repudiates the Republican Party and their corrupt agenda. People should fight for our democracy and by doing so, they ensure that they will have a voice when climate change hits the fan and all hell starts breaking loose.

Impeach Trump and you impeach the oligarchy he and the Repubs are installing over our democracy!


Protest what injustice we know should not continue.
Also Propose what we should do instead as well.
(propose even more than protest)
The papers are signed.
The NW Columbia River Basin is now a sacrifice zone for our military.
And for those who profit from fuel oil consumption distribution worldwide.
But shouldn't we know what distributed energy ​can do, or how the EV becomes a portable power supply, or how market-based Uber would own robocar EVs and leave whole neighborhoods of households without a backup supply in emergency?


But . . .  But . . .  'Flea –   Impeaching Trump and repudiating the RePooplican Party REQUIRES the RePoop- lican Party to do so. They control the House of Representatives, and ONLY the House of Representatives can put forth a Bill of Impeachment. Besides, if an impeachment is successful and Tweetle-Dumb is removed from office then V.P. Pence will become President Pence and much of the disarray that is currently obstructing the RePooplican agenda will cease, allowing Ryan & McConnell and their far-right ideologue cronies to carry out their nefarious plans unimpeded by the confusion caused by midnight tweets from the Malevolent Master of
the Maelstrom.   OTOH, the obfuscation resulting from 'RussiaGate' IS allowing the RePooplican Senate to move ahead with little notice and no oversight . . .

And I do agree with the essence of Eskow's post:  Democracy Chokes on T.E.A. with Kochs!


The Kochs have been at their evil deeds for a very long time, but
have somehow escaped publicity. (A little help from the press?)
Every time we talk about them, every time we watch documentaries about them,
list their plethora of environmental violations, puts them in the light and
they've been doing some PR lately to improve their image. Won't
work. Pandora's Box is opening wider and wider and...
Enjoy this documentary on the evil Twins: