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The Lie of Patriotism


The Lie of Patriotism

Chris Hedges

BALTIMORE—When Rory Fanning, a burly veteran who served in the 2nd Army Ranger Battalion and was deployed in Afghanistan in 2002 and 2004, appeared at the Donald Trump rally in Chicago last month he was wearing the top half of his combat fatigues. As he moved through the crowd, dozens of Trump supporters shouted greetings such as “Welcome home, brother” and “Thank you for your service.” Then came the protest that shut down the rally.


“A World War Has Begun”
John Pilger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUW5-LlLQ1Q


I find the lack of comments intriguing. I wonder if the article hit too many nerves in the forum’s soldier boys?

This bears repeating… and it’s the best way to defuse Mars Rules:

“War, up close, bears no relation to the myth. It is depraved and cruel. It has nothing to do with noble ends or justice. Killing is a dirty, ugly business. There is a vast disparity between war’s reality and the myth peddled by the press, the entertainment industry, politicians and churches.”


To fulfill the objectives laid out in The Project for a New American Century, and also to turn human beings into props for the “War on Terror,” the following paragraph also defines the protocols that led to the arrest of the so-called “worst of the worst” so that a trophy prison could exist to “prove” the War on Terror had cause.

From its False Flag trigger to its felonious methods, the whole 14-year nemesis has been little more than a premeditated orchestration of horrors:

“Our job was essentially to draw the Taliban back into the fight. Surrender wasn’t good enough for politicians after 9/11. We wanted blood. We wanted a head count. It really didn’t matter who it was. So we’d walk up to people, people who had been occupied … , involved in civil war before that, with tons of money at our disposal. We’d said, ‘Hey, we will give you this amount of money if you point out a member of the Taliban.’ An Afghan would say, ‘Sure, absolutely. There’s a member right there.’ So we go next door. We’d land in their neighbor’s front yard, put a bag over every military-aged person’s head, whether they were a member of the Taliban or not, give the person who identified that person money. Then that person would also get that neighbor’s property."


The entire US has been brainwashed with sayings like: " THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE"; “THANK YOU FOR KEEPING AMERICA FREE”. AD NAUSEUM!

If the media spoke the truth, instead of thank you for your service, they would say thank you for allowing the US to use your bravery to serve the war racket; thank you for keeping the MIC free to make billions of $.


So who of our Pres candidates is calling for slashing the military budget, closing overseas bases, bringing our troops home, stopping the drones, basing our FP on internat’l law and human rights, stopping arms shipments - hmmmm, now let me think, oh yeah - Jill stein …


Our country’s leaders never want to take anything off the table except peace, diplomacy, conflict resolution and humanitarian aid. I hope Bernie Sanders will be different.


Dr. Jill Stein, what a fine lady! She speaks truth to political power and that is why she is not allowed any political power. The same thing happened to Cynthia McKinney. These two ladies make HRC look like the devil that she is, but that is why HRC is allowed access to political power because she is a member of the criminal cabal that has usurped US political power.


The baseball season began yesterday among a spectacle of “paid patriotism” by the Pentagon with your tax dollars in, perhaps, a taxpayer funded sports arena. bit.ly/1Zd1NyV But just like every other day 22 vets will commit suicide. lat.ms/1ou0xu2

1 out of every 6 war vets comes home with PTSD, 1 in 4(known) homeless are vets, and 22 a day commit suicide. lat.ms/1ou0xu2

Did they fight for freedom or corporate greed?

alex_the_tired on January 27, 2015 at 5:04 AM said:

You’ve only brought the point halfway though.
Why do so many people admire these military “heroes”? And on a related point: I see plenty of commercials about “wounded warriors.” And usually, there’s a tearful wife describing husband’s noble sacrifice. Where are the wives waving piles of medical bills and asking, “Why can’t the government, which sent my husband to fight and die for their business interests, cover these bills? Why does George H.W. Bush get rushed to the hospital by ambulance for shortness of breath while my husband can’t get necessary therapy?” Where are the limbless vets looking into the camera and saying, “I was sent to fight and die in a shithole country most of you can’t even point to on a map. The civilians of that country posed no threat to us until we invaded. Now, most of them hate us. Now I can’t even wipe my ass. You think Bush or Obama spends a single second between holes at the golf course crying over me?”

