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The Kochs Are Ghostwriting America’s Story


The Kochs Are Ghostwriting America’s Story

Michael Winship

Gather round for the word of the day: metanarrative. Definitions vary but let’s say it’s one big narrative that connects the meaning of events to a belief thought to be an essential truth, the storytelling equivalent of the unified field theory in physics.


It is evident at the corruption in our country that the Koch family, now down to these two disgustingly criminal traitors are not in prison or hung for treason by now. Having a family that has roots in Nazis, Elsa Koch their aunt and their being allowed to re-enter this country after being kicked out of Russia for stealing from the Russian government, they were banned from doing business in America for treasonous activities but their money bought them a way out, only to come back after WW2 crimes against humanity and their Russian criminal activities, they bribe politicians here again and have been trying to destroy America again ever since. If there is a hell, this family deserves to go there for all the evil they do and the constant massive scale of crimes they commit on a daily basis. The Koch brothers are as American as North Korea.


I just received Nancy Mayer's "Dark Money" and intend to read it this week.

In any event, I critiqued this comment by Ms. Klein when it was printed on C.D. (as per a lecture she gave) a few days ago:

“So what is the progressive metanarrative? Who funds it? Who is working on changing ideas that can say, ‘Actually, when we pool our resources, when we work together, we can do more and better than when we only act as individuals.’ I don’t think we value that.”

Ms. Klein forgets that it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for most rich persons to part with their money. Why, then, would they fund think tanks or a Progressive Narrative that would be based on sharing, i.e. based on inclining them (morally, legally, or politically) to share more of the wealth they've managed to engineer to the top of the fiduciary pyramid over recent decades?

It's plausible that with Mr. Sanders attracting a major Progressive support system, that such a network could ideally fund a think tank or two that promote wholly Progressive themes.

But let's be real here: the entire mechanism from media (owned by corporate interests who also belong to the 1%) to the Congress (beholden to big money) is not necessarily going to give what that ideal Progressive think tank promotes air time or any political play.

I really take issue with Ms. Klein making clear how influential the Koch brothers (along with Pete Petersen, ALEC, etc.) are in creating and spreading THEIR narrative; and then turning around and suggesting that WE don't want to support Progressive causes.

That is piss poor logic, and ultimately, it takes the success of the Koch Brothers' message (given its pervasiveness) and then uses THAT success to suggest that what the Koch Brothers' cooked up through covert means somehow represents what WE want.


Why not say that WE don't want Planned Parenthood to get funded.

Or say that WE want the TIPP to pass.

How many other fabricated narratives--as lies repeated often--that then wend their way through the public's discourse represent what WE want? As opposed to being playback on the very themes promoted often by deep pocketed entrenched interests?


What's interesting is how many significant families--in the way of designing U.S. foreign and domestic policy--indeed had sympathy for Hitler, and/or supported his Nazi reformation of German society. For profit, of course. The Dulles brothers, the Bush family, the Koch Brothers, and by the efforts of several of these, the importation of an entire breed of Nazis into the U.S. military and State Department.

The result? The U.S. has morphed into (as the poster "Minitrue" puts it) The Fourth Reich.

Why else would it so heavily identify with war, finance 1000 bases, and while its own people fall into poverty, joblessness, and despair (not to mention cities with poisoned water and dying infrastructure), spend at minimum, half a trillion dollars a year on phony wars and all the hardware and armaments necessary for fighting them?

It's diabolical and so is its source! The link below shows how the trigger for all war all the time was purposely lit:


The Kochs should be ghosts left to roam Dante's Inferno with the rest of the craven and debauched.


Might as well reply here, although this applies to all comments regarding the Koch family (the 2 brothers, etc.). Too many words! The answer if much more simple, and its sort of "non-verbal", but can be summed up in two real words: Off 'em!!


Another example of greed gone amuck with good people paying the price. Another old story: mix greed with far right extremist "spirituality" and a certain type vote against their own interests. This family and the Waltons embody how dysfunctionality and unhappiness knows no bounds when money, power and greed are involved. People need to act collectively, and stop investing all of their hopes on a politician and the main stream media. As Bernie has said many times in so many words, it's not about me, it's about us.


Also, people need to pay attention to what is happening now, as well as what is happening in a campaign.


This is another mean-spirited and completely-off-the-mark comment. Do you even read these things before you attack?

The point of this article is a POSITIVE METANARATIVE. It's in quotes. It's right there in black and white:

The progressive metanarrative is the opposite of the fight against collectivism: it’s the struggle against inequality.

WTF are you doing, nipping at Naomi Klein's heels? If you would use your eyes more and your vitriol less, you might not miss things like this:

In fact, there is a progressive metanarrative, one that needs to be valued and not obscured by arguments over who is or is not sufficiently progressive or who did what to whom and when. The metanarrative’s lead has been buried in divisiveness, by trolling from every side and by despicable, old-fashioned redbaiting.

