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The Korean War and US 'Total Destruction' Began 70 Years Ago

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/25/korean-war-and-us-total-destruction-began-70-years-ago

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The only reason I’m glad that the US joined the war is that in retrospect, we know that South Korea’s unstable dictatorship would eventually give way to a prosperous, largely functional capitalist democratic system, while the North, despite initially providing better social services to its citizens (source: Liberty in North Korea), suffered economic collapse once the Soviet Union was no longer there to prop it up, and became an impoverished dystopia that would have even made Marx cringe.

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Timely seeing this article appear on the 70th anniversary of the North Koren invasion, and an excellent analysis of the dynamics of this major leap in the expansion of US imperialism.

Isn’t Trump’s motive to rebomb North Korea the result of needing to keep contriving new boogeymen to satifsy his base, and being jilted by his former lover Kim Jung-un ?

Apologists for Capitalism and the US Empire will always make up numbers when it comes to the number of deaths of people due to “Socialism”. They made up a number of 60 million in the USSR even as that Country saw its population grow at a faster rate during the period all of those deaths were supposed to have occurred than the population of the USA grew.

They will NEVER count the number of deaths due to Capitalism , be it the Irish Famines, The Bengal Famine, the mass genocide of the First Nations peoples in the Americas, or indeed the deaths that happened in Korea. They can’t bring it up because it contradicts their claim that “Capitalism leads to freedom and liberty”.


An unfortunately slanted essay instead of a balanced report. Barely mentions that 25 June is the start of the war in which the US did all these terrible things because it is the day that NORTH KOREA INVADED SOUTH KOREA. It includes specifics only of what the US and the ROK did wrong without any mention of similar or worse things done wrong in the north. I EXPECT BETTER OF COMMONDREAMS.

There was No North Korea. That was a creation of the occupying powers. Korea was supposed to remain one State and intelligence showed the overwhelming majority of the population wanted a Socialist State.

Claiming “North Korea Invade…south Korea” is like claiming the Northern US States invade those in rebellion.

Had the USA kept its nose out of that region , there would have been no Korean war and there would be one Korea.


Apocalypse Americana

There are a large number of letters between the various principals involved in Korea at the Wilson center… You can read Kim Il Sung’s letters to Stalin asking hiim for permission to attack the South, for example. What I find most interesting is the ruthless way that Kim Il Sung dealt with various groups who he felt posed a threat to his unquestioned leadership, particularilily the frequent purges of various groups he alleged to be “factonalists and enemies of class”.

It was really a huge tragedy and SO many people and their entire families by the trainload were executed and three generations" deported to concentration camps where countless people, literally millions of innocent people lost their lives. The purge of 1956 were particularlty horrible because the people who were arguing for a more realistic view of government were mercilessly drawn out into criticising Kim and then betrayed. And of course the South also had its missing million (at least) A great many executed mercilessly while the US looked on. Is it any wonder that the country is still divided?

As the Party of Kim II Sung was destroying all of the moderates in the North , Rhee with US blessing was doing the same in the South. There was a large block of people in Korea who while favoring Socialism or Communism , did not want the strong man Authoritarian version . Moderates trying to flee Rhee by going North were met by Kim II Sungs men and moderates trying to flee the North were met by Rhee. All that left was the extremists.

The peninsula should never have been turned into a protectorate of the UN. That ensured there would be a war. They should have just the Koreans decide what type of Government they wanted.


Did you know that Kim Jong Un’s mothers (she was one of the Zainchi japanese returnees) family came from Cheju island, and I think her grandfather or father not only worked for the Japanese, he ran a uniform factory for them. So if Kim Jong Eun wasnt the (terrifying) Dear Leader’s son he would have been a class enemy who had to be torn out three generations to the roots.

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“…I’m glad that the US joined the war…”

Did you read the article? The US didn’t join the war, we caused the war, all in the name of capitalism. A system that only 14% of Koreans supported.
And perhaps if we hadn’t bombed them into rubble, they might not have needed to be propped up by China and the Soviet Union.


Absolutely spot on SuspiraDeProundis. Is’nt it amazing, how people simply ignore the FACTS that don’t fit in with their imaginary World ? If it wasn’t for continual American interference in Korean affairs, that country would have been united a long time ago. However, because the North shares a border with China, the U.S. will continue to ensure there is never a reunification because once that occurs it’s chances of ever setting foot in N.K. evaporates and they’ll have to pack their bags and go home as there will no longer be an ALLEGED threat to defend the S.K.'s from.

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The whole point is, NONE of that would have happened if it was not for the U.S. interference.
Let’s not forget, exactly the same situation was unfolding in the Philipines, again at the behest of U.S. interference.

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Do you mean because of the Yalta Napkin?

That is precisely why Congress in 1950 violated AND ABDICATED their constitutional authority to declare war and used the euphemism of calling the Korean War “A POLICE ACTION”.

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And perhaps if we hadn’t bombed them into rubble, they might not have needed to be propped up by China and the Soviet Union.

First of all, North Korea was actually a pretty terrible ally to both China and the Soviet Union. During the Sino Soviet Split, NK declared it was on neither faction’s side, and turned inward.

More importantly, blaming the current economic collapse of North Korea on its bombing during the war is not very convincing to me, because all the sources I’ve seen suggest that initially, the postwar North actually outpaced the South in providing basic services like education and health to its people. The South remained an unstable military dictatorship for decades, but then in the 1980s under went rapid economic growth and ultimately democratization. Seems kind of odd to attribute their reversal of fortune to bombing decades earlier.