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The Lies on Afghanistan


The Lies on Afghanistan

Matthew Hoh

There has never been progress by the U.S. military in Afghanistan, unless you are asking the U.S. military contractors or the Afghan drug barons, of whom an extremely large share are our allies in the Afghan government, militias and security forces, there has only been suffering and destruction.


“Graveyard of Empires”?

Honey Hole for War Profiteers.


We should simply say “Mission Accomplished” (oh, we did that already) and pull out.

Afghanistan becomes a sinkhole for anyone who invades. Ask the Russians, ask the British, ask the Persians, ask Alexander…


We are under the control of the military industrial complex who spend our future on wars. Even the collapse of our ecosystem has no meaning that can penetrate their greed. We will all pay a heavy price for our silence.


I recently read “Base Nation” by David Vine. Your comment is exactly right.



With our current President, in the people’s house, silence is condoning treason!


Everyday you go to work, every youngman or woman who joins the military, every democrat or republican you elect to office, is fodder you provide for the owners of the amerikan financial system and the Military, Congressional Industrial Complex to continue it’s work. SUCKERS!


When the rhetorical recycling comes around again, bottled up in self-referential containers/containment, I increasingly hear through the images and and “goals” the unspoken: “You fit the description of hat is to be sacrificed this time around, which has been corralled for the moment, so that the corporations, which are more human than you, can rape and pillage for their own benefit using the American people as ultimate shield - though their time has also come because you are essentially the same from out point of view.”


A good article by Matthew Hoh, and excellent comments here. Will it ever end? I think not until the entire federal bureaucracy implodes.


On 9/11, the Global War On Terror started.

The results are in: The terrorists won.

So did the MIC.


In any other scenario, the military failures in Afghanistan would be met with job terminations for inability to meet goals. At least after 17 years of lack of measurable success. Sad.


Opium is a multibillion dollar international business. The USA currently has a large opioid addiction problem. Wall Street pharmaceutical investors don’t like investment instability or uncertainty. Neither does the MIC?


The fascist imperialist amerika is sliding into the abyss! The suffering it has brought on the World is dragging down quickly…the sooner the better!


War is terroism! War has NO winners! Imperialist amerika is the Big loser!


So tonight Trump could have followed through on his campaign promises and pulled out. And Trump could have made a real bold move for the world. But instead he will do as directed and continue on with perpetual war.We are now getting snippets that Isis is in Afghanistan----because the media has been conflating the Taliban with terrorists------the Taliban want control of Afghanistan and were there long before 9/11 and have nothing to do with terrorism around the world----of course that might change since the US has gone to war with them. The deal is simple- the US will leave Afghanistan to determine its own future–but any attacks against the US will mean the US will return. Obama should have left before leaving office-------people voted for Obama to get out and the same for Trump----the people of the US are sick of perpetual war.-------THIS NEEDS TO BE A REAL FRONT AND CENTER ISSUE-MILITARISM-GUNS AND BUTTER—DEMOCRATS JUST VOTED TO INCREASE THE MILITARY BUDGET BY 100B TO A GRAND TOTAL OF 700B A YEAR. THE MADNESS NEEDS TO STOP.


There is a difference?


“The great game is over when everyone is dead, not before”. “Here lies a fool who tried to hustle the East”. Ruyard Kipling.


So frustrating that Obama didn’t stop this madness in 2009.
He would own the world’s most powerful weapon, the Nobel Peace Prize, in 2010, and he wasted it and all it stood for.
Yes, the US military contractors and Afghan drug barons are happy.