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The Long-Hidden Saudi-9/11 Trail


The Long-Hidden Saudi-9/11 Trail

Kristen Breitweiser

First and foremost, here is what you need to know when you hear any member of our government say the newly released 29-page chapter from the congressional 9/11 report contains no smoking gun — THEY ARE LYING.


Original governmental 9/11 lies have worn thin.
Time for round two, with nuggets of truth.
Just how many licks does it take to get to the center?


It appears the Zelikow commission is the 9/11 equivalent of the Warren Commission.


It looks like it is now official:
9/11 was an inside job.


A sad attempt to shore up the mythology of "Arab hijackers" who allegedly hijacked four airlines. The only problem is, there is zero evidence said "hijackers" were even on the planes--no date/time-stamped videos of any of them from any of the airports where the flights originated; no evidence any of them were capable of flying such planes to begin with; compelling evidence that at least ten of them are still alive, etc. etc.

Any Saudi involvement would have entailed the Israeli Mossad using the 19 patsies as cut-outs. There is only one nation whose intelligence agents were arrested on the morning of 9/11, dressed like Arabs and filming the burning towers, with explosives and box cutters in their van. There is only one nation with a documented history of false flag terrorist attacks against the U.S. And that nation is not Saudi Arabia.


Ms. Breitweiser is a courageous person.



Have you and the other "Jersey Girls" ever tried to interview Sivan Kurzberg, Dominik Suter, or other former employees of the New Jersey company Urban Moving Systems? Due to compartmentalization (and security oaths) they may not know or be able to tell you that much, but find out who their bosses were in 2001. Was it Michael Chertoff who authorized their hasty and premature repatriation?

Also, please read 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man' by John Perkins, which helps to explain why the Saudis with integrity loathe us, and how Osama's work rebirthing Wahhabism has amounted to blowback for US-coerced Saudi-US "agreements" on oil and military security.

Thank you for your incredible bravery and persistence. You must have realized by now that the international forces allied against your discovery of what happened on that day have many far-reaching tendrils. Best regards.


"To repeat, there was a concerted effort by the FBI and the Bush Administration to keep incriminating Saudi evidence out of the Inquiry’s investigation. And for the exception of the 29 pages, they succeeded in their effort."

The above is just one skin of a nuanced, multi-faceted onion.

Too many will accept that level for the whole story and thereby ignore the depth of deception.

Some Saudi involvement may prove the case, but what does that mean for all of the following:

  1. Who gave the Stand Down order to U.S. air force planes so that NOTHING was done to stop the various "attacks"?

  2. Why was the scene cleaned up at the Pentagon... so that in lieu of plane debris and a hole worthy of such a direct attack, the great HUSH was on.

  3. How is it that metal was still burning at the twin towers scene of ruin weeks after the event.

  4. How is it that building 7 could collapse (a la controlled demolition) accurately into its own foot print

  5. Why was it that Anthrax letters (with Anthrax derived from a U.S. military lab) were at the ready to further spread the mood of terror

  6. Why was an Official Story propped up INSTANTLY before any reasonable investigation was allowed?

  7. How come areas destroyed contained records of Pentagon spending and other sensitive info that proved more advantageous to some...being "lost."

  8. Why is it that lots of expert testimony spoke of multiple BLASTS going on (i.e. controlled demolition) at the Twin Towers

  9. Why is it that Brzezinski (and the authors of The Project for a New American Century) REQUIRED another "Pearl Harbor" to pull off its already drawn-up plans for attacks on 6 Middle Eastern nations (all but Iran having been thus far bludgeoned)

  10. Why is it that no one is allowed to question any of this across the mainstream media; and if they do, they are rapidly treated to massive Herd Think character assassination. In fact, Cass Sunstein has a Literary Paper on this very thing where it's advised that anyone who openly challenges the government's official explanation be tarred with the label of MENTAL ILLNESS.

Cui Bono?

NOT the citizenry which is now increasingly being treated as guilty and must prove their innocence... the Black community and Muslim community feel this most; but it's also on display when anyone passes through an airport.

Then, too, there's the 100% inversion of the Right to Privacy via the massive spy-surveillance net which has its rationale in this supposed outside attack.

The NDAA waiting like the legal version of a drift-net... should an event spark martial law.

Add in the trillions lost on war and the related disinvestment in U.S. infrastructure and the ramifications of this event HIT hard... here and of course, abroad.

ONLY the Truth shall set them free. The Saudis are the lowest hanging fruit.

The real truth runs far deeper.