“Neoliberalism, the religion of the West, is the epitome of evil, of destruction of civilization itself.Neoliberalism – thanks to its unifying factor of greed, has ravaged the west like brushfire and taken over the world in less than 30 years, a feat grander than that achieved by mono-theistic Judo-Christianity in over 2000 years.”

“Civilization’ of the Neocons"’

Parasites in the Body Economic: the Disasters of Neoliberalism

“Around 55 million people were killed directly after the end of World War II, as a result of Western imperialism. Hundreds of millions were slaughtered indirectly.”
“On Western Terrorism”, Vitchek/Chomsky


My compliments to Rory Fanning and Chris Hedges. Raw and deadly accurate.
Fascism isn’t something to fear in the future. It is the system that dominates minds and hearts now.
The hands of centrism are so bloodied that it has no credibility or standing in civil society.


It seems to me that we ought to support her bid for office - she will be allowed whatever access access to “political power” that we give her - it is up to us …


“War, up close, bears no relation to the myth. It is depraved and cruel. It has nothing to do with noble ends or justice. Killing is a dirty, ugly business. There is a vast disparity between war’s reality and the myth peddled by the press, the entertainment industry, politicians and churches.”

War is championed by goddam barbarians, severe boneheads, brainless punks and the mentally incompetent.


“Bernie is likely itching to do all of those, I’m sure,”

Really? and what proof do you have of that, other than what you project on him? I saw the same dynamic with O - enormous amounts of projection by those who really didn’t want to look behind the curtain, but, having acceded to that “TINA to the duopoly”, decided to ignore all the “red flags” out there, and cam up with the same excuses or rationalizations for supporting him when there was a better candidate available, first Nader in '08, and Stein in '12 …

Sorry, Neither Stein nor i am “pure” - she speaks to what needs to be done on multiple fronts, as article after article here and on other sites demonstrates - it is not i who am looking for “purity”, but simply what needs to be done - it is rather Sanders supporters, and O’s before him, who have decided to “settle” for considerably less than what we need - and project all sorts of reasons why a candidate cannot “tell the truth” about what he would do (once he got elected) except that if they listened, they would know he is giving then a pretty good picture of what he would do but one they don’t want to see because it interferes with the image they are projecting … i have seen this all before …

So Sanders billing of being an “independent socialist” was put forward with no “fear of offending potential voters”? Seriously? So why not tell the truth re FP? A truth which a heck of a lot of folks already know and would be in favor of pursuing …

So Sanders is not “telling the truth” re what FP out of fear of losing votes? What else is he not telling the truth about?

As far as her “chance” she will have whatever chance we give her - Sanders had “no chance” either until folks decided to give him one - and TPTB, including those running the party that Sanders represents, know that Stein would get a lot of support if allowed the stage that Sanders has - which is why they arrested and handcuffed her to a chair to keep her from being heard in the Pres debates in '12, and will do their best to keep her out in '16 … But those “political realities” are there only as long as we tolerate them …

“Is Jill Stein a fine person, and would she make a great president? Undoubtedly, yes and yes.”

Then work to get her there …

“The difference he’ll make when he gets to the White House will be enormous.” Now where have i heard that before … How well did that work out with O? Oh, i know, “this time its different!” and i have heard that one before too, because each Dem is “always different” but never is more than a teaspoonful -

i am not the “unrealistic” one here …


These veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan speak of war crimes routinely committed. If one feels the need to " thank a vet ", maybe one might be a bit more specific exactly what that vet is being thanked for. Personally I want to thank these guys for speaking out. It takes guts to go against the tide.


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