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The Long History of Israel Gaming the 'Iranian Threat'


The Long History of Israel Gaming the 'Iranian Threat'

Gareth Porter

Western news media has feasted on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s talk and the reactions to it as a rare political spectacle rich in personalities in conflict. But the real story of Netanyahu’s speech is that he is continuing a long tradition in Israeli politics of demonising Iran to advance domestic and foreign policy interests.

The history of that practice, in which Netanyahu has played a central role going back nearly two decades, shows that it has been based on a conscious strategy of vastly exaggerating the threat from Iran.


It looks like the greatest threat to the Jewish people is themselves.


It also looks like the most dangerous man in the Middle East is the warmongering ass that our Congress gave a huge standing ovation to.


Notice that there are very few comments on this topic. Now that EVERYONE knows that Google is a tool of the CIA/MIC people are afraid of confronting the truth of this article. Being labeled an antisemite in America is a death sentence for a public figure. Career ending label. AIPAC rules in the USA. Call for the total annihilation of All Muslims and Faux News will be interviewing you.