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The Lie of Healthcare 'Choice'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/23/lie-healthcare-choice


One lame push-back against M4A is that it will put 2 million health insurance workers out of their jobs, causing a crisis. By that logic, we must continue expanding endless wars, or it will put millions of soldiers out of work. Or, we must increase our consumption of meat, or it will put millions of slaughterhouse workers out of their jobs. Or, we must increase mass incarceration, or prison guards will be unemployed.

Permit me to be blunt: fuck for-profit healthcare and its parasitic proponents.


My personal experience with the Medical-Industrial-Complex: Went in for treatment, paid my bill as it was given to me in full, and one year later got a letter in the mail saying “you now owe $_____.” When I asked them to itemize the differential between what I had paid and what they were then seeking, crickets, then off to collections. Crooks. Why? Because they can. No one can penetrate the obfuscations that they create with their codes for this and that. MFA because NO ONE SHOULD WONDER IN A CRISIS IF TREATMENT IS AFFORDABLE!
BERNIE 2020!


“Choice” has nothing to do with health care and doesn’t even belong in the conversation. Who made a choice for cancer? for MS? for a broken back? What we all need is the ability to see a health care provider when it is necessary, nothing more-nothing less.

The word “choice” in regard to health care really means better care for the better off and less care for the not so well off (as if that’s their choice).


On my “good” employer insurance card it states, co-pay for emergency or hospital 10%. So I guess anything serious will be a problem. Fortunately my husbands company was just bought by a private equity company, whatever in the hell that means. So since he will be 69 this year I am sure his resume will go to the top of the pile when he is thrown out. At least we won’t have to worry about crappy insurance for long. Bernie and his movement are the only hope for most Americans.


Anyone with an IQ knows that the choices are, do you want Insurance, or do you want "Healthcare?"


Hi Ed’s Note:
I would think that when all of the people are covered, then there would be a lot more work for health care workers. Maybe then some of them could get the right training. Talking during a blood pressure test raises the numbers—it seems that many who give these tests don’t know that. I didn’t know that before, but a tester was talking and we were laughing --and then I was sent upstairs to a heart doctor because my blood pressure was over the moon… She had me sit quietly—not talk or laugh ----and LOL, my blood pressure was fine.
I think that health workers are so overworked and can be undertrained —and that too many patients and not enough doctors can only be solved with Medicare for ALL. : )

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Oh boy! Choice!

Here’s my choice:

I want a plan with no premiums, no copays, and no deductibles that covers everything from head to toe. Where can I sign up for that?


Good to see you back Rocky.

You can sign up at www “Bernie(the Man)Sanders” .com

Maybe you should educate yourself about Medicare for All before attacking it

It would not be a VA system where the providers would be government employees, although when properly funded the VA has provided excellent care to a special needs part of our society, it’s only a replacement for the enormously wasteful insurance industry. An industry which is motivated to NOT pay your health care costs in order to protect its profits.

Maybe you like the idea of insurance companies rationing care and, in effect, putting some our brethren to death or subjecting them to lives of pain and misery. But I think it’s immoral and excessively expensive.

Why not reduce total costs while providing healthcare to everyone?

And how are you going to pay for the current system which costs far more than Medicare for All?


…who have no profit incentive to deny your claim

As opposed to insurance companies who do have incentives to deny your claim. Your position is irrational.

Some very smart people I know say that all regulation is incentive regulation. When you’re incentivized to screw people, guess what happens?


Thanks. I’ve been subsumed into a project supporting my daughter’s online startup and haven’t had time to participate much.

Hopefully I’ll be around more in the months to come.


I never asserted it’s free it will have to be paid for with taxes.

I put universal healthcare at or near the top of society’s priorities. Maybe you’d rather build bombs or something but I’d rather look after our collective health first.

Plus, with Medicare for All, we’ll have net savings we can use to fund other priorities. We could talk about what to do with those savings.

As I asked earlier, how would you pay for the excess costs of the status quo?

How would you resolve the immorality of keeping the status quo? Are you ok with that?


After turning 65 and being retired I have relied on Medicare for going on 4 years now.

I’ve had a cancer removed, never had to wait for service for any health issue, and aside from the modest monthly amount taken out of my Social Security check, have never been billed anything more than maybe $100.

Are you 65 and on Medicare or private insurance?

Did your folks have trouble with Medicare?

What direct knowledge do you have of Medicare’s failures if at all?


I am on Medicare, it works, it’s great! I had cataract surgery a couple of years ago and it cost me $20 in co-pays and about $40 for medications. Seniors love Medicare. What’s up with your primitive English? Are you a Russian bot?

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Good of you calling the troll out. It seems that these kind of trolls are out in force. Same exact words in my local news comments section. It looks like they have a script of some kind. So here we go with the repeat the talking points game across the web. What a joke. I am not laughing. Will maybe some.

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Hi Apple:

Hmm, well the government provides housing and health care for the military—well you have to be willing to part with a body part, or to get PTSD to get any of those medical benefits—or even worse, you come back home as a corpse. You don’t sound like a person who would take a chance on that. I wonder how old you are, as anyone over 18 who doesn’t know that even with hard work, that even success can be as they say ------a crapshoot. Good luck—sometimes it takes a lot of trying to be happy—I wish you great luck and a better future. : )


Speaking of healthcare, just heard about a new discovery made in England.

The Telegraph
Immune cell that kills most cancers discovered by accident by British…

A new type of immune cell which kills most cancers has been discovered by accident by British scientists, in a finding which could herald a major breakthrough in treatment.



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