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The Kurdish Elephant and the Great Middle East War


The Kurdish Elephant and the Great Middle East War

John Feffer

Let’s mix some metaphors in the Middle East, all of them involving elephants.

In the crisis zone that encompasses Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria, the Kurds are the elephant in the room. They are the “problem” that no one really wants to talk about.


Lines in the sand,
Lines in the sand,
Won’t you lend me a hand,
To erase these lines in the sand?


How many times have the Neocons running US foreign policy betrayed the Kurds?

Every time.

Perhaps the next 9/11 shall be engineered and executed by Kurds. From the standpoint of our Kurdish victims, we will deserve it. And, the US will, no doubt, attack another nation on the PNAC agenda in response.

This is what happens, when madmen run the most powerful military on earth.


This article covers a fair amount of territory, but fails to mention that Kurdistan is also building model libertarian (in the classical, not US sense) communities based on worker self-managed enterprises, direct democracy and sexual/ethnic/religious egalitarianism. (Wiki “Rojava”). For this reason, it should be “all hands to general quarters” in defense of the Kurdish people for all the world’s leftists right now. Capitalists, from Erdogan to Obama, have always feared and loathed socialists to a far greater degree than even the most insane religious fanatic. Atrocities are underway, and expect the capitalist media to hide any mention of them. It is up to us to get the word out.


Checkout my Counterpunch linked article on Obama’s portrayal of the Kurds. Second link is Professor Chomsky’s take on the situation.



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