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The Lone-Wolf Terror Trap


The Lone-Wolf Terror Trap

The shadow of a new threat seems to be darkening the national security landscape: the lone-wolf terrorist.


The last sentence of this article says it all! The author didn’t comment on the fact that even though Muslims are looked upon as potential terrorists these days, this labeling of “lone-wolf terrorist” sets up a very dangerous precedent. Any activist, of any race or religion, could be labeled simply because that individual “acts” against the system, as in marching, vigils, letters, sit-ins, gathering, etc.

It seems that the stage is being set for mass violence against the people of this country! Perhaps this is the plan? Watching all this fear mongering and hate baiting is like living a nightmare. We must find a way to counter-act this mind set.

The news presents a picture of a “terrorist,” but then they never follow-up the story with the “truth.” We never hear that this or that person was not in fact a terrorist. By doing this, people think there are more and more dangerous terrorists out there. The media uses hype, extremist language, baiting, etc., to get people all riled up but don’t de-escalate the anxiety! Every case of false accusation needs to be addressed and dismissed.

We need a truth-telling media!


This makes a good case that any attempts to counter lone-wolf terrorists is counter-productive. Any effort expended for this would be much better put into mental health outreach. What few lone-wolf terrorists exist are literally insane. Government sting operations trying to identify and catch them are more likely to provoke violence than to prevent violence. If mental health outreach can at all cut down on parents driving their children insane, that might help prevent the children from becoming violent in reaction to their poor upbringing by their parents.