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The Leap Manifesto is a Path to Jobs and Justice


The Leap Manifesto is a Path to Jobs and Justice

Crystal Lameman

I was one of the first to sign the Leap Manifesto, and I helped write it.

You might find that strange if you’ve read the media reports calling its authors latte-sipping Toronto elites. I’m not exactly part of that class: I’m an indigenous mother of two from the Beaver Lake Cree Nation, in the heart of Alberta’s oil industry.


“Down under” many of us prayed that Trudeau would not turn out to be Canada’s Obama. Let’s hope the jury is still out; and thank you for your necessary and dedicated efforts on behalf of preserving this miraculous, marvel of a planet.


Thank you Ms Lameman and to your peoples for doing all that you do to protect the environment.


I hope your efforts succeed Crystal. You are a true inspiration.


Some good some bad, certainly no Harper BUT on the bigger isssues, those that really count as far as our collective furtures are concerned centering around Corporatism and the Environment , I see little in the way of positive change.

The Environment it seems is something both the Liberals and Conservatives are willing to sacrifice to generate “wealth and jobs”,


Well said Crystal.
When the political center sees meeting treaty obligations as extremism and saving human lives from the dirty energy monster as radical, we are assured just how insane the the center has become.