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The Limits of the Sandra Bland Act

The Limits of the Sandra Bland Act

Rebekah Barber

Two years ago this week, Sandra Bland was found hanged in her jail cell in Waller County, Texas, three days after State Trooper Brian Encinia stopped her for failing to signal a lane change and threatened her with tasering, pushed her to the ground, and arrested her for refusing to put out her cigarette. She had been on her way to start a new job at Prairie View A&M, her alma mater.


No comments yet, so here I go. It is ridiculous for a simple driving infraction stop to escalate into an overuse of brutality as often as it does. It seems as though a certain percentage of cops (not all, not even a majority, but too many, nevertheless) go into these situations expecting (hoping?) that an escalation will occur. When one does they tend to often go into full “warrior” mode. How often can this really be necessary/justifiable?

And…WTF is wrong with Texas Republican state lawmakers anyway?


What happened to Sandra Bland, which was fully documented, yet not rectified, will happen to the rest of us, or our loved ones, eventually, until the Outrage towards the Murder of a CITIZEN begins to engender as much Public and Media Outrage as the murder of an Agent of the Government.


Thank You Ms Barber for your Continuity of Thought.

For those that remember, it is a simple fact that means so much.

Like Rodney King, it is swept aside so swiftly and Rememberance, why that is a path forgotten be so many it has become unbearable.

“27 percent of all Americans killed by police in 2015 had mental health issues”

Many times police were called specifically to defuse the situation, only to use lethal force on a relative of the family.

Our police training is from the 1800’s. If your only source of protection is the gun, guess what, you rely on shooting people to ultimately resolve the matter, hardly a solution.

The ranks of our forces have devolved into a pathos. Can we have some psychological screening that works. How about just starting with the conversation.

And can we train and adequately pay our officers commensurate with the duties required.

Policing a Democracy of a Free People is not an $8 /hr job that requires lethal armament.