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The Last Debate: How Low Will It Go?


The Last Debate: How Low Will It Go?

Richard Eskow

What’s worse than a political debate that fails to give voters the information they need? One that misinforms them, while at the same time demeaning the democratic process. The final 2016 presidential debate takes place Wednesday night, and expectations are low.


"ONLY (?) 12% of registered Republicans thought Trump should drop out of the race" while a SMALLER PERCENTAGE of Clinton supporters thought Trump should drop out because they know that Clinton would have zero chance of winning against any candidate other than defective Donald.


Why won't Hillary support term-limits?
She should be behind term-limits 100%.
Perhaps we'll get an answer to that question tonight?
But, we'll probably hear all about the sex lives of the plutocrats instead.


These 'debates' are a joke. More like slapstick than information. That these two candidates have been thrust upon us is as 'low as it can go'. Despicable and Detestable - what an alternative. We need to vote Green and spend the next four years making sure this kind of travesty can never be repeated.


So true. "Debate" does not describe this debacle. You are right -- they are a joke. The media and others giving it credence by calling it a "debate" is disgusting. It's no such thing. It's just a pony show.


Trump lost the first two debates decisively according to the all the real polls so this is his last chance to show he can win one. It will be hard to top the last debate for going low. Last time he brought three women who it has been claimed Bill Clinton had an affair with. Perhaps he will go to the claim that the Clintons killed Vince Foster this time. Maybe he will bring relatives of Foster to this debate. It seems pretty clear that Steve Bannon from Breitbart now has the most influence in the campaign. So sinking lower than low is almost a given. I guess Hillary Clinton rehearses by not responding to any crazy charge thrown at her. So far in the debates she has done an amazing job of keeping her poise and looking like the only presidential candidate on stage.


It is the system. How hard is that to understand - offered a meaningless binary choice with two deplorable self centered uncaring candidates while ignoring and stifling 3rd parties that offer alternate ideas and solutions. So we get the most worthless candidates ever seen while our problems get much worse with utterly no idea what to do. It is out of control and will continue until it implodes and becomes ugly beyond imagination.


How low will it go? Can it go any lower?
We keep hearing ad nauseum: VOTE! YOUR VOTE COUNTS! YOUR VOTE COUNTS! I would add that your vote only COUNTS IF YOU VOTE FOR DR. STEIN; otherwise, you are really wasting your vote! And if your choice is voting for an egomaniac, sexual predator; a fascist buffoon and a war mongering Wall Street stooge can there be any doubt it cannot get any lower? And that you are wasting your vote?

Michelle Obama said: " that when they go low, we go high" then folks go high and lets work on the greening of America. Folks: Whether Jill wins or not, at least you will not feel like you are wasting vote and being a sucker for the least low!


Well said! Dr. Jill Stein in 2020.


These "debates" are little different than watching Hulk Hogan wrestling match reruns.


"What’s worse than a political debate that fails to give voters the information they need? One that misinforms them, while at the same time demeaning the democratic process."

Who says this is the democratic process? Did the people choose the candidates, or did Big Money?


The Trump campaign seems to be in full paranoia mode. So I would expect Trump to throw out a lot of conspiracies. Of course he has recently been pushing the election is rigged conspiracy. That raises the question about whether he will accept the result if he clearly trails in electoral college votes. If he doesn't, then what would be his next step?


It's just an absolutely GREAT night for baseball!!

You know, if I'm going to drink and watch TV-- it's a helluva lot better watching jocks--not creeps.


Most Murkins want term limits for everybody else's Congresscritters, but not for theirs...pork barrel politics in a nutshell.


Voting against your own self-interests in a nutshell.


I cannot believe sometimes that we have really sunk this low as a country, as human beings.
I cannot believe Chris Wallace - self defined journalist with a journalist father would not know rule one about his supposed profession - which is to FIND OUT THE TRUTH AND WHO IS NOT TELLING IT. AND WHY.....
I hope his father is turning over in his grave at the embarrassment ...
I cannot believe the debate commission did not already have a rule barring the debaters from having audience plants or did not immediately institute one at the start of the Trumpist shenanigans.
I cannot believe I have to explain to my newly minted adult children how we allowed this to happen.....
If we has the situational ability to immigrate and the financial ability to renounce our US citizenship we would be doing so immediately. If we had any idea THIS was the country we would be ushering our two kids into We would have made the choice to immigrate as soon as we married. If would have been easy as we went into the Peace Corps after we married and would have stayed in our assigned country - Ecuador.....


If the fears of a Clinton administration comes true, we won't have another election to be repeated.


And just as racist as Hulk Hogan


Trump should drop out because of all the revelations about his personal and business failures and improprieties and HRC should drop out because of her long history of corruption and duplicity as revealed by the Wikileaks emails and numerous other sources.

Then we can have an election contest between Jill Stein and the Libertarian nut. Now, that would be something to restore faith in the US system of government.


I suspect that both of them will lie every time they open their mouths. It would be more accurate to call it a "Lie-a-thon" rather than a debate.