You misconstrued Ms. Klein's words in the previous article, and you are doing it again now. The paragraph you quoted from this article (itself a quote from the previous article), is a transcript of spoken words, so the quotation marks are important to comprehension. What Ms. Klein is saying, when she says "I don't think we value that," is NOT that she thinks we should not value it, but that, indeed, we MUST. (Read the transcript. Play the imbedded audio recording for yourself. The relevant statement begins at the 24:25 minute mark of the recording.)

SiouxRose11, due to your inflexible framing fixation, you completely misunderstood this article. And that's not even the worst of it. Through your out-of-control ill-will, you are Exhibit A illustrating Ms. Klein's point that "The metanarrative’s lead has been buried in divisiveness, by trolling from every side..." She is much too valuable of a resource to this movement (if we're going to have a movement) for you to go around undermining her. Hell, you are, too.

Enough, already. If sentiments like the following - from this article - can not get past your defenses, or whatever your deal is, then... Oh, hell, I don't know what then. Just embrace the damn community, willya?

To make our metanarrative come true, we must embrace both community and government that effectively can protect and provide for all.

Oh, and to save time: This is PatchworkCelt. I have never posted here as anyone else. No Koch Brothers-funded talking points were used in the making of these observations, AFAIK.

I wish you peace.


I have said it before and I will say it again for your post: " AMERICA HAS MORPHED INTO THE FOURTH REICH".

Absolutely true; especially in terms of its foreign policies ever since the coup d' etat of the assassination of JFK when the fascists took a quantum leap and murdered 55,000 US soldiers in Vietnam for the false flag, lie of the Gulf of Tonkin attack.

America's a military, fascist dictatorship, that exists not to protect the average American, but exists to primarily protect the industrial greed, vested interests and strategic locations of the world wide Amerikan Empire.

But one can see just how powerful the fascists that control the Fourth Reich really are when they have had plenary power to cover up JFK,RFK,,MLK,9/11 and too many more to name here.


The progressive metanarrative is never going to reflect all of us unless and until it, well, reflects all of us. That is why we don't have one. I will NEVER support any group-think that does not account for my very real, very traumatic, life-long experiences at the bottom (the REAL bottom) of this society's class system. Like untold millions of Americans, I am one of those whom government-paid researchers admitted to Congress (their paymasters!) more than 20 years ago they had used -- AND ARE CONTINUING TO USE -- as bioslaves for surreptitious research into everything from nuclear chemical and radiation poisoning, infectious (including, venereal) disease transmission, and immunology -- in my case, the creation of another type of AIDS which raged as an epidemic alongside HIV/AIDS but which this government still lies to the world about having created, using the exact same patterns of lies it used to try to cover up its creation of HIV/AIDS -- all according to CDC protocols publicly available to anyone (the CDC being just another branch of the Pentagon). For nearly 25 years, as I struggled to live with this AIDS, find a doctor who would treat -- and not simply torture me with pointless research -- me, then recover using an antiviral such as the one gay men who had to sue the government to be allowed to take ONLY, without having to take the deadly antiretroviral AZT, that were saving them in California before the JUDICIARY effectively administratively murdered them by denying them that right, and then trying to find someone to listen to me as I became a target of this country's very old, very well-established covert war against REAL activists (there being none where you would expect to find them since Reagan's passage of E.O. 12333, which placed CIA in positions of leadership in ALL civil and human rights organizations, church-affiliated, or not, and including the ACLU) because I won't shut up about what's happened to me SINCE THE U.S. GOVERNMENT DID NOTHING TO ALTER THE SYSTEM OF BIOSLAVERY TO WHICH I AND COUNTLESS MILLIONS OF OTHERS HAVE BEEN SUBJECTED, which is now the basis of our purported 'healthcare' system, AND NO ONE wants to listen to us, help us, dignify us with any respect whatsoever. Countless posts I've made on sites such as this; repeated visits I've made to illustrious Harvard civil rights professors; numerous talking heads I've tried to speak with -- all attempts have been met with my being rebuffed, often with extreme prejudice. You who have the luxury to (apparently) get paid to promote what looks like an open dialogue (between the same 3 people!) need to think about what your life will be like when you're the next bioslave, because this type of slavery, along with the prison industrial slavery, and the immigrant worker slavery, and the human trafficking sex slavery IS (yet another) hallmark of fascism, and it don't care who you are. It will get around to you sooner or later. Look at Lynddie Englund. Civil rights activists in the '60s used to say to beg people to stand by them, pointing out that what was being done to them (water cannoning and beatings at marches, infiltration by the FBI of their groups, bombings by extremists we now know were given licenses by the FBI to target them) could and would be done to anyone wishing to change the status quo, and here we are, in one big Pine Ridge Reservation now. You who haven't been targeted don't need to tell me that I need to join in helping create a collective metanarrative; the collective has NEVER stood by me, no matter how hard I've tried to stand by it.


