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'The Logical Conclusion of This Entire Con': Seems That American Right-Winger's GoFundMe Page, Not Mexico, Will Pay for Trump's Wall


'The Logical Conclusion of This Entire Con': Seems That American Right-Winger's GoFundMe Page, Not Mexico, Will Pay for Trump's Wall

Jon Queally, staff writer

President Donald Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall. He promised the American people that lots of times.


Okay then next week Im opening a GoFundMe page to build what occurs to me in any federal land area.


Don’t worry, says Kolfage—who vows to donors that “100% of your donations will go to the Trump Wall”—if the wall is not built “we will refund every single penny.”

Uh huh… And I’ve got some lovely land in south Florida you can have for a song.


On second thought…
What an interesting way to fund the government. Direct funding straight from the citizens. If I don’t want nuclear weapons I don’t have to send them any money. If I don’t want bank and corporate bail-outs I don’t have to send them any money. If I don’t want new F-whatever fighter planes I don’t have to send any money. No more taxes. Just a check to GoFundMe for whatever I want whenever I want it. Hhmmmmm…



How about a GoFundMe account to tear down the wall?
“Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall”


If the wall is not the will of Americans, I suspect that no private organization can replace the government’s responsibilities without Congressional approval, which Trump would never get come January. A wall is a direct violation of the American people’s vote and would need to be challenged in court.


Hey, send me some money, I’m gonna use it for beer and weed.

It fucking amazes me how really stupid all Trump’s “followers” really are. I was listening to C Span’s Washington Journal yesterday (wed 12/19) and one of the male callers (Republican, naturally) said that he would support Trump if he “shot someone on fifth ave”. Trump was RIGHT when he said the same thing when he was a candidate and he was FUCKING RIGHT!!! Our whole society is disintegrating before our eyes and these morons want to blame liberals, the “media”, Mexicans and anyone else without lily white skin. At this point I just want fucking out, get me the hell outta here.


Hey Trump minions, better check the real estate sales in the caribbean or some other nice tropical paradise and look for Mr. Kolfage’s name as the new owner of some exotic estate .


Let the Base build the wall.

Then, when it’s finished, we can blow it up in time to jail the entire Trump Administration.


I guess the Trump base must be made up of millions of irrational Mexicans.


Well, at least it is not another charity…


How about sending me some money to open a ladder business on the Mexican side of the wall? It has to include enough money for mordida to the Federales. If the wall doesn’t get built I will refund your money (except for the mordida).


Could be that dump encourages these shitty (de)values by voicing them. Is this regime the result of people wanting a “leader” who thinks and speaks for them?


The rest of us should start a “go fund me” to build a wall around the White House, and kill the wi-fi.


" You can fool part of the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, dammit to hell anyway. "
Defense Atty. Rudy Giuliani’s public statement about his newest client, Mr. Brian Kolfage.


Why we Build the Wall - by Anaïs Mitchell. From the folk-opera “Hadestown” - using a sick twist on the Socaratic Method, Hades instructs his minions trapped in hell as to why they need to build The Wall.

Sadly, a large number, perhaps half of the USAns who listen to this song, that sick satirical Socratic twist goes completely over their heads and they think that this song is is advocating the building of The Wall in a sublime and beautiful way…


If those idiots want to go fund me a wall I’m all for it. The money they spend will just make them all the more vulnerable to the depression that Trump is orchestrating.