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The Legacy of Infinite War


The Legacy of Infinite War

Nick Turse

Raids by U.S. commandos in Afghanistan. (I could be talking about 2001 or 2018.)

A U.S. drone strike in Yemen. (I could be talking about 2002 or 2018.)


The USA has been at war for 222 of 239 years since it was founded.


It has ever been a warfare state based upon committing violence on other peoples . The USA was born out of the British Empire. The British Empire holds the record fror having Invaded and attacked the most nations on the Globe.

Of some 200 Nations on the Globe, The British Empire has invaded all but 22 of them.

The Alliance of Britain and the USA is long standing , both these nations sitting on the UN’s Secuirty Council. They are hisorically responsible for most wars in recent human History yet presume to lecture Russia and China on being Militarily agressive.


In the last 18 or so years, USA solidified the shift to a shared dictatorship of the Plutocracy & Military. We were never really democratic, but there were enough democratic features, plus rivalry with the USSR, to restrain some of the worst tendencies & allow for occasional corrections. But we’re way past all that now, no way the system can correct itself.


Unhinged, flailing under a solipsistic mantra of exceptionalism, this system has no notion of how insane it actually is, nor of how its methodologies beget its mirror of contagion.It can NEVER resolve what it claims its mission to be, because that mission is crafted with the predatory “externalization” of its demonic wastrel deity-- predatory capitalism.


Every national progressive Dem candidate/official needs to read this and make the roll-back of the U.S. military a top priority (not a dirty little secret). The U.S. military is the most expensive, most polluting, most powerful, largest organized mass murder entity in the history of humanity. As long as it exists as is, all human life on Earth is threatened and domestic austerity in the U.S. is guaranteed. It is either the National Security State or a progressive one. There is no “middle ground.”

Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki! Demilitarize the U.S.!


Military spending is now a bi-partisan jobs program.

As such, it will grow into perpetuity.

If you’re looking for a difference between Ds and Rs on that matter, good luck.


i was raised in the military so for most of my 18 years i only knew of green-tanks, uniforms, jeeps etc all except the flag which we had to stand still for the lowering. i read a story once of a brat who wondered if the mps would shoot him if he still rode his bike. infinite war and i don’t think it will
change until we run out of countries or our internal facets fall apart. at the age of 18 i had to surrender my id card and was no longer able to enter base without showing my drivers license to see my parents.



Yes, just as the “War on (Some) Drugs” is a bipartisan housing program.


No one can argue that the plan of 9/11 has worked out very well for the MIC.


Correction, replace has with hasn’t.