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The Largest Protests In American History Are Happening Now. Expect Them To Get Bigger.


The Largest Protests In American History Are Happening Now. Expect Them To Get Bigger.

Heather Dockray

Size matters — at least when it comes to the size of our protests.

Though final count is still being tabulated, researchers Erica Chenoweth and Jeremy Pressman of the Crowd Counting Consortium estimate that over 1.25 million people across the United States participated in Saturday's March for Our Lives protest, making it one of the largest youth-led protests in American history, at least since the Vietnam War.


“Our march is bigger than your march…” blah, blah, bladey-dah.

People can tweet, text, FB and march to their heart’s delight. If they are unwilling/unable to do the hard work of organizing and taking direct militant actions (ala the Occupy movements which go unmentioned here), it’s just shadow dancing.

I sincerely believe the kids who have been organizing the recent marches get this. Clearly the writer doesn’t. But she has the Crowd Counting Consortium on her side, so it’s all good.

But it aint the meat, it’s the motion of building enough power to hold back and eventually defeat the oligarchs and plutocrats who are running the show. Any way you count it.


It’s all good Tom. No need to minimize the efforts of anyone willing to exercise their rights of free speech.

“There’s something happening here…”


Speech without action is what…?


One of the most inspiring perspectives I’ve seen in a while. I’m so heartsick with Parkland and all. I drop my kids off on Mondays and Tuesdays. This morning my 6 year old asked me if people were cutting other people’s heads off. He’d just listened to it mentioned on a Michael Franti song. They came with me to the march here in Oly. I’m so ambivalent about exposing them to all this news. We have our 7 year old daughter and two foster kids - a 6 year old boy and his 2 year old sister. I fear them being exposed to this information, this violence. On the other hand, we heard some very inspired teens @ the rally and I DEFINITELY want them exposed to that. How to be honest with them, and yet still try to let them be kids. I guess these times are changing things more than I realized.

On the other hand, I wonder it’s all finally coming together. I’ve long thought that the people probably won’t really rise up and take a hold of their government unless they got too uncomfortable. Well, many of us are getting uncomfortable.

If we’re lucky, the bums - billionaire’s, repubs, Democrats (most), have shot themselves in the foot. Maybe they SO fucked up things that now finally, people are beginning to wake. The oligarchs are so short term oriented, they don’t see their greed is forcing their slaves to revolt. They are giving us no choice. They are pushing us up against the wall. Not a smart business model. But then again, the concept of sustainability doesn’t seem to occur to these folks.

Parkland is now a line drawn in the sand. Given the lack of any effective action, it’s predictable the next large tragedy is around the corner. So this ain’t going away. This might even grow - which could eventually make it politically infeasible to keep up the charade.

I’m hoping that these larger marches are a sign of this. We need something more unifying than tweeting back and forth about repubs, dems and third parties. Our country has been paralyzed in all this for far too long.

I’m just praying that we’re going to push back for real now. Don’t think it’s gonna look nice, but god knows it’s been a long time coming. And no, i’m not talking just about guns, but everything.

I’m hoping this Parkland movement will empower the people - embolden them. Then maybe we can now go on to fight the other profound injustices that plague us - and our kids; Education, Black Lives, Equality, Health Care, War, Environment, etc.

Might be wishful thinking. But the sizes of these marches is inspiring us all. Certainly the reverse - inaction - only helps to enforce sedentarism.


But dude, this IS action. The other thing, is the media is actually covering it. The ignore the teacher’s strike, mostly deaf dumb and blind to Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and Dakota Access. But even the complicit shit stack media can’t ignore the children. So yeah, this is what action starts to look like. Not saying the fight is over, but now we keep pushing and pushing. Then the next large shooting (predictably coming soon unfortunately), may just keep this thing in the forefront long enough.
I know, it’s premature to say anything about the utility of this movement. But is IS inspiring. Certainly i’ll do everything in my power to take action and involve my family. They are already into it. So there IS action - take heart!



This weekends “March For Our Lives” protest was perhaps the largest protest action in history.

Tom, these kids are just getting started.

The choice to support them belongs to each and every one of us.


Tshann, there is no doubt in my mind that the movement these kids have started will blossom.

Stick with that and be supportive in any way you can.

God bless you and your kids.


To both you and PB:

I said quite clearly the kids are alright. But in this case, the ‘progressive’ media focused on numbers rather than organization and substance. People do not turn out spontaneously across the country. somebody is doing things over time to make that happen and we need to understand how to do it and why we are doing it.

Case in point: The #metoo movements

They seem to have disappeared w/in weeks even though a lot of organizing/lawsuits/actions continue. That’s where the focus has to be to grow enough power to stop our oppressors and eventually overthrow the patriarchal, white supremacist capitalist empire that pretty much runs the world.

It’s not like the weatherwomen/men who are warning us about the climate crisis, et. al. are far off. The time is always NOW.


I completely agree, Tom. This one-issue crap is not what’s needed, and the fact that it’s directed from above makes it specious.

All you need to know is that Hollywood cutouts and Dem-party manikins were present.

Nuff said.

It’s the whole paradigm that must change. Ending all the wars would be a good place to start.


End the Wars at Home and Abroad!
The time is now to return to the street to make our voices heard. Join us on April 14-15 for united, nationally coordinated regional mobilizations to challenge the war makers and defend humanity. The future is in our hands.



I hope the coalition I have been recommending for so long is finally forming.
*If they can agree on one goal, taking our country back and ridding ourselves of the fascists and Nazis who have infiltrated to a point of control, then we can begin to turn this country back into one that cares. Instead of sending the Wehrmacht and the CIA out to destroy anyone who does not agree with the fascist PTB, we can reduce the Wehrmacht to a reasonably sized defense force and use the leftover trillion$ to repair and rebuild our infrastructure, and to rebuild and help those nations and persons we have destroyed and raped of their resources. We could make a good start on repairing some of the ecological damage we have done to Earth. We could create a future for all of the world, based on Peace, Truth, Empathy, Help and Brotherly Love toward all.
*So, I hope We the People of the World can will work toward that goal, and put the war merchants, the military warmongers and the crooked and fascist politicians out to pasture.


She forgot to mention that before the war in Iraq started on Februrary 15, 2003 there were 11 million people protesting it worldwide. Over 1 million people in NYC in temps about 10 degrees.



dude, we all are saying the same thing - and big deal so in this particular article the numbers were emphasized. i like numbers - means the majority! not the minority like what is ruling now.


Right On Steven!


I’m with you Minitrue!


Contact David Hogg in Parkland, or any one of the other kids. I’m sure they’ll put you to work.


Authoritarianism is conservatism

Anti-authoritarianism is liberalism

Let’s call it what it is.


You are right. Numbers matter! The Corporations who ceased to support the NRA did so because they did not want large numbers of people to boycott them. Whatever works!