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The Last Days of Democracy?


The Last Days of Democracy?

Adil E. Shamoo, Bonnie Bricker

The recent presidential campaign season brought political pornography to the American people. Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, his senior counselor and chief strategist, have ushered in a new dark age of American politics.


Between an oligarchy owned casino society and a publicly owned sharing society, most of you picked the former. You made your bed and now you have to lie in it.

Direct Democracy


me too.


Truth be told, the chipping away at our constitution started the day it was signed. Bill Clinton chipped away a great deal that we never talk about and Hillary did her share normalizing election theft in the primary. The prize goes to Bush for more recent attacks on freedom. He created chaos and broke international as well as national laws so much Obama made them permanent.
I agree we better get started even though many have been for some time. We better forget our differences and all show up in numbers to stop this train wreck coming.


First, stop saying the Richard Spencer-coined euphemism "alt-right" -- the word to use is "neo-fascist."

Second, the majority of 18th century French didn't start putting the oligarchs' heads on the chopping block until things got desperate, having no recourse in political representation. That's just me looking at the bright side.

Word of warning to the ruling class: We Will Come For You.


And after you show up , then what?


Yeah alt right is a polite term to make it seem like it's the in thing. Glad you posted this. Some people say they are "desperate" but they really are afraid they might lose something.


Yes, the primaries not to mention the super delegates. And they wonder why many don't vote?


May I also add this: Many people round the world would trade places with us. How about the victims of war in Syria? How about closed societies that do not even allow the internet? How about people right here who are not working, have a home or eating? As bad as this all is, it kind of puts some things in perspective in other words while we are philosophizing- they are in a state of emergency.


Yes, it will get "desperate" in the collapsing imperialist amerikan empire! Maybe that is what is needed to wake up the deluded, propagandized, materialist masses!
Time to Rise up and join the People's Peaceful Revolucion!


According to many, we have not elected a president since Roosevelt. Democracy is an illusion perpetrated by scam elections. We lost Democracy a long time ago and technically never had it. Since the US became a corporation, we were doomed since then and that was the 1700s. What we have lost is our illusions.


You will be destroyed by our militarized police forces. However people with nothing to lose are dangerous.


TPTB are already spying on internet communication. With Trump internet freedom will be doomed. We are fast becoming a closed controlled society ourselves.


This is an old debate. First, decide what is meant by "democracy." Technically, we have elections, and can choose between two or more candidates to fill a government position. What we lack is anything close to being a legitimately representative government, and this has always been true.

Reagan ushered in the "dumbing down of America," and it was a stunning success. It makes perfect sense that trash politics would follow years of trash culture. We've been teetering on the brink of both economic and social collapse for years. Meanwhile, the US spent the years since WWll earning the distrust/rage of the international community. The more that the world has come to regard the US as the greatest potential threat to all life, the closer we've come to our end.


The mystery is why anyone would imagine that Internet communication would have any connection with privacy.


The hard right wing is, by definition, fascist. It would be wise to read up on what fascism actually is.


The words that fit for me are Nazi, storm troopers and Third Reich. Say it like you see it, and it looks ugly!


What a lacking analysis!

No mention of the fact that the media in pumping up Trump were doing what the Clinton controlled DNC told them to do back in the spring of 2015.

There is one source of our current misery. Clinton and her minions.

But analyses like these want us to not see how the last days of Democracy are the result of the established Democratic Party's manipulations.


Well the first step of fixing a problem is admitting that you have one. If Americans come to the realization that the democracy they thought they had is an illusion, then they can start to work on making their vision a reality.


The word is not "neo-fascist". It is either "facist" or "nazi".