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The Latest on the Diplomatic War Against Venezuela

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/06/latest-diplomatic-war-against-venezuela

The US has been screwing up Venezuela and other South American countries on an on0giong basis since the 40’s. This shit has to stop.


This article is ignoring the FAES, and the ultra-violent factions of El Colectivo that have been performing home invasions, murdering and raping Venezuelan children and families with direct protection from the Chavistas.
And Gustavo Gonzalez Lopez.
La Tumba in Caracas.
The criminal murder kleptocracy that has existed long before sanctions against a PDVSA that Chavez killed in 2003 when he fired all of his experts that refused to obey him.
Calling the general US sanctions against Venezuelan oil that started JUST last year as the GRAND culprit for the destruction of Venezuela as an entire once sovereign country is pretending as if Chavez’s repatriation, handing Venezuelan military sovereignty over to Cuban monitoring and counterintelligence and the expansive kleptocracy network (Derwick Corp for example) didn’t even exist.
This article is almost as ridiculous as Delcy Rodriguez’s stupid forced smile.
Jorge Arreaza’s ENTIRE political career is based on his marriage to one of Chavez’s TWO billionaire daughters… I’ve always not really liked that guy for some reason that I’m sure many can relate to…
The whole elite Chavista crew is fabulously horrific. And apparently, based on this article, totally exempt from any personal responsibility for the fantastically fast decay and destruction they have successfully shoved into the Venezuelan people’s throats.
How does this writer ignore the fact that there is an OPPOSITION supermajority in the National Assembly?!? Maduro has betrayed his own democracy.
I guess its easier to blame US sanctions than looking to the purely dictatorial, rogue turn the Chavistas made in 2015 and acknowledging that Maduro has denied to maintain a seperation of power in his government by making his entire democratically elected, representative Congress/ legislative branch of the Venezuelan government “null and void” because they were going to RIGHTFULLY begin a democratically initiated impeachment process.
This writer is completely whack😂
Of all the scum out there to look up to…
Delcy Rodriguez?!? REALLY???

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Corporate media = crickets

“How’s the weather at your Mom’s house jerk? I’m from California. You don’t like people bad-mouthing your girlfriend Maduro? I’m all for speaking out against Imperialism, but some of the clowns here that have never even met a Venezuelan that write pro-Chavista D0G$H!T on these boards isn’t just sad…”**

**The foregoing are Brian’s words to an interlocutor on a different thread. Be advised that Brian only visits Common Dreams to comment on articles about Venezuela. All signs point to him being a partisan expatriate who is paid to slander the Maduro administration.




Hi Phred_Pharkel:
I think it’s worse than the 1940s, because 'Remember the Maine, " happened a looooong time ago. Think Teddy Roosevelt and friends. It just makes you wonder---- has there ever been any president who wasn’t a crook or a murderer?
And WHY did Elliot Abrams never go to jail?


Is there anything in your self authored narratives that doesn’t scream out what a sh** faced liar you are, and a lame one at that? You sound as contrived as the ghost tweeters for Trump. This is the IT age fascist breath. If people can bypass the propaganda on Venezuela that have been ongoing for decades in the corporate MSM they can see through yours as well. Have you thought of taking your act to Fulgencio Batista family reunion gatherings?


Think as in the Marshall Plan.

Is it possible sanctions could ever become a thing of the past? Iran awarded compensation from the UK for sanctions damages:

Did “Iran” recieve anything, or just a handful of already obscenely rich banksters?

The article intimates that the payment may likely not occur, the way I read it, but even the judgment is a step forward I think.

A judgement without penalty is meaningless.

If there are no consequence for a behavior, there is no reason to change the behavior.

I work in HOSPITALS fool. I’m not going to allow you to smear me as if i was a part of some paid, grand scheme to talk $hit about the Maduro “administration”. I’ve visited Venezuela on many occasions to visit my family-in-law. Ive personally seen the absolute environmental DISASTER the Chavistas have caused to Lake Maracaibo, and the Orinoco River from their kleptocratic negligence.
I’ve met families that have had their children RAPED right in front of them by violent factions of El Colectivo. I’m here writing against the Chavista/Cuban MURDER KLEPTOCRACY fueled by personal, heartbreaking stories and events I’ve seen firsthand…
The REAL question is why are YOU, a NON-VENEZUELAN FOREIGNER, such an elite Chavista sympathizer and Maduro APOLOGIST?!?
THATS what I find weird ;)))

This commenter Thylacine seems particularly bothered by my topics I’d like to speak to. It makes me curious why someone would try to label me as a part of some grand orchestration against Chavismo…
I’m merely a normal US citizen. I work in healthcare. Grew up in CA.
I’ve been sucked into this Venezuela nightmare because I’ve literally been watching my family-in-laws starve, and get kidnapped by violent factions of El Colectivo during illegal home invasions over the past 5-6 years. My wife and I are really the only thing keeping them from starvation…
Have any of you guys here ever spoken with this Thylacine person before?
She’s interesting :smiley:

Umm… okay. Got it. Thanks.