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The Lies Corporate Media Tell When Bernie Sanders Is "Extreme" and Trump's GOP Is "Mainstream"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/30/lies-corporate-media-tell-when-bernie-sanders-extreme-and-trumps-gop-mainstream


I came to this piece from Facebook, where the following was posted in the comments. (The bold type is my emphasis:)

After the impeachment socialists are going to eat the:

Wall Street,
> Climate deniers,
> White folks,
> Straight people,
> Christians,
Insurance companies,
> Republicans,
> gun owners
> babies

The zombies will be very busy.

Did I miss anybody?

Later on this same poster asks: “Is there anyone on this list that the socialists have not targeted?”

Someone tell me: When this is your political opponent, when there are so many like him who are this detached from reality, how do you fight this?

No, really. I want to know how, when someone who is a member of several majority groups, (white, Christian, straight, Republican) feels that he is the one being oppressed because he believes that giving rights to others somehow diminishes his own, do you argue with that person?

How do you possibly reason with someone who believes that socialists want to “eat babies,” meaning, of course, they would allow abortions? Can those who believe that a just-conceived fetus is a “baby” be relied on to conduct any kind of reality-based discussion?

This is a serious question. Please don’t respond with 5th grade playground fare like “Bring out the guillotines,” or “just punch him in the face.”

Thank you.


You can’t reason with the person in question. Don’t bother.

As for the author of this article, he mentions but under-emphasizes the role played by Dems in shutting down progressive reform. Some would contend it’s the reason Dems exist.


The first thing I heard when I turned on mainstream media radio this morning is that “After George W Bush, Trump is the second Republican POTUS to run up huge debt and deficits” .

No, Trump is the THIRD Republican POTUS to do so. Despite running up more debt and deficit than his 39 predecessors COMBINED, Ronny Raygun continues to be praised as a small gubmit, fiscally conservative icon, not just by GOP operatives, and mainstream media, but by too many Democrats as well.


I sympathize with you, where I live, I’m surrounded by people just as warped in their ideology, like the ones you have posted. As ST points out above, face to face you can’t reason with them, it’s like they have been brainwashed to the point that they are not wired like the rest of us any more. Perhaps the medical community should study them and name a new form of dementia after them. I pointed out the other day in a post, I have a friend who is openly gay, who admitted to me he always votes gop. When I pointed out how the gop are always trying to hurt people like him with new laws, and asked him why he does this, his response was, “that’s how my family votes”. You can’t reason with that kind of logic.


Here’s some extensive polling that was done in 2016 by the Progressive Change Institute. It polled Dems, Rep, and Ind. It illustrates what Americans are looking for and what we aren’t getting from the government. the complete list is several pages long, but I only grabbed the first page



The problem with willful ignorance is that it is willful. When facts are not with them, they deny them. When truth is inconvenient, they lie. When a bona fide expert (a real expert, as opposed to a pundit, sycophant, or hired gun) delivers a message problematic to their ideology, they shoot the messenger. When compassion is warranted, they blame the victim. When all else fails, they circle the wagons, wrap themselves in the flag, hug their guns and Bibles, and claim extraordinary insights from their bullshit god. With these people, up is down and black is white. They cannot be changed, or reasoned with. “You can’t fix stupid” (sorry if that’s “playground fare”). All this is to say I agree with the others who responded to your question, “How can you…?”

“You can’t…” Kinda only leaves guillotines.


I see. You can’t reason with them, so good, rational people are left only with resorting to violence, killing, war, destruction.

Meaning that, in the end, one side is just as basically insane as the other; believing that we can just execute all our enemies and live in peace and harmony forever after, just like the French, who solved all their problems with guillotines, creating the Utopia that was/is France since that time.

To my everlasting shame, I have brought children into this world.

And some people have to ask me why I am depressed…

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It is most certainly the reason that the Clintons sought to take over and fundamentally change the Democratic Party.

I am still at a loss to explain how they were so successful. I loathe the trite, simple-minded memes that so thoroughly permeate our culture, but to say that Democrats “drank the Kool-Aid” is obviously a gross simplification.


The Republican Party has ceased to exist. We now have moderate Democrats, extreme Democrats, and traitors. Republican parallels to McCarthyism are frightening.

The reason why is that the majority of people are in the center where the Clintons are. The Clintons didn’t change the party, they just joined where the majority was.
It’s the reason why more liberal candidates didn’t win.
FDR had to fight to get liberal ideas passed and really only got some into law. After he died and Truman became president, the party swung all the way to the center, except for Carter.
They were successful because that is what the center wanted. The democrats didn’t drink the kool aid, they got what they wanted. The outliers are the progressives, the minority in the party. It’s always been that way, with the progressives being a small minority of the democratic party. Even the far right has more people than progressives.
And I say this as someone who is quite liberal and more to the left than most. To me Bernie is a moderate. But few will support what I would want.
The only reason why I support the democrats is because they are to the left of any republican.

No, actually Democrats are to the RIGHT of Republicans, at least those that identified themselves as such in 1980. Reagan would have to run as a Democrat if he was running for office now…

Think about how not-left that is!

