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The Latest Devious Republican Attack On Social Security

The Latest Devious Republican Attack On Social Security

Nancy Altman, Linda Benesch

Ever since Social Security came into existence, Republican politicians and their billionaire donors have attempted to destroy it. As an effective and incredibly popular government program, it is anathema to the GOP's anti-government ideology.


The t rump voters I talk to are quite fine with cutting their own children’s future paid benefits. They tell me so.

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So when the revolution finally starts we will be GUILLOTINING more than just the prictator and our elected terrorists – do unto those who would phuque with OUR social security exactly what they are trying to do to us … uh, leave them cold and starving on the streets of DC!

I’d say that proves those should have ‘kept it in their pants’! How could anyone be so heartless to their own children?


Ever since Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981 the GOP noise machine has not stopped hammering the message that Social Security is running out of money and there will be nothing left to pay benefits by the time we (who were young in 1981) and subsequent young folks just entering the workforce are in our 60s and beyond.

This message has been repeated so many times that I know Murkins from age 70 down to age 20 who consider it to be fact.

While many Murkins ARE “heartless to their own children”, just as many of the “children” have swallowed the GOP myth, hook line and sinker, and will view getting debt relief or childcare now preferable to waiting for Social Security checks in old age that they don’t believe will be there no matter what decision they make today.

Nearly four decades of relentless propaganda is very effective.


Same. “Deplorable” is actually an extremely accurate word to describe most Trump worshippers, although other ones come more readily to mind. Ones that I need not mention here on these forums. The saddest part is how almost all of them are proud of those labels.


Social Security is better than nothing, but it’s a pale shadow of what the more militant working classes in Europe were able to win for themselves and their descendants.

For instance, in order to get the bill passed, the Roosevelt administration had to compromise with unreconstructed racists in Congress; the result was that domestic and agricultural workers—the majority of whom were African-American—were excluded.

Another bug (some will insist it’s a feature) is that the idea of a universal guaranteed benefit was divided in the US into SS, which is age-restricted, and welfare, or what used to be called “relief,” which is means-tested. And why is there a cap on earnings subject to FICA withholding?

While striving to defend SS, let us never forget that we can and should do better.


It has been 50 plus years of propaganda as I remember as a first job in 1964/65 remembering that they were saying to would be there for us. Now I am on it and thank you for it.

Thank you liberals of my day, thank you for also cleaning up our environment which has gone down hill again for last forever as repugs put a stop to it when Reagan took off the solar panels on White House.


Well obviously the republicans do not want to put any “new” money into social programs. Is this any surprise?

The problem begins with neither the Ds nor the Rs caring whether or not seniors, survivors and the disabled can live off of SS meager monthly payments anyway. Now Medicare is being assaulted too. Those on it are forced to pick up more of the tab for medical expenses.

SS/Medicare are going to end up like everything else in this country, crippled by the weight of the burdens placed on both and lack of funding to sustain either. Ah yes – we certainly are the envy of the rest of the world – I don’t bloody think so.

That the democrats, aka the “opposition party,” doesn’t do anything about this is obscene. There needs to be a people’s party, one of, for and by the people. All other 3rd parties can fold into it, but people and living standards should come first, above all else including tax cuts for the already wealthy.

The cap on FICA (6.2% tax) should be removed entirely. Today the privileged class, ie Bill Gates, Oprah, and Jeff Bezos have paid all the FICA taxes they’re going to pay for the year by the end of the first week in January. That cap was set when hardly anyone reached (or exceeded) it. Today it easily includes working professionals, doctors, lawyers, etc. They just like to kept it to themselves. The sap flipping burgers at McDs pays FICA all year long, while Bezos is done by the end of the day, January 1, and reaps the reward of a 6.2% tax cut for the remainder of the year.


At this rate by the time current low income workers are ready to retire the payout will be lucky to provide a cardboard box for shelter. For food the dumps will be open once a week to scrounge for anything edible. Reminds me of going to the dump in Vietnam with a loaded truck of garbage. The people waiting there ravaged through the large pile of junk and in ten minutes not a speck of anything was left.


Republicans aren’t the only ones who want to reduce or demolish Social Security benefits. Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich were planning to reduce Social Security benefits before the Monica Willinsky scandal unfolded. President Obama was open to the idea of putting Social Security benefits on the chopping block. Several establishment Democrats can’t be trusted to protect Social Security. Name names, not just parties.


I think that Ayn Rand was all about gutting Social Security… Really the Rethugs have been after Social Security from the Gitgo… and remember our parents only paid 2% in SS taxes up to 400 per year…It is time to take the Cap off of Social Security and also to apply a Social Security/education tax on Wealth every year…If the middle class can pay 1% property taxes every year, then the rich can pay 1% every year on their financial assets…

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And think about this, they manage to pay that 1% property tax EVERY YEAR regardless of their income…REGARDLESS that it is 5% or more of their income…

Taking a cue from Planned Parenthood, it is time to go on the OFFENSIVE to protect this wonderful program of Social Security. What do you say Nancy Altman, Linda Benesch ?