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The Latest Schoolhouse Slaughter Shows We Have Been Defeated

The Latest Schoolhouse Slaughter Shows We Have Been Defeated

Elizabeth Bruenig

Nothing symbolizes the foreclosure of the future like the slaughter of a nation’s young. And it’s so routine now — there have been at least eight this year at a school or college where someone was injured or killed — that attention will quickly fade, as it does with subjects one doesn’t intend to do anything about. Another word for that bitter fatalism is “defeat.”

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The NRA and the GOP have won. It’s over, the Grand Experiment is finished. Lower your flags to half-staff and the bury it at sundown. It will soon be midnight and total darkness will hide the shame.


Something in the bones and blood is finished with all the patriotic packaging, the increasingly empty rituals, the constant struggle to make sense of transactions and agreements that leave you cheated. Anomie is distilled into a bleak and uncaring nihilism.

There is no amount of money that will remedy what is wrong with this culture. There is no Personality that can do it. There is no elegantly crafted, legislation that will turn this aside. No quantity of militarized police, or sophisticated army possessing the most powerful weapons can coerce a person to invest, buy into the lies when he or she know in their bones that it is all a lie.

This is a war. These are echoes from the screams of First Nations people as they died. The cries of slaves as they are whipped. Nations destroyed for territory and wealth. None of this is hidden is you look and all of it matters. It matters. Still. " Oh say can you see…?" leaves us dripping a river of cognitive dissonance. Enough to drown in. Depleted Uranium munitions, white phosphorus burns, cluster bombs. Torture(I’ll bet you think it doesn’t happen anymore)

What is next? What could be next? First more heartache.


Nice essay; but the Constitution requires no such nonsense as unrestricted, personal access to weaponry. Vote them all out of office.


Excellent essay and I suggest people follow some of the links that are provided in the same as they counter many of the myths the Gun Cult promotes , such as these shootings are due to mental illness or “crazy people”.

As per the articles links this not about Video games either as those other countries have kids that play these games as well. It about too many guns.


Sometimes there are as many as eight children in my wife’s hospital unit with suicidal ideation or as a result of an attempt. Children. How many in our armed force commit suicide every day? I won’t tell you. I don’t know if even I believe it. How does it compare to actual combat deaths?

The center is rotten. Every day I wonder when it will all fly apart…and I think it might need to.


“Once again, the big downside of American freedom is on gruesome display,” he wrote. “This is the price of freedom.”

– O’Reilly

Is any USAn aware how utterly bat-shit-crazy such a statement - spoken with a straight face, not bitter sarcasm - is to ANYONE in the world outside of the 320-so odd million people living in this madhouse???


Excellent piece!

Another way our utter defeat was apparent was the way guns themselves - much less the dead-obvious solution of banning assault rifles and large magazines which have no legitimate use use outside of bloody combat and mass murder - were never mentioned among the guest, OR Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, yes, even Democracy Now this morning.

Instead, all they talked about was mental health. The most radical proposal discussed being laws to make it easier to issue restraining orders at family request against gun purchases by people who are acting “crazy” or the like. Yes, that was the most radical proposal by the “progressive” guests on the program! Because, they said, they didn’t wasn’t to in fringe on this “Second Amendment”. And Amy Goodman, to her discredit, did not press them on the issue.

I got so fed up I turned the radio off.

I recommend that everybody contact DN and express their displeasure about how this issue was handled.


I watched the same type of discussion and response Judy Woodruff had with 3 experts on the PBS News Hour on Feb 15. Disgusting! I wonder if Woodruff and Goodman have be cautioned to tread lightly because of the distinct possibility that the thin financial foundation their news programs rest on could be easily undermined by their overseers whose main concern in the end is keeping the program on-the-air? This could become a revolutionary moment because of the weak response of leadership at all levels and the rising common understanding and frustration of the populace. Yes, a very thought-provoking essay.

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Maybe you’re not familiar with Amy Goodman and Democracy Now?

The situation you re referring to (influence from advertisers and so-called "underwriters) would not apply to Democracy Now which is entirely independent and overseen by Amy herself to an almost dictatorial degree. They very-left Pacifica Network Amy uses for the radio broadcasts has only attacked her for not being radical enough or for not promoting certain fringe conspiracy theories. They use Link TV for their cable/satellite TV distribution - which also seems to have an independent non-corporate funding source. Any threats to Democracy Now (which is completely listener supported aside from perhaps some radical-left foundations like the A.J. Muste Fund) are generally from its supporter-listeners who generally regard it as not radical-left enough.