Still, those involved may protect the Saudis in that as is known in any criminal investigation, anyone who turns "state's evidence" tends to get the better deal.

Imagine what the Saudis might know... and tell.

That's why "the plug" starts there.


Many here would like nothing better than to blame Israel/Mossad.

It is plausible that Mossad WAS involved.

However, look at the list I offered to show where the Saudis could not possibly have agency, and it also applies to the Israelis.

Inside powers HAD to be involved.

Who let the teams into the Twin Towers to rig them for controlled demolition?

Could Israel or the Saudis do this?

Who set up Bush in an "ambiance of pure innocence," reading to kids at an elementary school just when the deed was done? (The timing is so "Hollywood scripted," and reminds me of the faux capture of Bin Laden... and all of the other Acts of Dark Statecraft used to bamboozle a portion of the hardly Democratically governed masses.)

Who had access to cordoning off the Pentagon?

Who could give a stand-down order or arrange for these events just when military "exercises" were underway: the perfect way to lend cover via all the confusion.

Who could disseminate the Anthrax letters to maintain the crescendo of fear, terror, and trauma?

Studies in trauma-induced Mind Control under Project MK Ultra PROVE that when people are paralyzed by fear, they cannot respond in a rational manner. Many times, as shown by Stockholm Syndrome, they will reach out to the abusers for protection.

The ones who engineered 911 are well-aware of these proven trends in human behavior, particularly when it's on a collective level.


I said that:

"Imagine what the Saudis might know... and tell."

I agree with a lot of your post.

Incidentally, 8 other screen names also take a nationality and turn its plural form into a possessive. I think whomever enacts this error is ONE poster who's been using at least 8 sign-on names.

"Perhaps if the Saudi's feel..." Versions include: The Clinton's. Not the Clintons' dog, mind you, the Clintons as is 2 of them.

Dede does hits, Space cadet does this, and several others.

So, either you all just happened to suffer from the same lousy schooling, or, as mentioned... this error is like a fingerprint that identifies someone. And I happen to be good at reading them.

Be sure to point this out to any handlers on hand.


I totally agree that the Mossad could not possibly have pulled off 9/11 without involvement of elements of the US govt. And I don't think anyone can say who was the originator of the plot. But that the Mossad was intimately involved, of that there is no doubt.


Mossad and Saudi interests. Since anyone who's done their research here recognizes the 19 Saudi hijackers is the FAUX story, then following the lead that the Saudis financed them is just pursuing the wrong scent.

Much of this type of behavior goes back to the assassinations of JFK, Dr. King, Malcolm X, and RFK.

Nor has the pattern stopped. Deep State powers (now well-established) protect their own.


Once again... a plural noun treated as a possessive term--requiring an apostrophe.

Same poster?

Or a league of poorly educated folks just so happen to congregate here.

I mostly agree with the comment. I just find it curious that the same "grammatical fingerprint" shows up WAY too often.


The simple minded notion that the Deep State can be meaningfully segmented by nationality is a roadblock to understanding reality. Saudi, Israeli and American fingerprints are all over 9-11. Some would include Turkish as well.

A Clean Break - A New Strategy for Securing the Realm (1996) was published a year before PNAC was formed by the very same Neocons. It details the basic strategy pursued by Israel, the US, Saudis and Turks since 9/11. Pushing Syria out of Lebanon. Regime change in Iraq. And finally the push into Syria to sever the geographic ties between Iran on the one hand and Syria and Hezbollah on the other. The only parts of the plan omitted from A Clean Break are the natural gas pipeline planned and the need for a new Pearl Harbor to bring it about.


Follow the money back to the MIC. Who stood to gain from the assassinations of JFK, MLK and Bobby? Who stood to gain from 911? The MIC is the obvious answer. These crimes, most likely committed with the knowledge and complicity of our government, will be covered up until we the people demand new, unbiased investigations. Your husband, and millions of others around the world including our own citizens, have been killed due these horrendous crimes. Many countries have been destroyed and many millions of people have had their lives destroyed. These crimes are equivalent to the Holocaust in their own disgusting, demented ways. My heart goes out to you and the millions who suffer along with you including our own citizens who must bear the burden of knowing what some in our government have done in the name of the United States of America. Justice will be served.


Why do I keep remembering the USS Liberty as I read all of this?
* Somehow, it seems that the only thing changed is the names. The MO is the same and the coverup similar.




Hello Catguy. A sincere question. Do you believe every single aspect of the official government 9/11 conspiracy? Thank you.


I mean the events of the day, as described in the official 9/11 report. Do you believe them entirely?


Thanks Siouxrose.