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The Little-Known Fund at the Heart of the Paris Climate Agreement


The Little-Known Fund at the Heart of the Paris Climate Agreement

Oscar Reyes

Green Climate Fund — now there are three words guaranteed to raise the hackles of Republican members of Congress.

The fund is little known outside the world of climate skeptics and policy wonks. Yet the $10.3 billion fund, to which the United States has pledged $3 billion over four years, is supposed to play an important role in delivering on the Paris Agreement, the international climate treaty signed last December as part of the UN Convention on Climate Change.


It’s hard not to despair at how EVERYTHING gets reduced to money. With all these gazillions sloshing about, plus pleas for more, it takes somrthing between stupendous faith and crass stupidity to think that any economic measures are going to fix the problem. Haven’t we seen that the more money is thrown at anything, the more the speculators and opportunists jump on board, and derail the spirit behind even the best initiatives?


The path to FREE GREEN energy already is known, but it’s been kept under wraps by private entities affiliated with the Military Industrial Complex.

Open-minded readers should listen to the following and then judge the evidence for themselves. A path out of the fossil fuel mess and subsequent burning of our planet is within reach. But first, it has to be widely KNOWN:



  1. The GCF has been giving several workshops in every continent, and additional ones in least developed countries and regions more sensible to climate change. So the GCF is very well known.
  2. Why are you talking about 10 billion ? It's 100 billion /year from 2020. Here’s a quick google result:
    Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board - unfccc
    … main fund for global climate change finance in the context of mobilizing USD 100 billion by 2020.
    Green Climate Fund - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is a fund within the framework of the UNFCCC founded as a … “Designing the Green Climate Fund: How to Spend $100 Billion Sensibly”. Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development 53 (3):

EU and Diaspora Leadership Development Institute
Creators of Cooperatives
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Thanks for the post, I enjoyed the talk. And yes I’m aware that the type of energy that would free this world of fossil fuels has been known for a very long time. Tesla created it and was encouraged and funded by Rockefeller until it’s completion. Then it was all confiscated and his work closed down. Tesla died a poor and broken man, it was happy days for the oil companies again. I’m sure you know all this.
I believe the pyramids all over the world were used as energy generating machines. If so, then this free energy source is very old knowledge
On the UFO subject, a personal favorite, my family and I have been believers since I was a child. We have seen several and one passed less than 200 feet above my house in Walsenberg, CO, a hot bed of UFO activity. Many people close to us saw it. It was incredibly slow moving with almost no sound and incredibly large as it spanned the valley my home overlooked. It was a V shaped or triangular craft (We lived in the country outside of Walsenberg.) I felt it coming and ran outside to look around but when I looked up it was right above me. During that time my sister saw gray aliens in my bedroom where she slept when she visited and we all had vivid dreams of contact. Most people in the area had seen so many it was a subject that was freely discussed in the grocery store line. Just over the mountain pass from there is the mysterious San Luis Valley, another hot bed of activity. I believe as Dr. Greer points out, our psychic connection to the area and openness to the psychic connection with these beings is why we have seen so many and had that personal experience. Years of research on the subject and on the psychic connections, motivated my adult son to write a book http://handsofthemaker.com/ which deals with the multiple species that are coming and where our civilization began. It traces the link between these beings and present day climate change.