Bernie is the best they got and all he is, is an FDR old-school dem and certainly not a Socialist. And the DNC is doing their hardest to destroy him just like they did in 2016…The Dems would rather have Trump than Bernie. Isn’t that not-left as you can get?



I’m open to other suggestions. Got any?

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If this is true, why does poll after poll show that a majority of people, sometimes even including a large number of Republicans, support progressive and even socialist programs like Medicare for All, Social Security expansion, Green New Deal, free college, gay rights, abortion rights and many, many more?

If this is true, how did Bernie Sanders get so much support that the DNC had to actively sabotage his run for president?

Of course FDR had to fight to get his ideas passed, but he was fighting Republicans and those in his own upper class who, like today’s Democrats, found the status quo just fine with them. Social Security was not FDR’s only accomplishment; the list is a long one, and includes WPA, TVA, FDIC, Glass-Steagall, federal minimum wage, and more. That he was elected to an unprecedented 4 terms should tell you that people liked what he was doing.

I think you also may have left out another president who, while heavily engaged in conducting the horrific war in Vietnam simultaneously managed to pass things like the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Medicare and Medicaid, the Peace Corps and much more.

Of the “Great Society,” the Washington post said:

"In just under five years in the 1960s, Lyndon B. Johnson enacted nearly 200 pieces of legislation known as the Great Society, an unprecedented and bold set of programs aimed at improving Americans’ everyday lives.

“Fifty years later, we examine the success of this enormous volume of programs, many of which are so mundane and ordinary, it’s hard to imagine a time without them.”

This is what Democrats once did regarding domestic programs, and much of what has been un-done was begun by the Clintons, e.g. Glass-Steagall.

I would never argue that Democrats’ foreign policy was any different than Republicans’, since both seem eager to go to war at the drop of a hat, including FDR and of course, LBJ. This is regrettable, certainly, and wars are such a great part of our identity as Americans today that we have instituted the concept of never-ending war, supported by both parties.

Notably, however, polls show an overwhelming opposition by the general public to the endless wars of intervention in the Middle East and elsewhere that is not reflected in the policies promoted by the “leaders” of either party. Once again, the people are far to the left of the Democrats.

The intent, then, of this long-winded essay is only to emphasize that I disagree that “the majority of people are in the center where the Clintons are.” The Clintons and their “Third Way” moved the Democrats, at least domestically, far to the right of presidents like FDR and LBJ and concentrated on efforts to dismantle the programs they created to make life better for everyone. This effort continues today with the fight against Medicare for All and the ongoing attempts to weaken and eventually privatize Social Security, programs which were once fully supported by even Republican presidents.

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Yeah, if they are wired it seems to me that they have been wired backwards!

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The US has always been a center right country. And quite frankly, you are wrong that democrats today are to the right of Reagan.
As for Reagan running as a democrat today, that just shows how far right the republicans have gone. Because in his day, he was very conservative. Though not anywhere near what republicans are today. They have kicked the moderates out and Reagan these days would be considered a moderate, though he isn’t.
Which is why many moderate republicans have joined the democratic party. Unlike the republicans, democrats accept the moderates and the progressives, which is why the party is a center right to left.
I don’t consider Bernie as a true socialist at all. I am to the left of Bernie, but I am not a true socialist.
All my life I have heard how socialists are bad and anything that smacks of socialism is evil. And that is the problem for Bernie, that label of socialist will hurt him, even though it is not true. Which is why he doesn’t stand a chance. And he would lose big against trump.
If you get to label someone, they have lost. And Bernie has been labeled. I’ll vote for him, but he doesn’t have a chance.
I don’t see democrats voting for trump rather than Bernie. But Bernie is not going to win the nomination anyways. Warren has taken his place. Not quite as far left as Bernie and the safer (for democrats) candidate.And Biden might end up as being the chosen one.

Now that is the mystery in a sense. My opinion is that it has to do with packaging ideas. Which the republicans have been great at.
LBJ was a one term president, though he got many things done. He was quite correct that upon signing the civil right acts, that they lost the south. He was incorrect as to how long that would go on.
The problem with polls is that when a society is so divided, the polls really don’t work. It doesn’t matter if there is 70% of americans supporting something. In the end, they will vote party line, even though it hurts them.
Why do republicans vote for politicians that hurt their economic interests? It because the republicans cater to their hate and bigotry of the minorities. Sure it hurts them, but at least no minority will get anything.
You may disagree but the progressive side of the democrats is small compared to the people who support the center.
Go back to JFK, the democrats were very much in the middle, LBJ forced the party to the left and he couldn’t run for another term. He had lost. He had been too liberal and the war aLso ruined him. Humphrey ran as a liberal and so did McGovern. Both lost badly.
You may disagree, but the facts are the majority of americans are close to center righ. Which is why liberals keep losing. As I said, it wasn’t the Clintons that moved the party to the right, the party was already to the right. Otherwise Bill would have never won. Nor Obama, another center right person.I knew from the start that Obama was not liberal at all.
Well the only republican that supported SS was Ike, none of the others did. Certainly not Nixon and Reagan hated SS and medicare. So I don’t know where you get republican presidents supporting SS and medicare. They have been trying to destroy both dince they were created.