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The Leakers Who Exposed Gen. Flynn’s Lie Committed Serious — and Wholly Justified — Felonies


Why are you not an anarchist when some in our government obviously are. I am not referring to the leakers.


Why are we calling these people leakers if what they reported is illegal. Shouldn't they be called whistle blower and therefor have protection under the law? Why are we using the term President Trump chose. This argument has merit only towards the true dishonesty that was perpetrated by the actions of ex- AG Flynn. His actions should spark a national outcry for answers to how much involvement Russia has in our Democracy.


Please include the bankers and the extremely wealthy families in the above. I have been looking more into the fear of the loss of the US dollar as "the" accepted currency in world trade as a huge issue. Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and others have met brutal deaths over this; not to mention, millions of innocent people around the world. "We came, we saw, he died!" should be forever remembered throughout history, along with Bush at the Correspondents' Dinner getting laughs over looking under tables for the non-existent weapons of mass distruction! How many people over a decade later and still suffering from Bush's criminal war are laughing? Most Americans most likely don't even think about it, much less demand justice.


We did. Just not hard enough. So you accept what the Clinton controlled DNC did to the Democratic primary and Bernie Sanders?


I was an Air Force officer who had a Top secret SCI (Special Compartmented Information ) clearance that allowed me to participate in some very sensitive Air Force Priority One black projects. Our classified security program was top notch and had to be to keep personnel safe. We cannot have political employees or any employees for that matter deciding what classified info can be released or not released. It is also a failure of discipline and cannot be tolerated and must be prosecuted to the largest extent of the law. Anybody who thinks otherwise does not deserve to employed by any governmental agency. If I had revealed classified by mistake or incompetence I would have done 20+ years at the disciplinary barracks at Ft. Leavenworth.


Never in a million F'g years. I have railed against the Democratic Party Establishment, the DNC, the MSM, and Hillary Clinton herself for colluding to derail Bernie’s campaign.

Skip, I left the Democratic Party in 2003 and will never return. I refuse endorse corruption.


I don't believe that Pence was left out of the 'loop', not for an instant. A shade of cover needs to be provided in order to maintain the Republican stranglehold on the Whitehouse. Should Trump be removed or decide to resign who better to take his place than Pence, the President the Party really wants.

What position would Bannon then hold? How many would be swapped out from the cabinet? Who would remain in their positions as Agency and Department heads? Will the citizens be better represented? I see no major changes unless there is conflict of their Agenda. Not to mention the scandal and the outrage involved in having the entire Republican Executive branch removed from office.

Note that the Republicans are not taking any serious action or having any serious conversation about the; already, multi missteps of this administration, including the Russian influence on the election and in the Whitehouse itself. Make anyone else wonder just whose side the Republicans are on? The Republicans now own the field, the umpires, bases, bats and mitts, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the Democrats to bring their balls into the game.


Keep in mind, our President could put his businesses in a blind trust (like even GWB did) and release his tax returns. He does that, and we find he's not nearly as in debt as has been reported, maybe it is a case of our intelligence gone rogue on the president. The problem is, Trump's not doing that, he's not doing anything to make a reasonable person believe him on any level.

What's more, let's not look at the Iraq war as a comparison. That was a case where the Vice President and Defense Secretary set up their own intelligence apparatus to go around the agencies. It was also after an attack and agencies were opperating out of an abundance of caution. In fact, if you wanted to know what was really going on before the war, Walter Pincus on page 18 of the Post was where you went to know what intelligence was actually saying about Iraq. And it wasn't that Iraq had nuclear weapons like the White House was intimating. That's why the CIA director got a medal--to ensure he didn't say what intelligence wasn't saying.


I am speechless. Do you have actual 'proof' of your allegations or are you just tooting your own whistle of opinion?
Maybe you read it in a book somewhere? Captain Marvel maybe?


You are not nearly as well read or informed as you appear to be. Infamy by John Toland is a place to start (There are several others regarding FDR's plans to get the US into the war as well as backroom deals made with Russia and the German High Command before the US went all Death Wish). There is no shortage of books on how Ike changed the role of what became our CIA agenda, and began regime change operations and outright assassinations. History is written with hindsight, and due diligence--Not as Karl Rove loved to state.


"In point of fact, however, the United States has always been an empire, a national entity certain of its enemies — both internal and external — and focused on conquest and exploitation. Yes, it’s been more than that as well. But the time has come to face the totality of who we are and reach for real change."--robert koehler

"war is a racket!"--colonel smedly butler


Thanks for your taking the time to reply. If you are ever in the DC area, take the time to visit the Holocaust Museum. The elevator drops you off on the top floor, the 1st floor of the exhibition. Spend a lot of time on this floor as it describes how fast Hitler came into power, why and how. The lower floors are the actual carnage that resulted. The US, through its endless wars, has already created the carnage, all that remains is to build "our" top floor to show how and why we arrived at this place.


You assume too much. I read what interests me at the time. It's been more than Twenty years, but if I recall correctly, Toland had amassed a great amount of information in his case against FDR but inevitably left it up to you and I to make the judgement. I leaned at the time that he was more in making a case in the defense of the then base commanders and you have reignited my curiosity.

I was not alive during FDR's Presidency and therefore unable to cast judgement, even with the issues and testament in Toland's book. Instead I ask myself.....Why? What was the reasoning, the thought process? What was the mindset of the Era? Did the populace really believe that this Nation was not on the list of countries to conquer? I know most of the answers; at least in my own mind.

History can not be changed; least not yet, and we should be learning from the past.......not repeating it.


Appreciate your comment. As for learning from history (mistakes), the US has failed to do that for decades and keeps repeating them over and over and over and...well, you get the point. Caio.