Anyone who advocates violence on a public forum is either a fool or an agent provocateur. Everything you say or write can and will be used in a court of law against you, should you attract the attention of the national security state.

OK that said, let's look at the probable outcomes of violence that might emanate from social and economic inequality and injustice. Random, sporadic, uncoordinated violence in the form of assassinations or bombings of high-profile capitalist abuser targets is likely to result at least in an all-out pogrom by the national security state. It may even melt the veneer of social civility and the fascist police state will just take control.

If acts as you suggest above could lead to any meaningful change I am at a loss to see how this will occur.

It may very well be that we will have trouble right here in river city, but the citizens, the people, will not be the ones that initiate it. We have thousands of years of history that prove that power concedes nothing without a struggle, and if the movement that is growing with Sanders' candidacy really gains the momentum of its full potential, then the establishment will push back. They will push back very hard and in ways that Americans, un-used to the violent methods employed by our military and spooks and spies operating outside our borders have perfected over many decades, will get to experience first-hand.

I speculated here on this forum within the last year of the establishment's - the wealthy 1% - ability to oppress the majority of humanity on this planet for more than a brief period of time. I do not believe it can or will hold, but how we get from here to where we might be going is not at all clear.

If it is violence or violent revolution that you want, be patient. The State will initiate that violence soon enough.


As far as I can tell, no one here advocated violence.

Speaking for myself, the point of my comment is that you don't have to do anything to attract the attention of the state police. You've already got it. Attempting to denounce anyone who points out that fact makes you exactly what you claim others are: an agent provocateur.


Aren't both Charles and David Koch in their 60s. How much longer can they remain in power? I hope they both die natural deaths of old age sometime in the next twenty to thirty years. Meanwhile--far more urgent than civil rights and a somewhere near decent standard of living for the bottom 10% to 20% of the socioeconomic heap, we need to deal with climate change. We need taxes on both greenhouse gas emissions and energy regardless of carbon footprint, both for prohibitive tariff effect (to force both conservation and investment in energy efficiency) and to make renewable energy more competitive against fossil fuel, and to buy fossil fuel as mineral rights (further increasing the price and KEEPING IT IN THE GROUND).


Grace, if you don't have a body, where will you live?

In a democracy, human and civil rights will ALWAYS be the most important issue. The UN speaks of clean air and clean water as a human right, just like housing and what has been robbed of bioslaves, the right to determine what is done to our bodies in full knowledge of our options.

In this (rapidly increasing climate disaster of a) world, you're not you, if you don't have a body. You won't need an oxygen tank, or water filters, or meat-in-a-vat, or anything else a corporeal entity needs, if you, yourself, aren't corporeal.

And, just to be clear, these surreptitious government-sponsored bioresearch initiatives that enslave us also kill us.

No one -- not even a government -- has the right to kill you, whether instantly with a disease or over time with a disease. And that's what this government is doing. It's already admitted to (and half-heartedly apologized for) it.

Have at it, trolls! Apparently, I'm not allowed to comment any further because CD says so. So much for open dialogue. THAT'S why there will never be a progressive metanarrative. Traitors from within.


Unfortunately, I believe your reply was serious. I did not address that comment to you as I did not read your post. Call me old-fashioned or quaint but I won't read a post like you put up because even if I am able to wade through it I usually find it was an utter waste of time.

Now, re-read the post I responded to and tell me again that poster did not advocate violence. Get real.


I was gobsmacked by this video. Overlay the Koch doctrine and bingo, democracy is destroyed. It also asks the question: How do we build a democracy and economy that provides equality, opportunity, positive human rights for all people (human beings), and also distributes power equitably and maintains personal and national security?

The story of your enslavement


Bob Dylan was right all along: Ain't goin' to work on Maggie's Farm no more."


I find it interesting you would, with yards and yards of sentences yourself, "take seriously" aitengri's nonsensical half-elucidated colloquialism, yet not bother to read my post.

Perhaps that's why I missed his and took the trouble to read and respond to yours.

I guess it's just a matter of respect.


And it's still the same issue: the people who want to 'construct a metanarrative' (tell us what to think) are far from collectivist goody-goodies. I'm not saying I know what they are. All I'm saying is they don't speak for the growing number of voiceless, stateless, rights-less people living among them any more than the Koch's do.

Hope that wasn't too long for you to read, Justaman.