I’d expect the kind of discussion you mention, and that I saw today, on PBS/NPR, but not on Democracy Now.

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I have not watched/listened to Democracy Now! even though my public TV station shows it. I take Sunday off to recharge my mental and emotional batteries after a week of disturbing and wearying news. Maybe Amy does, too. I get frustrated too, when what I think is the obvious question isn’t asked.

Democracy Now is on weekdays at 8:00 eastern time If you don’t have a local broadcaster then you can view/listen to it on the internet via the internet at that time.

Folks we’re hopelessly fucked up when people believe that they are doing the most they can by exemplifying their best oscar winning performance showing the world how helpless to effect change tbey are. Before they even try anything! Talk of victimhood! I guess if they’re the best victim ever, and people in power can see how they’re so helpless they’ve already given up, then the perpetrators of continued slaughter: congress, will surely change their ways, and fix it.
Bullshit! Millenials need to join the damn fight on the right side.

At tonight’s father daughter ball, I sat next to a Pima County Sheriff deputy who was AGAINST the idea of ANY disarmament! His arguments are he treats everyone he meets like they are packing anyway. Why? Because Repulsive Republicans own this state via military population and gerrymandered districts. That’s the way his party set him up, so anyone can concealed carry in this state without any training. After offering up that people dont hunt with AR 15s, and people should provide a justifiable need to own a firearm, like Australia, and that I got rid of my assault weapons n ammo so they can’t be used in any crime. Iasked if he thought that it wouldn’t make his job less stressful if we changed some things, trying to leave an opening for any ideas or thoughts he had. His reply: there are too many people, there are too many guns and so you can’t get all the guns, (so why try was his implication). We have more people in LA than in all of Australia, he mistakenly believes.

Then he offered: if they can’t get guns, then they’ll attack with a knife, and that’s really gruesome too, he says. What could I say in response, I mean sure it would be. You can’t kill 57 people from 500 feet with a knife I told him. His notion is that the schools are attacked because they are soft targets that need to be better armed. His justification or proof? Nobody attacks a police station.

That reminds me of a joke he wouldn’t understand: how many surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A Fish! Talk about hopeless, this guy is sworn to protect us. No, to enforce laws on all us john q perpetrarors.

So I told him the school issue in my mind comes down to an issue of bullying. And one can only hope the bully perpetrators were among the victims, to achieve some karmic justice, but honestly, by the time a gun wielding kid is at a scbool, he’s already blaming everyone for not stepping in to stop it, so they are in the mindset that everyone deserves his or her wrath.

I have to say this: You cannot talk to these gun lovers. If their own children were massacred in a school shooting, they would find an excuse to justify the ownership of guns anyway. As my gun owning son-in-law says: I never met a gun who killed anyone. But I’ve met a lot of people who have. He has guns because it’s HIS RIGHT! He says, if they take our guns, the bad guys will still find a way to get them. Then, only the authority over us and the bad guys will have self defense when it is needed. These people truly believe there will be a civil war, and soon! And actually, if you look at it, the NRA is fomenting one every day–year after year. Of course, they do it for the big bucks–but the little people think its because they “care.”

Your comment brought to my mind a dismal picture of our culture. I agree with you. Our country was built on the mass murder of its indigenous residents. I suppose if you look down the long long corridor of history in all parts of the world, conquering peoples did the same–murdered their way through the countryside to claim victory and ownership. We’re no different–maybe worse in some ways. Yet, all over the world, there are people who envision another way: People who embrace love and peace and environmental balance. I consider myself to be one of these. My hope is that somehow the light will overcome the darkness in the end. For the last 10 or so years, I have been asking a question:

Given what is happening in our world…How shall we then live?

We have choices. We must make them.

My sympathies. Sons-in-law can be the worst thing ever to happen to a family – I know firsthand, twice.

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That is what O’Reilly means by: " the price of freedom"!

My post was meant as a warning. If we do not act, if we continue to not care, if we continue to destroy our future that is what we must to. A reverse call to arms if you will. For someone to say bullshit Ditton, it is not over. This must not be the price of freedom. I have updated the front page of my website, it might interest you. Thanks for your comment.

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