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The Lasting Pain from Vietnam Silence


The Lasting Pain from Vietnam Silence

Ray McGovern

Ecclesiastes says there is a time to be silent and a time to speak. The fortieth anniversary of the ugly end of the U.S. adventure in Vietnam is a time to speak – and especially of the squandered opportunities that existed earlier in the war to blow the whistle and stop the killing.

While my friend Daniel Ellsberg’s leak of the Pentagon Papers in 1971 eventually helped to end the war, Ellsberg is the first to admit that he waited too long to reveal the unconscionable deceit that brought death and injury to millions.


Someone famous once wrote that governments force us to be their accomplices, on pain of becoming ourselves, the victim of their violence.


All very well, Mr McGovern, but if the bloody fools who ruin the USA’s foreign policy had read Vietnam’s 2000+year history (literacy came to Vietnam in 232BC or thereabouts and their first university was built in Hanoi in 1066AD), they would they would have learnt that Vietnam’s enemy has always been China, and still is, whether or not both states were run by communist governments or monarchies. There was the opportunity in 1945 to stop the French from returning and to have begun to build a careful friendship and respect that would have matured to the benefit of both the USA and Vietnam. This was thrown away deliberately by the same kind of blundering bigoted ignorant fools who even now run the USA’s foreign policy.


This probably the first time I have read Mr McGovern issue a mea culpa for his role as an intelligence officer in Vietnam.

I have long maintained here that he WAS CIA and very likely committed some of the very crimes today’s CIA commits, all of this in service to something other than the security of the peoples that live in the United States of America.

The lesson all people should take away from Mr McGovern is that in spite of the salary and the career and the excitement and the patriotism one might feel when the CIA comes a calling, one should never work for or join that criminal group of murderous thugs nor should one speak of the pride they for that service they had done for the same.

Like a Lady Macbeth that spot of blood will never be washed away.


Mr. McGovern, the patriotism for ones country pales in comparison to patriotism to truth.
For the many of us that understand that, there is no question as to what course one should take when confronting those that would use such lies to protect their own position.
The patriotism to ones country is an empty one, ripe with deceit and the selling of ones soul for unjust causes.


I think that many amerikan’s are as ignorant as Sara Taylor of the Bush II administration was when she told Senator Patrick Leahy that she took an oath to protect the president instead of the constitution! (hang your heads Wahlert High School and Drake University) Face it folks, we are a country that has a major moron infestation and we are not doing anything about it! It has gotten into our religious institutions, our schools, business institutions, our military and our government! Yet, no one notices, no one cares (George Carlin)!

But there’s nothing you and I can do
You and I are only two
What’s right and wrong is hard to say
Forget about it for today
We’ll stick our heads into the sand
Just pretend that all is grand
Then hope that everything turns out ok

“The Ostrich” Steppenwolf